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Moto News Wrap for June 4, 2019 by Darren Smart

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  • Thunder Valley AMA MX falls to Roczen and Cianciarulo
  • Russell wins New York GNCC
  • Yamaha dominates Dutch Masters
  • Mees wins Lexington Red Mile
  • Jarvis wins Erzberg
  • Zmarzlik wins Slovenian FIM Speedway Grand Prix
  • Duffy wins Manjimup 15000
  • RecoveR8: Naming rights sponsor for 2019 Australian ISDE Team

Thunder Valley AMA MX falls to Roczen and Cianciarulo

Denver’s Thunder Valley National provided the setting for the third round of the 2019 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship and it was Team Honda HRC’s Ken Roczen who went 1-2 to earn his second 450 Class win of the season while Adam Cianciarulo made it three in a row in the 250 class.

AMA MX Rnd Thunder Valley Starts JK MX Lakewood
450 Start – 2019 Thunder Valley National MX

450 Report

Despite the hard charging Zach Osborne earning the holeshot Roczen won the opening moto by over 30 seconds over Osborne and Cooper Webb while Jason Anderson and Eli Tomac pushing Dean Ferris from fourth to sixth in the dying laps. But the ride of the moto came from Marvin Musquin who crashed after being pushed off the track in the second turn by Justin Barcia but Marv bounced back to earn a sensational eighth place finish from dead last.

AMA MX Rnd Thunder Valley Roczen JK MX Lakewood
Ken Roczen – 2019 Thunder Valley National MX

It is also worth noting that Tomac had to stop for new goggles when his tear off system failed while Todd Waters came from way back to a credible 14th place finish.

The final moto of the day saw Webb get the holeshot over Roczen, Blake Baggett, Musquin and Tomac with Ferris sitting in ninth and Waters just inside the top 20 but it didn’t take long before Roczen was in the lead and stretching it out.

AMA MX Rnd Thunder Valley Tomac JK MX Lakewood
Eli Tomac – 2019 Thunder Valley National MX

Tomac had his work cut out for him but he eventually got around the three KTMs of Baggett, Musquin and Webb to cement second place. It then took another 15 minutes to catch and pass Roczen for the lead and the eventual win by 9.1 seconds. Tomac took the win ahead of Roczen while Musquin, Osborne, Anderson, Barcia, Baggett, Webb, Ferris and Justin Bogle rounded out the top ten. Waters finished 14th.

AMA MX Rnd Thunder Valley Waters Privateers JK MX Lakewood
Todd Waters – 2019 Thunder Valley National MX

Roczen’s 1-2 effort easily gave him his second overall victory of the season while Tomac’s second-moto win vaulted him to second overall ahead of Osborne who earned his first 450 Class podium result in third.

Ken Roczen

“I tried all the way through [to the second moto finish]. [Tomac] was just quicker in the end there. The good thing was I didn’t let him get away. I almost got together with a lapper there coming to the white flag. He crashed right in front of me. It definitely got rougher in the second moto, for sure, but we did exactly what we needed to do to get the overall [win].”

AMA MX Rnd Thunder Valley Roczen JK MX Lakewood
Ken Roczen – 2019 Thunder Valley National MX

With the win, Roczen holds a two-point lead over Tomac, while Osborne moved into third, 26 points out of the lead as the whole series takes a week off.

As for the Aussies, Ferris earned a lot of brownie points by holding down fourth place for the majority of the opening moto before backing that up with a solid ninth in the second moto for eighth overall, to also sit eighth in the points. Waters is suffering from poor starts but he continually puts his privateer Husqvarna inside the top 15 to now sit 14th in the points – hats off to both riders.

AMA MX Rnd Thunder Valley Ferris JK MX Lakewood
Dean Ferris – 2019 Thunder Valley National MX

Dean Ferris

“Big improvements for me today, I got two reasonably good starts and kind of got pulled along with the big group. We made improvements with the bike. I’m somewhat comfortable now and feel like we’re getting the train on the tracks now for the rest of the season. The conditions were demanding, the track was really rutted and rough as usual, but I liked it. I’m definitely really happy about the improvements we made and the result this weekend. It’s something to build on.”

AMA MX Rnd Thunder Valley Podium JK MX Lakewood
450 Podium 1) Roczen, 2) Tomac, 3) Osborne – 2019 Thunder Valley National MX

450 Overall

  1. Ken Roczen 1-2
  2. Eli Tomac 5-1
  3. Zachary Osborne 2-4
  4. Jason Anderson 4-5
  5. Marvin Musquin 8-3
  6. Cooper Webb 3-8
  7. Blake Baggett 7-7
  8. Dean Ferris 6-9
  9. Justin Barcia 11-6
  10. Justin Bogle 10-10
  11. Cole Seely 9-12
  12. Justin Hill 12-11
  13. Fredrik Noren 15-13
  14. Todd Waters 14-14
    …32. Cody Cooper 30-29

450 Points after Round 3 of 12

  1. Ken Roczen – 136
  2. Eli Tomac – 134
  3. Zach Osborne – 110
  4. Marvin Musquin – 107
  5. Jason Anderson – 106
  6. Cooper Webb – 98
  7. Justin Barcia – 77
  8. Dean Ferris – 69
  9. Justin Bogle – 63
  10. Blake Baggett – 61
  11. Cole Seely – 59
  12. Justin Hill – 51
  13. Fredrik Noren – 46
  14. Todd Waters – 46
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250 Class Report

The first 250 Class moto of the afternoon saw RJ Hampshire, Cianciarulo, Justin Cooper, Colt Nichols and Dylan Ferrandis all going toe-to-toe but there was no stopping Cooper. He blew by Cianciarulo and Hampshire to take the lead by the end of lap three but then the rain started to fall and Cianciarulo soon moved to second.

AMA MX Rnd Thunder Valley Starts JK MX Lakewood
250 Start – 2019 Thunder Valley National MX

Cianciarulo began chipping away at his deficit to Cooper as they battled both the rain and lapped traffic but it was obvious that Cianciarulo was the fastest rider on the track before race officials were forced to bring the moto to an end due to lightning. This handed Cooper the win ahead of Cianciarulo. Ferrandis, Michael Mosiman and Hampshire while the Aussie duo of Hunter Lawrence and Wilson Todd finished 10th and 14th respectively.

AMA MX Rnd Thunder Valley Cianciarulo JK MX Lakewood
Adam Cianciarulo – 2019 Thunder Valley National MX

Cooper earned the holeshot in moto two over Cianciarulo, Jordan Smith and Nichols but the top two soon gapped the field with Cianciarulo continually using wide lines to try and get around Cooper, which saw the championship leader briefly jump through track markers before re-joining the circuit to continue the pursuit again.

Cooper then gave up the lead after a major bobble which caused him to veer off track and onto the ground handing Cianciarulo the lead and the eventual win, well ahead of Cooper, Mossiman, Nichols and Ferrandis with Lawrence managing a credible seventh while Todd came home in 17th after a small crash mid moto.

AMA MX Rnd Thunder Valley CooperJ JK MX Lakewood
Justin Cooper – 2019 Thunder Valley National MX

With identical moto scores between them, Cianciarulo (2-1) and Cooper (1-2) ended up tied for the overall win, but by virtue of his second-moto triumph, his third straight, Cianciarulo earned the tiebreaker to capture his third consecutive overall victory. Cooper settled for his third runner-up finish in a row, while Mosiman (4-3) earned the first overall podium result of his career on a breakthrough afternoon.

Six points still separate Cianciarulo and Cooper in the 250 Class standings, while Ferrandis, who finished fourth (3-5), remains third, 33 points out of the lead.

Adam Cianciarulo

“That was a great [final] moto. Justin [Cooper] has been riding so good lately and we’re really pushing each other so much, I’m really enjoying [the battles]. It feels incredible to get three wins in a row. We’ve been putting in so much work, so to get the season start the way we have is amazing.”

AMA MX Rnd Thunder Valley Cianciarulo JK MX Lakewood
Adam Cianciarulo – 2019 Thunder Valley National MX
Michael Mosiman

“It feels so good to have the monkey off my back, to hit the podium and carry the confidence that brings is super awesome. We are absolutely shredding out there so to be able to run the pace is super cool, to finally get the podium is super exciting, just stoked for all of my friends, family and everyone who have been backing me all this while, this is cool.”

AMA MX Rnd Thunder Valley Mosiman JK MX Lakewood
Michael Mosiman – 2019 Thunder Valley National MX

Todd had his work cut out for him in the second race after starting deep in the field. A hard working ride lifted him to 17th by race end, leaving him 15th for the round the same position he now sits in the 250 series standings.

AMA MX Rnd Thunder Valley Wilson Todd Privateers JK MX Lakewood
Wilson Todd – 2019 Thunder Valley National MX

The 2019 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship will observe its first off weekend of the summer next weekend, before returning to action on Saturday, June 15, with the Circle K High Point National in Mt. Morris, Pennsylvania.

AMA MX Rnd Thunder Valley Podium JK MX Lakewood
250 Podium – 2019 Thunder Valley National MX

250 Overall

  1. Adam Cianciarulo 2-1
  2. Justin Cooper 1-2
  3. Michael Mosiman 4-3
  4. Dylan Ferrandis 3-5
  5. Chase Sexton 7-6
  6. Colt Nichols 13-4
  7. RJ Hampshire 5-11
  8. Hunter Lawrence 10-7
  9. Shane McElrath 8-10
  10. 10, Jordon Smith 11-8
  11. Garrett Marchbanks 12-9
  12. Alex Martin 9-12
  13. Ty Masterpool 6-16
  14. Brandon Hartranft 16-14
  15. Wilson Todd 14-17
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Russell Wins New York GNCC

New York hosted Round 7 of the GNCC series and it was the defending champion in Kailub Russell who secured his fourth win for 2019 once again ahead of arch rival Thad Duvall and fellow KTM rider Steward Baylor while Aussie Josh Strang struggled to ninth place.

GNCC Tomahawk XC Open Pro Kailub Russell
Kaileb Russell topped the Tomahawk GNCC XC1 Open Pro Podium – Image by Ken Hill

Russell continues to lead the points by 18 over Duvall with Strang maintaining his fifth position which is unfortunately over 100 points behind Russell.

In the other classes Ben Kelly earned his seventh straight XC2 class win before Nick Davis earned his first XC3 win. Thankfully Tayla Jones got her championship back on track with a win in the WMX class to reduce her points deficit to championship leader Becca Sheet to just two – fellow Aussie Mackenzie tricker finished back in eighth.

XC1 Open Pro – Bike – Class Points

  1. Kailub K Russell – 195
  2. Thaddeus Duvall – 177
  3. Steward Baylor Jr – 141
  4. Trevor Bollinger – 127
  5. Josh V Strang – 92

Yamaha Dominated Dutch Masters

Rhenen hosted the latest round of the Dutch Masters and it was Yamaha pilots Romain Febvre and Jago Geerts who earned the MXGP and MX2 overall wins respectively but the big news was the return to racing by defending MXGP World Champion Jeffrey Herlings who finished third overall in the MXGP class with 1-4 moto results.

Febvre went 3-1 for the overall with Arminas Jasikonis going 2–2 for second overall ahead of Herlings, Pauls Jonass and Glen Coldenhoff while Geerts continued his red-hot form to go 1-1 to earn the MX2 overall ahead of teammate Ben Watson while Roan Van De Moosdijk rounded out the podium.

MXGP Overall

  1. Romain Febvre
  2. Arminas Jasikonis
  3. Jeffrey Herlings
  4. Pauls Jonass
  5. Glenn Coldenhoff
  6. Petar Petrov
  7. Lars Van Berkel
  8. Sven Van De Mierden
  9. Jeffrey Dewulf
  10. Luca Nijenhuis

MX2 Overall

  1. Jago Geerts
  2. Ben Watson
  3. Roan Van De Moosdijk
  4. Henry Jacobi
  5. Bas Vaessen
  6. Brent Van Donick
  7. Raivo Dankers
  8. Adam Steery
  9. Tom Vialle
  10. Freek Van Der Vlist

Mees Wins Lexington Red Mile

AFT Twins Red Mile AFT Twins Main Event AXI
Lexington Red Mile – American Flat Track 2019

Lexington hosted the Lexington Red Mile last weekend and it was the defending AFT champion Jared Mees who finally got his first main event win for 2019 despite being badgered by current points leader and Indian teammate Briar Bauman all of the way to the flag. Mees has now won eight of the last 12 Miles dating back to 2017’s Red Mile.

Jared Mees

“I started to get a little worried about tires. When we had that red flag, it looked like we were buzzing the tires down pretty good, so I wanted to slow the pace down a little bit and try to ease it off in the corners and keep it inline. I knew if I did that (Briar) was going to catch me. But the Indian Motorcycle has worked so good all day… it’s been so good here the last three years.”

AFT Twins Red Mile Twins Main Event Podium FA
Jared Mees – Lexington Red Mile – American Flat Track 2019

Bauman extended his perfect run of podium results in 2019.

Briar Bauman

“I can’t even put this into words. We’re leading the championship, but at the same time, I’m probably more excited than Jared is right now. This is actually my first Mile podium, and I was able to reel him in and make a race of it for the fans who stuck out the weather. I’m really excited.”

Bryan Smith managed to score the final step on the podium just ahead of Stephen Vanderkuur while Henry Wiles completed the top five.

AFT Twins Red Mile Twins Main Event Podium FA
AFT Twins Main Event Podium 1) Jared Mees, 2) Briar Bauman, 3) Bryan Smith – Red Mile 2019

Bauman continues to dominate the AFT Twins points standings at 122, but Mees now trails by only 19 points, while Brandon Robinson retains the third position with a total of 95.

AFT Twins Main Event – The Red Mile 2019

  1. Jared Mees 25 Laps
  2. Briar Bauman +0.056
  3. Bryan Smith +1.143
  4. Stephen Vanderkuur +1.329
  5. Henry Wiles +4.086
  6. Davis Fisher +7.250
  7. Bronson Bauman +10.124
  8. Robert Pearson +10.233
  9. Jake Johnson +10.541
  10. Jeffrey Carver Jr. +13.031

AFT Twins Standings

  1. Briar Bauman 122
  2. Jared Mees 103
  3. Brandon Robinson 95
  4. Jarod Vanderkooi 70
  5. Henry Wiles 67
  6. Sammy Halbert 63
  7. Bronson Bauman 62
  8. Jeffrey Carver Jr. 60
  9. Robert Pearson 56
  10. Jake Johnson 53
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AFT Singles Report

Mikey Rush scored his first victory since joining the AFT Singles after a race long duel with Shayna Texter while Kevin Stollings earned the final podium position ahead of Dalton Gauthier, Ryan Wells, Tristen Avery and Aussie Max Whale.

AFT Twins Red Mile Michael Rush FA
Michael Rush celebrating the AFT Singles win – Red Mile 2019

The big news was championship leader Jesse Janisch who finished back in 11th which tightened up the points race considerably with Janisch still leading on 119 points, three ahead of Rush while Gautier sits on 111 points – Whale sits on 49 points and is in tenth position outright.

Mikey Rush

“I feel great, I was really, really hungry for this win; I was getting tired of second. My team worked their tails off for me. It’s a great group of people and we’re having a great time doing this. And when you’re having a great time, you’re going to win races.”

Shayna Texter

“I’m bummed. Honestly, I felt I had Mikey set up really good on that last lap, but I got a little spun up and Mikey got a killer drive. Congrats to him and his team.”

AFT Twins Red Mile AFT Singles Podium FA
AFT Singles Main Event Podium – Red Mile 2019

AFT Singles Main Event – The Red Mile 2019

  1. Mikey Rush 15 Laps
  2. Shayna Texter +0.102
  3. Kevin Stollings +2.318
  4. Dalton Gauthier +2.331
  5. Ryan Wells +2.349
  6. Tristan Avery +2.400
  7. Max Whale +3.367
  8. Tanner Dean +3.428
  9. Dan Bromley +3.473
  10. Morgen Mischler +3.612

AFT Singles Standings

  1. Jesse Janisch 119
  2. Mikey Rush 116
  3. Dalton Gauthier 111
  4. Dan Bromley 100
  5. Ryan Wells 78
  6. Shayna Texter 66
  7. Morgen Mischler 61
  8. Chad Cose 61
  9. Michael Inderbitzin
  10. Max Whale 49

Jarvis Wins Erzberg

In what has been described as one of the toughest races in years, veteran Graham Jarvis has won the Erzberg Rodeo for the fifth time this time ahead of Manuel Lettenbichler and Mario Roman while Alfredo Gomez and Wade Young rounded out the top five. Jarvis finished with a time of 2:26:45 and Lettenbichler was just 2:09 behind.

WESS Erzbergrodeo Hare Scramble Rnd Start
2019 Erzbergrodeo Hare Scramble
Graham Jarvis

“This feels amazing. I think this could be the most important Erzberg victory of my career. A lot of people were talking about my age, and at 44 I did have some doubts about my fitness for the full race. But I just kept my focus and kept pushing. I knew I would have work to do from the start, but the faster sections of the race, early on, never really suit me. Once I got to Carl’s Diner I started to make up time. It was different to when I walked it, and I was feeling it physically, but it went really well. I managed to lead going into Green Hell, but it was close there with Manni. I just had to keep pushing after that. It’s amazing to be a five-time Erzberg rodeo winner.”

WESS Erzbergrodeo Hare Scramble Rnd Graham Jarvis
Graham Jarvis claims victory at the 2019 Erzbergrodeo Hare Scramble
Manuel Lettenbichler

“That was a tough race, but I’m super happy to finish second. I got a great start and was third behind Garcia and Walker and followed those guys into the forest. I made a small mistake, but I arrived first at Carl’s Dinner. I knew Graham was close, so I just ride as hard as I could. It was really tough in there. When Graham passed me, I did all I could to stay with him and got right onto his rear wheel in Green Hell. If I’d have got ahead of him there, well, who knows what might have happened. From there to the finish I gave everything, but I couldn’t catch Graham. I had a great race and to finish second to someone like Graham is amazing. The 25th Erzberg has been incredible, I’m so pleased to be on the podium.”

WESS Erzbergrodeo Hare Scramble Rnd Manuel Lettenbichler
Manuel Littenbichler – 2019 Erzbergrodeo Hare Scramble
Mario Roman

“So many riders crashed in front of me on the first climb after the start, so I just tried to be calm and not make any crazy mistakes. After that I started to find my rhythm, passing riders one-by-one. To finish third is a great result, I’m very happy. In Carl’s Dinner I tried to push hard there and passed Billy, Alfredo, Jonny and Wade. I knew there was still a long way to go so I rode as smart as I could. It’s amazing to be on the podium.”

WESS Erzbergrodeo Hare Scramble Rnd Mario Roman
Mario Roman – 2019 Erzbergrodeo Hare Scramble

Taddy Blazusiak crashed early but bounced back to finish sixth ahead of Billy Bolt, Jonny Walker, Pol Tarres Roca and Travis Teasdale to round out the top ten.

Interestingly, there were three riders from Great Britain in the top ten which matched Spain while South African had two riders with Poland and Germany one each.

WESS Erzbergrodeo Hare Scramble Rnd riders finished this years race
16 riders completed this year’s race – 2019 Erzbergrodeo Hare Scramble

Red Bull Erzberg Rodeo Results 2019

  1. Graham Jarvis, Husqvarna, Great Britain.
  2. Manuel Lettenbichler, KTM, Germany.
  3. Mario Roman, Sherco, Spain.
  4. Alfredo Gomez, Husqvarna, Spain.
  5. Wade Young, Sherco, South Africa.
  6. Taddy Blazusiak, KTM, Poland.
  7. Billy Bolt, Husqvarna, Great Britain.
  8. Jonny Walker, KTM, Great Britain.
  9. Pol Tarres Roca, Husqvarna, Spain.
  10. Travis Teasdale, KTM, South Africa.
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Zmarzlik Wins Slovenian FIM Speedway Grand Prix

Bartosz Zmarzlik has not only won the Slovenian FIM Speedway Grand Prix in Krsko last weekend he has also earned the lead in the championship, albeit tied on points with Patrick Dudack.

Zmarzlik dropped just two points on his way to a 13-point haul from his five heats before earning second in his semi final then dominating the final to earn 18 points.

Bartosz Zmarzlik

“I’m very happy, this place has been a little unlucky for me before. But I can leave here and head home very happy. Today was a different day for me. I’m starting with a different setup, and my starts are not bad. But this result is now history, and I’m looking forward to the next round in Prague. All the time I was looking at Martin Vaculik and thinking where he is likely to go. I wanted to make sure the bike was that little bit faster on the straight. Everything worked, and I’m very happy to pick up the win.”

SGP Bartosz Zmarzlik victory Slovenian SGP
Bartosz Zmarzlik

Zmarzlik’s win has promoted him to the top of the World Championship standings, while Slovenian FIM Speedway Grand Prix runner up Martin Vaculik moved up to fourth after registering 17 points in Krsko.

Martin Vaculik

“Congratulations to Bartosz Zmarzlik, he was unbelievably fast tonight. I’m happy with how many points I registered, and I’m happy with second place too. I’m now looking forward to the next round and making sure that I deliver my best. Keeping focused is important to me.”

Tai Woffinden scored nine points to move up to eighth in the standings with 15 points – level with British compatriot Robert Lambert while Aussie Jason Doyle once again struggled to earn 6 points after five rides.

The series now moves onto its third round in two weeks’ time as Prague’s Marketa Stadium hosts the ANLAS Czech Republic FIM Speedway Grand Prix.

FIM Slovenian Speedway Grand Prix Result

  1. Bartosz Zmarzlik 18
  2. Martin Vaculik 17
  3. Leon Madsen 13
  4. Patryk Dudek 12
  5. Emil Sayfutdinov 13
  6. Tai Woffinden 9
  7. Artem Laguta 9
  8. Robert Lambert 7
  9. Niels-Kristian Iversen 7
  10. Janusz Kolodziej 7
  11. Jason Doyle 6
  12. Matej Zagar 6
  13. Fredrik Lindgren 5
  14. Maciej Janowski 4
  15. Antonio Lindback 3
  16. Matic Ivacic 2
  17. Nick Skorja 0

SGP World Championship Standings

  1. Bartosz Zmarzlik 28
  2. Patryk Dudek 28
  3. Leon Madsen 26
  4. Martin Vaculik 24
  5. Niels-Kristian Iversen 21
  6. Fredrik Lindgren 20
  7. Emil Sayfutdinov 19
  8. Tai Woffinden 15
  9. Robert Lambert 15
  10. Artem Laguta 13
  11. Matej Zagar 13
  12. Antonio Lindback 13
  13. Jason Doyle 11
  14. Janusz Kolodziej 11
  15. Bartosz Smektala 10
  16. Maciej Janowski 4
  17. Max Fricke 3
  18. Matic Ivacic 2
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Duffy Wins Manjimup 15000

Local gun Regan Duffy has won the 2019 Manjimup 15000 which was held at the iconic circuit last weekend and in doing so has put his name among some of the legends of the sport.

Manjimup Kirk B
Kirk Gibbs – 2019 Manjimup 15000

Duffy spectacularly won the opening moto from Kyle Webster, Hayden Mellross, Luke Clout and Kirk Gibbs but then back it up with a second place behind Gibbs in moto two then a third in moto three behind Gibbs and Webster.

Manjimup Luke A
Luke Clout – 2019 Manjimup 15000

Duffy’s 1-2-3 moto score put him one point ahead of Gibbs’ 5-1-1 score while Webster earned the final podium spot with 2-6-2 moto finishes – American Kyle Cunningham was fourth ahead of Mellross.

Kirk Gibbs

“It was another good day here at Manjimup and I always love coming here as it’s a great place to race. The first race fifth was the down fall for me as over coming that point gap in a three race format is tough when the other riders were pretty consistent. Still, it was pleasing to be able to race at a good level so quickly after my shoulder injury and it still feels good at the end of the day on a demanding track. A huge thanks to the CDR Yamaha Monster Energy team for making this happen as its never easy to race on the other side of the country and also to the Manjimup club and event organisers as this event is always a highlight for me and I love racing here in front of such an enthusiastic crowd.”

Manjimup Kirk A
Kirk Gibbs – 2019 Manjimup 15000

2019 Manjimup 15000 Results

  1. Regan Duffy
  2. Kirk Gibbs
  3. Kyle Webster
  4. Kyle Cunningham
  5. Hayden Mellross
  6. Luke Davis
  7. Charlie Creech
  8. Michael Mahon
  9. Josh Adams
  10. John Darroch
  11. Adam Enticknap
  12. Luke Clout
Manjimup podium
2019 Manjimup 15000 podium – 1) Duffy, 2) Gibbs, 3) Webster

RecoveR8 Backs 2019 Australian ISDE Team

RecoveR8 has earned the naming rights to the 2019 Australian ISDE Team and the new Australian owned sport supplement is set to make its mark on the Australian motorsport scene.

With RecoveR8 officially making its global launch at the Tatts Finke Desert Race Pit Party this Friday the 7th June, Motorcycling Australia (MA) is thrilled to confirm the all new RecoveR8 partnership.

ISDE Australian Team Preview
RecoveR8 announced as 2019 Australian ISDE team naming sponsor

The RecoveR8 Australian ISDE Team will jet off to Portimao, Portugal for the 42nd edition of the ISDE later this year, with Day One of racing commencing on 11th November. Over six days, our 10 Australian competitors will go head to head with riders from over 30 nations, traversing 1,500 kilometres in pursuit of yet another impressive result.

Kevin Williams – RecoveR8 General Manager

“We’ve seen the success of the Australian ISDE team over a number of years. When the opportunity came up to be the naming sponsor for the team, we jumped at it. Team Australia have to back it up six days in a row, and this product is designed for recovering and rejuvenating, so the match was certainly made in heaven.”

2019 Australian World Trophy team member, Daniel Milner, who is also a Recover8 international brand ambassador, says “RecoveR8 is a part of my everyday program. It’s helped eliminate 95% of my arm pump and I’m always feeling good, and able to back it up the second day.

R Broadford MX Nationals PQ Daniel Milner
Daniel Milner

MA’s Operations Director, Martin Port, is thrilled with the partnership with RecoveR8. “This new partnership between MA and RecoveR8 demonstrates our commitment to developing and supporting Australia’s Off-Road motorcycling community. The addition of RecoveR8 to the Australian ISDE family will help raise the profile of our talented riders, whilst also encouraging emerging competitors, male and female, to participate in events such as the Australian Off-Road Championship.”

RecoveR8’s website will be launched this Friday 7th June, during their official launch at the Tatts Finke Desert Race.

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Source: MCNews.com.au

Moto Wrap | SX | MXN | GNCC | EnduroGP | WESS

Moto News Wrap for May 7, 2019 by Darren Smart

Proudly brought to you by Dunlop Geomax
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  • Full Las Vega SX report
  • Australian MX Nationals – Murray Bridge
  • Russell lands win at Indianapolis GNCC
  • Holcombe & Freeman share EnduroGP wins
  • Simpson & Ostlund win British MX Nationals
  • Jasikonis & Jacobi win Dutch Masters
  • Honda signs Roczen for three years
  • No Yamaha 450 riders at Vegas
  • Todd Waters to USA
  • Sweden, Poland and Germany advance to SoN finals
  • Woffinden & Doyle to clash this weekend
  • WESS kicks off this weekend
  • Weekly update on our Aussies abroad

Full Las Vegas SX report

Las Vegas hosted the final round of the 2019 AMA Supercross Championship and despite Eli Tomac dominating the 450 main event it was Cooper Webb who came away with the championship. Dylan Ferrandis and Chase Sexton won the West and East Coast 250 championships respectively.

AMA Supercross FInal Webb Podium JK SX Vegas
Cooper Webb – 2019 AMA Supercross Champion – Image by Hoppenworld

450SX Report

The tension around the stadium was once again palpable as the 450 main event got underway and it was Tomac who earned a very rare holeshot. It was obvious from the outset that Eli was not interested in playing games with the Kawasaki rider putting down incredibly fast lap times to pull away from the KTM duo of Marvin Musquin and Webb.

AMA Supercross FInal Tomac JK SX Vegas
Eli Tomac – Image by Hoppenworld

While maintaining a few bike lengths back from Musquin, Webb was initially under pressure from Zach Osborne but he was able to slowly pull away from the Husqvarna rider. Ken Roczen made his way to the rear wheel of the championship leader put the plucky Webb stuck to hitting his marks around the slippery, hard packed Vegas layout.

As the track deteriorated Tomac continued to push and despite surviving a few ‘moments’ the Kawasaki rider crossed the line some 12 seconds ahead of Musquin while Webb rounded out the podium. Webb led by a narrow margin over Roczen and Osborne with Cole Seely, Blake Baggett, Tyler Bowers, Justin Hill and Justin Bogle rounded out the top ten.

AMA Supercross FInal Roczen JK SX Vegas
Ken Roczen – Image by Hoppenworld

Webb, a two-time Western Regional 250SX Champion and a former 250 AMA National Motocross Champion can now add the 2019 AMA 450 Supercross Championship to his resume on the back of 5-10-1-1-8-1-1-2-1-2-3-4-1-3-2-1-3 finishes over the 17 rounds.

Cooper Webb

“It’s been an incredible journey. This KTM team believed in me, they took me in and transformed me back to where I always knew I could be. This year was not expected at all, and I can’t thank them enough for giving me this opportunity to get back into this level and to do it this way is unreal. It’s a dream come true, I’ve had it since I was a little kid. It’s an incredible feeling, I am in shock.”

AMA Supercross FInal Webb JK SX Vegas
Cooper Webb – Image by Hoppenworld
Eli Tomac

“It’s all about putting the whole season together, we need to fill in the gaps which and we haven’t done that yet. I felt like in the beginning we were playing catch up then we kind of found our stride here in the last few races so that is the positive outlook on the season.”

AMA Supercross FInal Tomac JK SX Vegas
Eli Tomac – Image by Hoppenworld
Marvin Musquin

“After being second last year I was looking to go one step better and get the championship but I started the year with no training through November and December (thanks to a knee injury) which is where you build up for the season but we had a solid program where the goal was to get better each weekend, which I did, we were close to winning some main events then we won a couple. I would have liked to have been fighting for the championship all of the way to the end but that didn’t happen.”

AMA Supercross FInal Musquin Osborne Multiple JK SX Vegas
Marvin Musquin & Zach Osborne – Image by Hoppenworld

450SX Results

  1. Eli Tomac – 22 Laps
  2. Marvin Musquin +12.061
  3. Cooper Webb +17.466
  4. Ken Roczen +18.216
  5. Zach Osborne +29.872
  6. Cole Seely +42.680
  7. Blake Baggett +48.397
  8. Tyler Bowers +55.636
  9. Justin Hill +1:00.694
  10. Justin Bogle – 21Laps
  11. Justin Brayton +02.960
  12. Ben Lamay +05.575
  13. Kyle Chisholm +13.365
  14. Ryan Breece +36.547
  15. Alex Ray +49.372
  16. Henry Miller +1:01.671
  17. Carlen Gardner – 20Laps
  18. Adam Enticknap +09.480
  19. Charles Lefrancois +13.010
  20. Tevin Tapia – 19Laps
  21. Austin Politelli – 15Laps
  22. Scott Champion – 7Laps

  1. Cooper Webb – 379
  2. Eli Tomac – 361
  3. Marvin Musquin – 350
  4. Ken Roczen – 319
  5. Blake Baggett – 290
  6. Dean Wilson – 223
  7. Cole Seely – 211
  8. Joey Savatgy – 208
  9. Justin Bogle – 171
  10. Justin Brayton – 163
  11. Justin Hill – 162
  12. Tyler Bowers – 155
  13. Justin Barcia – 154
  14. Zach Osborne – 154
  15. Chad Reed – 151

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250 East/West Shootout Report

In the 250 East/West Coast shootout both titles were on the line with Chase Sexton holding an 8-point lead over Justin Cooper for the East title. Adam Cianciarulo held a 9-point lead over Dylan Ferrandis in the West and with all four riders easily qualifying into the 15 minute main event the stage was set.

AMA Supercross FInal Sexton Podium JK SX Vegas
Chase Sexton – Image by Hoppenworld

In the battle for the East, Sexton was running near the front of the field from the start of the race while Cooper battled mid-pack so at the line Sexton cruised through for a fourth-place finish, securing his first 250 championship for Geico Honda.

As for the West Coast title there was a fair bit of drama with Ferrandis taking the holeshot on his Monster Energy Yamaha while Cianciarulo was outside the top five. Cianciarulo was then able to move up to third behind Ferrandis and Cameron McAdoo, which would have secured Adam his first title and for several laps it was looking like Cianciarulo was riding smart and had the title in his grasp.

AMA Supercross FInal Cianciarulo JK SX Vegas
Adam Cianciarulo – Image by Hoppenworld

Unfortunately for Cianciarulo fans and Mitch Payton, the Pro Circuit Kawasaki rider came up short in a rhythm section, clipped a tuff box and crashed heavily leaving his handlebars bent beyond raceable and despite quickly going into the pits for repairs the championship was over for Cianciarulo……again.

Up front Ferrandis took a comfortable race win from RJ Hampshire, McAdoo and Sexton. Alex Martin, Colt Nichols, Michael Mosiman, Cooper, Martin Davalos and Garrett Marchbanks rounded out the top ten, well ahead of Cianciarulo who ended the main in 20th, handing Ferrandis his first championship on American soil.

Dylan Ferrandis

“Coming into the main, I just asked my mechanic to tell me what Adam was doing and when I saw it at P-10 and P-12, I couldn’t believe it.” Ferrandis said. “We trained so hard coming into this weekend. It’s more than a dream come true. It’s hard to put into words. I’m just thinking about all the people that have been with me and supporting me. The team has been behind me the past few years, and I’m very grateful to them for believing in me. This is incredible.”

AMA Supercross FInal Ferrandis Podium JK SX Vegas
Dylan Ferrandis – Image by Hoppenworld
Chase Sexton

“It feels super-good, it really hasn’t sunk in yet but being only 19 and winning my first championship is unbelievable. Man, it was the longest 15 plus one I have ever done, the track was gnarly, to do this for myself and the team is awesome, couldn’t have asked for any better.”

AMA Supercross FInal Sexton JK SX Vegas
Chase Sexton – Image by Hoppenworld

250 East/West Coast Results

  1. Dylan Ferrandis – 16 Laps
  2. RJ Hampshire +01.805
  3. Cameron McAdoo +02.858
  4. Chase Sexton +03.365
  5. Alex Martin +04.625
  6. Colt Nichols +05.871
  7. Michael Mosiman +09.340
  8. Justin Cooper +11.993
  9. Martin Davalos +18.488
  10. Garrett Marchbanks +22.901
  11. Brandon Hartranft +26.177
  12. Kyle Peters +35.205
  13. Jordan Bailey +42.976
  14. John Short +46.740
  15. Lorenzo Locurcio +52.624
  16. Justin Starling +1:06.503
  17. Chase Marquier – 15Laps
  18. James Decotis +17.645
  19. Mitchell Falk +23.856
  20. Adam Cianciarulo +44.305
  21. Kyle Cunningham – 13Laps
  22. Chris Blose – 4Laps

  1. Chase Sexton – 193
  2. Justin Cooper – 180
  3. Austin Forkner – 152
  4. Martin Davalos – 148
  5. Alex Martin – 139
  6. Brandon Hartranft – 130
  7. Mitchell Oldenburg – 128
  8. Kyle Peters – 126
  9. Kyle Cunningham – 110
  10. Jordan Bailey – 101

  1. Dylan Ferrandis – 226
  2. Adam Cianciarulo – 211
  3. Colt Nichols – 180
  4. RJ Hampshire – 168
  5. Cameron McAdoo – 149
  6. Michael Mosiman – 144
  7. James Decotis – 133
  8. Shane McElrath – 123
  9. Chris Blose – 120
  10. Garrett Marchbanks – 113

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Murray Bridge hosts MX Nationals double header

South Australia’s historic town of Murray Bridge hosted the fourth and fifth rounds of the 2019 Australian MX Nationals last weekend with the first of the two ‘double-headers’ for the series with four championship classes on show over the two days of action.

MX1 Report

The big drawcard at Murray Bridge was the return of Dean Ferris to the series, albeit a brief one, on the Raceline KTM and it didn’t take long for Dean to start where he left off last year with two wins on Saturday though moto two did see Luke Clout hold pace with the 2018 champion.

MXN Rnd Murray Bridge Dean Ferris
Dean Ferris

Kirk Gibbs was second in the opening moto but well back from Ferris then it all went sour for Gibbs in the second moto with the CDR Yamaha rider crashing twice to earn a DNF before not being able to race on Sunday so Gibbs’ title chance is all but gone.

So it was Ferris taking the overall on Saturday with Clout, Hayden Mellross, Jayden Rykers and Todd Waters round out the top five so heading to Sunday Mellross still has the red plate by two points over Clout.

MXN Rnd Murray Bridge Kirk Gibbs
Kirk Gibbs

Sunday dawned with the MX1 riders tackling two back-to-back sprint races and it was looking to be more of the same with Ferris out front. Just as the NRGTV commentators were regaling how Ferris rarely makes mistakes the number 1 KTM was on the ground handing the lead and win to Clout with Waters, Mellross, Ferris and Justin Rodbell rounding out the top five.

Moto two saw Clout take another win once again over Waters and Mellross with Rodbell holding off Ferris for fourth so the overall for the combined sprint races went to Clout over Waters, Mellross, Rodbell and Ferris.

MX Nationals Rnd Wonthaggi MX Luke Clout Craig Dack
Luke Clout

The final 30 minute moto saw Waters take the win by just 1.4 seconds over Clout who had Mellross all over him right to the line while Ferris once again struggled with a poor start to finish a distant fourth.

The overall goes to Waters over Clout and Mellross and as far as the points go Clout now has the red plate by 4-points over Mellross who in turn has a 6-point lead over Waters – with 5 rounds remaining this championship is well and truly alive.

MX1 Round 4 & 5 Results

  1. Dean Ferris – 70 points
  2. Luke Clout – 58
  3. Hayden Mellross – 58
  4. Jayden Rykers – 56
  5. Todd Waters – 53
  6. Richie Evans – 48
  7. Justin Rodbell – 47
  8. Dylan Long – 43
  9. Erki Kahro – 42
  10. Brett Metcalfe – 39

  1. Todd Waters – 67 points
  2. Luke Clout – 67
  3. Hayden Mellross – 60
  4. Dean Ferris – 54
  5. Justin Rodbell – 53
  6. Richie Evans – 50
  7. Jayden Rykers – 49
  8. Brett Metcalfe – 45
  9. Lawson Bopping – 45
  10. Erki Kahro – 41

  1. Luke Clout- 275 points
  2. Hayden Mellross – 271
  3. Todd Waters – 265
  4. Justin Rodbell – 210
  5. Jayden Rykers – 207
  6. Erki Kahro – 190
  7. Brett Metcalfe – 181
  8. Kirk Gibbs – 179
  9. Richie Evans – 174
  10. Jesse Dobson – 173

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MX2 Report

Saturday saw the back-to-back sprint races start the weekend off for the MX2 riders and surprisingly it was Kyle Webster who stamped his dominance by taking the win in the first moto over Jay Wilson, Bailey Malkiewicz, Kaleb Barham and Wilson Todd. He then back that up with another win in the second moto this time over Wilson, Barham, Dylan Wills and Todd.

MXN Rnd Murray Bridge Kyle Webster
Kyle Webster

So heading to the final 30-minute moto Webster held the overall so far ahead of Wilson, Barham, Malkiewicz and Todd. However the longer moto allowed Todd to redeem himself with a narrow win over the in-form Webster who had a fair gap back to third place Wilson while Wills and Riley Dukes rounded out the top five.

So the overall for Saturday goes to Webster over Wilson and Todd but with Sunday looming with two 30-minute motos all eyes were on Todd to extend his championship lead.

On the day it was Webster who once again put together a great race with a win in the opening moto over Malkiewicz, Wilson, Aaron Tanti and Dukes while Todd suffered a flat tyre while leading and was forced to dive into the mechanics area to change the wheel and finish in 14th place.

Moto two saw Todd take the win by four seconds ahead of Webster with the Serco Yamaha pairing of Nathan Crawford and Tanti putting together their best finishes after a tough weekend for the team. Heading to the seven week break in the series Todd now had a 23 point lead over Webster who in turn has a 2 point gap back to Wilson.

Kyle Webster

“Things couldn’t have gone much better! Everything clicked from the moment we rolled onto the track and I’m absolutely stoked on how the day went. I can’t ask for much more, with two round wins in two days. It feels like it’s been a while coming this year to get a few wins on the go, but now that they’re here, it’s awesome. Everyone in the MX2 class has been having a real go and the competition is fierce, so getting two round wins now at the double-header rounds is the perfect way to go into the mid-season break. I can’t thank everyone on the Penrite Pirelli CRF Honda Racing team enough, and all the team sponsors and supporters, and my family and everyone who helps make this happen; like I said, getting back-to-back round wins feels just awesome!”

MXN Rnd Murray Bridge Kyle Webster
Kyle Webster

MX2 Round 4 & 5 Results

  1. Kyle Webster – 67 points
  2. Jay Wilson – 62
  3. Wilson Todd – 61
  4. Dylan Wills – 53
  5. Kaleb Barham – 53
  6. Bailey Malkiewicz – 52
  7. Riley Dukes – 50
  8. Jai Constantinou – 44
  9. Ricky Latimer – 41
  10. Nathan Crawford – 38

  1. Kyle Webster – 67 points
  2. Bailey Malkiewicz – 58
  3. Aaron Tanti – 56
  4. Jay Wilson – 54
  5. Wilson Todd – 52
  6. Nathan Crawford – 52
  7. Riley Dukes – 49
  8. Ricky Latimer – 45
  9. Jye Dickson – 43
  10. Jai Constantinou – 42

  1. Wilson Todd – 283 points
  2. Kyle Webster – 260
  3. Jay Wilson – 258
  4. Nathan Crawford – 212
  5. Aaron Tanti – 212
  6. Dylan Wills – 206
  7. Riley Dukes – 202
  8. Bailey Malkiewicz – 198
  9. Jye Dickson – 188
  10. Cooper Pozniak – 184

MXD Report

The MXD riders once again put on a great show all weekend with lap times that matched the top MX2 riders and most of the MX1 field but in the end it was Kiwi Max Purvis who won the overall on Saturday over Brodie Ellis and championship leader Regan Duffy but on Sunday Duffy narrowly got the overall ahead of Purvis and Mason Rowe.

MXN Rnd Murray Bridge MXD Regan Duffy
Regan Duffy

At the halfway point of the series Duffy has a 17 point lead over Purvis while Rhys Budd sits a further 15 points back.

MXD Rounds 4 & 5 Results

  1. Maximus Purvis – 67 points
  2. Regan Duffy – 65
  3. Rhys Budd – 58
  4. Brodie Ellis – 57
  5. Jack Kukas – 52
  6. Mason Rowe – 49
  7. Jai Walker – 44
  8. Tye Jones – 44
  9. Jayce Cosford – 44
  10. Mackenzie O’Bree – 41

  1. Regan Duffy – 67 points
  2. Maximus Purvis – 65
  3. Mason Rowe – 60
  4. Brodie Ellis – 51
  5. Noah Ferguson – 49
  6. Rhys Budd – 47
  7. Tye Jones – 46
  8. Mackenzie O’Bree – 45
  9. Jai Walker – 44
  10. Liam Walsh – 43

  1. Regan Duffy – 289 points
  2. Maximus Purvis – 272
  3. Rhys Budd – 257
  4. Brodie Ellis – 218
  5. Mason Rowe – 207
  6. Jack Kukas – 200
  7. Noah Ferguson – 197
  8. Jai Walker – 181
  9. Liam Walsh – 179
  10. Jayce Cosford – 178

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YMF Australian MXW Report

Meghan Rutledge was in a class of her own to win all four MXW motos while running lap times within 10 seconds per lap of the top MX2 riders while Maddy Brown and Jessica Moore battle over the minor podium positions all weekend.

MXW – Round 1 Overall (Top 10)

  1. Meghan Rutledge – 70 points
  2. Maddy Brown – 62
  3. Jessica Moore – 62
  4. Emma Milesevic – 56
  5. Kara Cats – 51
  6. Roma Edwards – 50
  7. Tanesha Harnett – 49
  8. Amy Bartsch – 45
  9. Ebony Harris – 43
  10. Britney Boyce – 42

  1. Meghan Rutledge – 70 points
  2. Jessica Moore – 60
  3. Maddy Brown – 60
  4. Emma Milesevic – 60
  5. Roma Edwards – 51
  6. Kara Cats – 51
  7. Ebony Harris – 47
  8. Amy Bartsch – 47
  9. Steph Cutler – 43
  10. Tanesha Harnett – 43

  1. Meghan Rutledge – 140 points
  2. Jessica Moore – 122
  3. Maddy Brown – 122
  4. Emma Milesevic – 116
  5. Kara Cats – 102
  6. Roma Edwards – 101
  7. Amy Bartsch – 92
  8. Tanesha Harnett – 92
  9. Ebony Harris – 90
  10. Britney Boyce – 81

Russell Lands Win at Indianapolis GNCC

The X-Factor Whitetails GNCC at Indianapolis has been won by defending champion and current points leader Kailub Russell by just under 8-seconds over Thad Duval while Ben Kelly won the XC2 class with a fifth overall result.

Kailub Russell X Factor Whitetails GNCC win
Kailub Russell captured the X-Factor Whitetails GNCC trophy with his overall win – Image by Ken Hill

Russell got the win over arch rival Thad Ducal and Josh Toth while Aussie Josh Strang struggled to a distant 13th overall but in the XC2 class Ben Kelley continues to be the man to beat with another win this time over Craig Delong and Alex Lee.

Jordan Ansley easily won the XC3 class with an incredible 16th outright while in the WXC class Tayla Jones continues to build the points lead as she defends her 2018 title with another win over Becca Sheets but fellow Aussie Mackenzie Tricker had a shocker with an unusual ninth but the former AMA Motocross Champion still hold third in the points.

GNCC Overall

  1. K. Russell – XC1 Open Pro – Overall Leader
    2. T. Duvall – XC1 Open Pro
    3. J. Toth – XC1 Open Pro
    4. S. Baylor JR – XC1 Open Pro
    5. B. Kelley – XC2 250 Pro – Class Leader
    6. R. Russell – XC1 Open Pro
    7. G. Baylor – XC1 Open Pro
    8. C. Delong – XC2 250 Pro
    9. A. Delong – XC1 Open Pro
    10. A. Lee – XC2 250 Pro
    11. T. Bollinger – XC1 Open Pro
    12. J. Ashburn – XC1 Open Pro
    13. J. Strang – XC1 Open Pro
    14. C. Buttrick – XC1 Open Pro
    15. M. Witkowski – XC2 250 Pro
    16. J. Ansley – XC3 125 Pro-Am – Class Leader

Overall Top 10 Points after Round 5

  1. Kailub Russell – 140
  2. Thaddeus Duvall – 122
  3. Steward Baylor Jr – 105
  4. Trevor Bollinger – 90
  5. Benjamin Kelley – 78
  6. Josh Strang – 67
  7. Joshua Toth – 67
  8. Jordan Ashburn – 58
  9. Andrew Delong – 55
  10. Michael Witkowski – 49

WXC Results

  1. Tayla Jones
  2. Becca N Sheets
  3. Rachael Archer
  4. Korie Steede
  5. Shelby Rolen
  6. Shyann Phelps
  7. Elizabeth Perez
  8. Brooke Cosner
  9. Mackenzie Tricker

WXC Points after 5 Rounds

  1. Tayla Jones – 141
  2. Becca N Sheets – 130
  3. Mackenzie Tricker – 100
  4. Rachael Archer – 86
  5. Brooke Cosner – 73
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Holcombe & Freeman share EnduroGP wins

The small town of Valpaços, about two-hours from Porto, hosted the second round of the FIM Enduro World Championship on mostly hard ground characterised with enormous rocks, as is typical for Portugal. Four rounds took place on Day 1, for a total of twelve special trials, while the following day three rounds took place.

EnduroGP Portugal Rnd Steve Holcombe
Steve Holcombe

Steve Holcombe (Team Beta Factory Enduro), Alex Salvini (S2 Motorsport Honda RedMoto Sembenini Team) and Andrea Verona (TM Racing Factory Team) were the undisputed leaders in Portugal on the occasion of the second GP of the 2019 FIM Enduro World Championship, in their respective Enduro GP, E3, E2 and Junior classes.

In the EnduroGP, Steve Holcombe (Team Beta Factory Enduro) dominated the opening day in a fight to the end with his compatriot Brad Freeman, the following day winning second place. An excellent performance was also seen from Alex Salvini (S2 Motorsport Honda RedMoto Sembenini Team) who won two third places.

EnduroGP Portugal Rnd Alex Salvini
Alex Salvini

It was also a positive weekend for Davide Guarneri (Team Honda RedMoto) who in the E1 class gained two excellent second places.

The E2 class was dominated by Alex Salvini (S2 Motorsport Honda RedMoto Sembenini Team). The Bologna-born rider won both days of racing and fought to the end against Christophe Charlier (Team Honda RedMoto) who gave an outstanding performance. Alex Salvini thus jumps to the head of the provisional rankings.

A double win in the E3 class for the Metzeler-supported rider Steve Holcombe, saw the rider from the Team Beta Factory Enduro also dominate the second GP of the season. Two second places were claimed by Daniel McCanney (TM Racing Factory Team).

EnduroGP Portugal D McCanney
Daniel McCanney

It was also an excellent weekend of racing for the rider from the TM Racing Factory Team Andrea Verona who, also equipped with Metzeler MCE 6 Days Extreme tyres, on both days in the Junior class and is currently the leader in the class.

The FIM Enduro World Championship continues, and next weekend the racing will take place in Santiago de Compostela for the Spanish GP.

EnduroGP standings

  1. Holcombe, Steve – 77
  2. Freeman, Brad – 69
  3. Mccanney, Daniel – 58

E1 Class standings

  1. Freeman, Brad – 80
  2. Guarneri, Davide – 62
  3. Cavallo, Matteo – 62

E2 Class standings

  1. Salvini, Alex – 64
  2. Charlier, Christophe – 58
  3. Herrera, Benjamin – 50
EnduroGP Portugal Rnd Christophe Charlier
Christophe Charlier

E3 Class standings

  1. Holcombe, Steve – 80
  2. Mccanney, Daniel – 68
  3. Geslin, Anthony – 56

Junior Class standings

  1. Verona, Andrea – 80
  2. Francisco, Enric – 55
  3. Espinasse, Thèophile – 54
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Simpson and Ostlund Win British MX Nationals

Canada Heights hosted the third round of the Maxxis British Motocross Championship and it was Shaun Simpson and Alvin Ostlund who won the MXGP and MX2 classes respectively.

Simpson put his RFX KTM at the front of the pack in both motos to take two wins ahead of Tommy Searle (2-2) and Jake Millward (3-5) while Ostlund went 2-1 to earn the overall ahead of Dylan Walsh and Josh Gilbert but it was bad news for the defending champion in Conrad Mewse who won the opening moto before failing to finish the second moto.

Simpson now sits on 144pts and Searle on 136pts so the championship is still well and truly alive and they head to round four at the Blaxhall circuit on June 2.

MXGP Overall

  1. Shaun Simpson – 50
  2. Tommy Searle – 44
  3. Jake Millward – 36
  4. Harri Kullas – 33
  5. Gert Krestinov – 33
  6. Brad Anderson – 30
  7. John Adamson – 25
  8. Lewis Tombs – 24
  9. Stuart Edmonds – 24
  10. Robbie Dowson – 20

MX2 Overall

  1. Alvin Ostlund – 47
  2. Dylan Walsh – 40
  3. Josh Gilbert – 38
  4. Martin Barr – 36
  5. Alexander Brown – 30
  6. Taylor Hammal – 29
  7. Michael Ellis – 27
  8. Conrad Mewse – 25
  9. Glen McCormick – 18
  10. Ashton Dickinson – 18
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Jasikonis and Jacobi with Dutch Masters

The small town of Axel in Holland hosted the latest round of the Dutch Masters of Motocross and it was GP regulars in Arminas Jasikonis and Henri Jacobi who won the MXGP and MX2 classes respectively.

Jasikonis Holland
Arminas Jasikonis

Jasikonis’ 1-2 moto finishes gave the Husqvana rider the overall ahead of Glenn Coldenhoff and Jeremy Seewer while Jacobi (2-2) won the overall from Ben Watson (3-3) and Davey Pootjes (4-4) with Aussie Jed Beaton coming home in sixth overall well ahead of Jargo Geerts and Roan Van de Moosdijk both won a moto but DNF’d the other.

Ben Watson Holland
Ben Watson

Dutch MX Masters – MXGP Overall

  1. Arminas Jasikonis – 47
  2. Glenn Coldenhoff – 41
  3. Jeremy Seewer – 36
  4. Arnaud Tonus – 36
  5. Pauls Jonass – 35
  6. Petar Petrov – 27
  7. Yentel Martens – 25
  8. Benoit Paturel – 25
  9. Lars Van Berkel – 23
  10. Max Anstie – 22

MX2 Overall:

  1. Henri Jacobi – 44
  2. Ben Watson – 40
  3. Davy Pootjes – 36
  4. Mikkel Haarup – 30
  5. Tom Vialle – 28
  6. Jed Beaton – 27
  7. Roan Van De Moosdijk – 25
  8. Brent Vandonick – 25
  9. Adam Sterry – 25
  10. Jago Geerts – 25

Honda Signs Roczen for Three Years

American Honda have announced that Ken Roczen has renewed his contract with Team Honda HRC where the popular German will campaign the CRF450R in AMA Supercross and AMA Pro Motocross for the next three years.

Honda signs Roczen for three years
Ken Roczen
Ken Roczen

“Re-signing with Honda was a no-brainer for me, I owe the team a lot and I feel like we have a lot of good days ahead of us. Three years is a long time, so when I signed, I was beyond stoked and it was a big pressure relief for me. The guys that I work with on this team are like a big family. Over the last two and a half years, the team and I have been through a lot. We’ve had some incredible highs but we’ve also hit rock bottom, and one thing that Honda always did—no matter what—was believe in me. They never gave up. The team also does whatever it takes to make a rider happy, which is huge because it brings comfort, and I want to win just as bad as they do. I know we haven’t done that in a while, but our work and what we do together isn’t done. Them standing behind me through thick and thin, the good times and the bad times, is what makes a great team, so I’m excited to continue our relationship.”

Honda signs Roczen for three years
Ken Roczen
Lee Edmunds –
American Honda’s Manager of Powersports Marketing Communications

“During his time with Honda so far, Ken’s dedication has been exemplary, the tenacity with which he pursues success is exceeded only by the resolve with which he approaches challenges. We firmly believe that attitude will help him—and us—get back on top. Ken is our guy, and we’re thrilled to continue together.”

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No Yamaha 450 riders at Vegas

The Monster Energy Yamaha Factory Racing Team was left without any riders at the final round of the AMA Supercross Championships after fill-in rider Josh Grant was forced to sit out the event after injuring his leg and ribs in a training crash Wednesday at the test track in Southern California.

Josh Grant – AMA SX Round 16, 2019

The veteran Supercross racer was brought on board to fill in for Aaron Plessinger who was injured around the halfway mark of the season in Daytona while Justin Barcia decided to sit out the final four rounds to recover from several injuries in a bid to be fot the motocross season.

Jim Perry, Monster Energy Yamaha Factory Racing Team Manager

“This was not the phone call you want to get, however, it is the sad part of the game. What a bummer for Josh Grant and the whole team. Josh has been making improvements each week with two strong top-10 finishes in the previous events. He has been working hard to finish the Supercross series on a high note and it’s a shame that he will be sidelined for the finale.”

Todd Waters to USA

With the Australian MX Nationals on a seven-week break Todd Waters is heading to America to compete in the opening three rounds of the AMA Motocross Championships and here is what he wrote on social media:

Todd Waters – Social Media

“On Thursday we jump on the plane to the United States. The Australian MX Nationals calendar has a seven week break, which we realised lines up perfectly with the opening 3 rounds of the AMA Outdoors. In 2018 I had planned to do the AMA outdoors but found myself back competing in the MXGP’s. I’m excited to live out a lifelong dream. I’m looking forward to keeping the ball rolling. I’m anticipating that continuing to race and to race against some of the world’s fastest riders will up my intensity for the second half of the Australian MX Nationals season.

R Broadford MX Nationals PQ Todd Waters
Todd Water

“The trip will be a journey of epic proportions. 3000+ miles in a hired RV, an entourage (including but not limited to, my girlfriend, mum & little sister plus New Zealand buddies Cody Cooper and mechanic Lee), a couple of albek.co suitcases filled with parts, 2 mechanics (my Dad & cousin Jason), one borrowed, stock FC 450 and one pipe dream!”

Sweden, Poland and Germany Advance to SoN Finals

Sweden, Poland and Germany have qualified for the Monster Energy FIM Speedway of Nations Finals in Togliatti on July 20 and 21 after top Swede Fredrik Lindgren scored 18 points to lead his team to an emphatic win.

The Swedish team of Lindgren (18p), Peter Ljung (6p) and Peter Hjelmland (1p) topped the teams event on 25 points at Race Off 1 in Landshut last Saturday night, with Poland scoring 24 and Germany 20 to join them in the Finals.

Speedway of Nations
Speedway of Nations 2019

Lindgren may have been in red-hot form, but he admits Ljung’s decision to let him start every race from gate one or two made a huge difference as the Vastervik man bagged his points the hard way.

Fredrik Lindgren

“We are very satisfied with this performance. We are happy to go straight through to Russia for the Finals. It’s a tough meeting. You can’t afford to make any mistakes. That was a job well done. It’s a team effort because Peter gave me the inside gates. He didn’t really feel comfortable in the beginning and I said to him he should maybe try the inside gates to get going. But he wanted us to at least get the heat win and I have to give it up to him. It’s a team effort and we did a good job together.”

Speedway of Nations
Speedway of Nations 2019

Polish star Bartosz Zmarzlik was delighted to power his side through to Togliatti as he joined forces with Patryk Dudek, who was only drafted in the 11th hour when Maciej Janowski withdrew due to a shoulder ligament injury.

Bartosz Zmarzlik

“I am very happy because Poland took the next step and we’re through to the Finals in Togliatti. Second place is not so bad and we were very close to the win against Sweden. Patryk did a very good job for the Poland team, but I’d like to say hello to Magic and we keep our fingers crossed he will come back to the track soon. This meeting wasn’t bad for me and I am happy. But in Togliatti we have two days and we will see what happens. There are two months to go.”

German ace Martin Smolinski was delighted to see his side reach their second straight world final in front of a passionate home crowd in Landshut.

Martin Smolinski

“It’s job done – it’s very nice. It’s always nice to get to the next round in front of the home crowd. We had a very good team performance, I think. Every one of us scored some good points. We showed how good German speedway is at a very good venue. We had a lot of rain in the afternoon, but the track guys worked very well and I think we saw some very nice racing out there.”

Speedway of Nations
Speedway of Nations 2019

The Monster Energy SON now moves to Manchester’s National Speedway Stadium for Race Off 2 next Saturday, as Great Britain tackle Australia, Denmark, USA, France, Finland and Latvia.

Monster Energy Son Race Off 1 Scores

  • SWEDEN 25:
    • 1 Fredrik Lindgren 18, 2 Peter Ljung 6, 3 Peter Hjelmland 1.
  • POLAND 24:
    • 1 Patryk Dudek 7, 2 Bartosz Zmarzlik 15, 3 Bartosz Smektala 2.
  • GERMANY 20:
    • 1 Kai Huckenbeck 8, 2 Martin Smolinski 11, 3 Michael Hartel 1.
    • 1 Vaclav Milik 16, 2 Eduard Krcmar 2, 3 Jan Kvech 1.
  • SLOVENIA 19:
    • 1 Matej Zagar 13, 2 Matic Ivacic 4, 3 Nick Skorja 2.
  • UKRAINE 10:
    • 1 Andrii Rozaliuk 0, 2 Stanislav Melnychuk 8, 3 Marko Levishyn 0.
  • ITALY 9:
    • 1 Nicolas Covatti 9, 2 Paco Castagna 0, 3 Michele Menani 0.
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Woffinden and Doyle to Clash his Weekend

World Champions Tai Woffinden and Jason Doyle will go head-to-head this weekend at the Monster Energy FIM Speedway of Nations Race Off 2 in Manchester where the Brits and Aussies are up against Denmark, USA, Latvia, France and Finland with three places up for grabs for the SON Finals at the Russian race track Togliatti on July 20 and 21.

Jason Doyle leading heat one at the Melbourne FIM Speedway GP 2017 - Image by Colin Rosewarne
Jason Doyle Speedway GP – Image by Colin Rosewarne

Reigning world No.1 Woffinden captains the Lions on home shale in his first racing appearance in the UK since becoming the first Brit to win three world titles last October while 2017 World Champion Doyle leads the Australian challenge.

The top three teams in Manchester join last weekend’s SON Race Off 1 qualifiers Sweden, Poland and Germany along with hosts and defending champions Russia at the Finals in Togliatti.

Race Off 2 Squads & Line-Ups (In Draw Order):

    • 1 Jason Doyle (captain), 2 Max Fricke, U21 Jaimon Lidsey.
    • Also in squad: Chris Holder, Jordan Stewart (U21).
    • 1 Timo Lahti (captain), 2 Tero Aarnio, U21 Timi Salonen.
    • Also in squad: Jesse Mustonen, Niklas Sayrio (U21).
    • 1 Andzejs Lebedevs (captain), 2 Jevgenijs Kostigovs, U21 Olegs Mihailovs.
    • 1 Niels-Kristian Iversen (captain), 2 Leon Madsen, U21 Frederik Jakobsen. Also in squad: Michael Jepsen Jensen, Patrick Hansen (U21).
    • 1 Tai Woffinden (captain), 2 Craig Cook, U21 Robert Lambert.
    • Also in squad: Chris Harris, Daniel Bewley (U21).
    • 1 David Bellego (captain), 2 Dimitri Berge, U21 Gaetan Stella.
  • USA:
    • 1 Austin Novratil, 2 Luke Becer (captain), U21 Broc Nicol.
    • Also in squad: Ricky Wells.
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WESS Kicks off this Weekend

After a successful debut as a series in 2018, the opening round of the 8-round World Enduro Super Series (WESS) kicks off in Portugal this weekend with the Toyota Porto Extreme XL Lagares which is now in its 15th edition where the three-day race showcases Superenduro, Urban and Hard Enduro.

WESS set for action this weekend
WESS returns this weekend!

Defining its parameters for 2019, WESS will feature Classic Enduro, Hard Enduro and Cross-Country racing, while mixing a variety of iconic events and new venues together to create the perfect blend of Enduro racing.

From Portugal defending champion Billy Bolt and the rest of the WESS contenders will criss-cross Europe to take on some of the most iconic and challenging off-road events in France, Austria, Italy, Romania, UK, Spain and Germany – below is the official calendar.

World Enduro Super Series – 2019 Calendar

  • Round 1: Extreme XL Lagares (Portugal) May 10-12
  • Round 2: Trèfle Lozérien AMV (France) May 17-19
  • Round 3: Erzbergrodeo Red Bull Hare Scramble (Austria) May 30-June 2
  • Round 4: Classic Enduro (Italy) TBA
  • Round 5: Red Bull Romaniacs (Romania) July 30-August 4
  • Round 6: Hawkstone Park Cross Country (United Kingdom) September 21-22
  • Round 7: Solsona Enduro (Spain) October 5-6
  • Round 8: GetzenRodeo (Germany) November 2-3

Weekly update on our Aussies abroad

Jed Beaton – Rockstar Husqvarna

Championship: World MX2 Motocross Championship
Current Standing: 13th after Round 4 of 17
Notes: Jed rode the Dutch Masters of Motocross last weekend and came away with a solid 6th so he is primed and ready for the MXGP of Lombardi in Italy this weekend.

MXGP Rnd Trentino Jed Beaton
Jed Beaton

Mitch Evans – 114 Honda

Championship: World MX2 Motocross Championship
Current Standing: 8th after Round 4 of 17
Notes: Mitch sensationally started the season with a podium finish but since then it has been a bit of a roller coaster with great speed let down by two mechanical DNFs. The next round will be the MXGP of Lombardi in Italy this coming weekend.

MXGP Rnd Britain Mitch Evans
Mitch Evans

Tayla Jones – Rockstar/Husqvarna/Moose Racing/Shaw Wines

Championship: GNCC
Current Standing: 1st after Round 5 of 13
Notes: Tayla won the latest round in Indianapolis on May 5 and has extended her points lead in the WXC class to 11 over second placed Becca Sheets.

ISDE Tayla Jones ImageSarahKinrade
Tayla Jones – Image by Sarah Kinrade

Caleb Grothues – SDM Corse Yamaha

Championship: EMX250
Current Standings: 16th after Round 2 of 8
Notes: The former Australian and World Junior Motocross Champion rode well at the opening round but was forced to sit out the second round due to injury but the West Aussie should be back for the next round in France on the 26th of May.

Hunter Lawrence – Geico Honda

Championship: AMA Motocross Championship
Current Standings: TBA
Notes: Hunter was looking sharp heading into the supercross championship before he crashed right before the opening round so he is now healed and by all accounts 100% ready for the outdoors which kicks off at Hangtown on May 18.

MXoN Lawrence MX JK MXON Cover
Hunter Lawrence – Hoppenworld Image

Jett Lawrence – Geico Honda

Championship: TBA
Current Standings: TBA
Notes: Jett joined the Geico Honda amateur program for 2019 and to date he has raced a handful of events like the Mini-Os etc – as soon as he races and there are results it will be right here.

ADAC Youngsters Cup Jett Lawrence
Jett Lawrence

Tahlia ‘TJ’ O’Hare – KTM DIGA Racing Team

Championship: MXW World Motocross Championship
Current Standings: 13th after Round 1 of 5
Notes: Tahlia’s initiation into the world motocross scene was at the toughest track on the circuit in Valkenswaard but she managed to get through with a solid 13th but look for TJ to move up the points standings at the second round in Portugal on May 19.

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Chad Reed – JGR Suzuki

Championship: AMA Supercross
Current Standing: 15th after Round 17 of 17
Notes: Chad was part of a multi bike crash at Seattle when he was sitting 7th in the championship and after the series was completed the Aussie still ended up 15th in the points – we now hold out hopes that Chad will line up for the AMA Motocross Championships.

AMA SX Rnd Reed JK SX Seattle
Chad Reed – Image by Hoppenworld

Wil Ruprecht – Johansson MPE Yamaha

Championship: EnduroGP – Junior Class
Current Standing: 2nd after Round 2 of 7.
Notes: Wil once again proved his world class riding ability at Valpaços in Portugal last weekend with a 2nd and a 4th over the two days of competition where some of the veterans of the sport declared it one of the toughest events in recent history.

EnduroGP JohanssonMPE Wil Ruprecht fotoCarolineJoelsson
Wil Ruprecht – Image by Caroline Joelsson

Meghan Rutledge – Bud Racing Kawasaki

Championship: MXW World Motocross Championship
Current Standings: 8th after Round 1 of 5
Notes: Meghan sat out the World Championships for four years and her first round was marred with some minor mistakes but there was no mistaking her speed so look for Meghan to have a much better round in Portugal on the 19th of May.

MXGP Rnd Netherlands Rutledge
Meghan Rutledge

Josh Strang – Babbitt’s Online/Monster Energy/Kawasaki

Championship: GNCC / AMA Enduro
Current Standing: 6th after Round 5 of 13
Notes: Josh ended the ‘X Factor Whitetails’ at Peru near Indianapolis in a disappointing 13th outright but he still sits 6th overall in the series with 8 rounds remaining.

ISDE Day Josh Strang
Josh Strang

Mackenzie Tricker – KTM/MEPMX/Fly Racing

Championship: GNCC
Current Standing: 3rd after Round 5 of 13
Notes: Mackenzie ended the ‘X Factor Whitetails’ at Peru near Indianapolis in 9th place which is her poorest performance in years but she still sits third in points with 8 rounds remaining and my bet is still for the former motocross champion to pull off a win this season.

FIM ISDE Vina del Mar Day Mackenzie IMGDarioAgrati
Mackenzie Tricker – Image by Dario Agrati

Max Whale – Weirbach Racing Kawasaki

Championship: AFT Singles
Current Standings: 10th after Round 4 of 18
Notes: Max scored a disappointing 16th at the Super TT in Arizona last weekend thanks to still feeling the effects of the previous weekend’s big crash but he still sits 10th in the points with plenty of rounds left to prove his worth.

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Source: MCNews.com.au