Replica of first Harley-Davidson in historic sale

A replica of the first Harley-Davidson motorcycle ever made is being offered in a sale of historic motorcycles through Heroes Motors in Los Angeles.

The genuine first Harley sits in a glass case in the Harley museum in Milwaukee and would cost millions.Historic Harley

This replica of the 1905 model is a comparatively cheap $US120,000 (about $A180,000).

It was made in the mid-1990s by a group of artisans who ensured it was technically correct.

They included such details as the early engine’s case studs, and the thread and pitch of various fittings.

The engine has never been started but was planned to be fully operable.Historic Harley

Cosmoline has been applied to the internals to protect the finishes from the expected long-term storage in a collection or museum.

The bike is one of several historic models being offered by the prestige LA motor showroom.

Historic trike

Another is a 120-year-old De Dion-Bouton tricycle built by Jules-Albert de Dion who won the world’s first motor race, in 1894, run over a distance of 122km from Paris to Rouen. He was actually the only entrant!

This original 1900 De Dion-Bouton tricycle showing VIN 157 and engine No. 15568 comes from Sweden, where it is the oldest street-legal registered bike.

It features a 2.75hp motor, correct and original mechanical details and will set you back a whopping $US145,000 (about $A218,000).

1904 IndianHistoric Indian

Heroes Motors also have a 1904 Indian Hedstrom Camelback for sale at $US90,000 (about $A135,500).

It is essentially the same bike that Oscar Hedstrom built to show George Hendee as the first prototype for the fledgling Hendee Manufacturing Company in 1901.

This clean, black example of the early Indian models features the famed “Hedstrom Improved Carburetor” on the 260cc single-cylinder motor that serves as a stressed member of the cycle’s frame.

The direct-drive chain Indian used from the start was more reliable than the tensioned leather belts of other cycles.


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