Police drop charge against rider

Police prosecution have dropped charges against an army veteran rider who claimed he was assaulted by police at a March 2018 charity ride.

Michael “Magic” Parr faced a charge of not obeying the direction of police for this incident caught on video.

It occurred at Woodenbong on March 3 on the 26th annual Good as Gold ride.

The video shows Magic Parr being confronted by Senior Constable Murphy of the NSW Police Strike Force Raptor.

The hearing was scheduled for April 2019 in Kyogle Local Court, but police prosecution contacted him to say they would not proceed. No reasons have been given.

At the time, Magic made a formal complaint to police of alleged unlawful assault when the officer shoved him.

However, NSW Police Force Professional Standards Unit rejected the complaint, saying the officer’s shove was a “single approved check drill in accordance with his training”.

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Police Harassment charity ride profiling charge

“Police policing their own is an endemic problem,” Magic says.

“There needs to be an external body to handle complaints about police.

“People are being abused and give up making complaints because they know it will not go anywhere.

“Now police feel they can do anything they like.”

Magic says had been looking forward to his day in court.

Handlebar defect

Magic also successfully fought a handlebar defect notice issued at the charity ride.

“The judge found in my favour and was critical of police methods for measuring handlebar heights,” Magic says.

“The judge said their methods were inherently inaccurate as it needs to be done under strict guidelines to ensure the measurements are accurate.”

When Magic arrived at Kyogle Court last year, he was immediately approached by Murphy who asked to see his licence.

“He also checked my bike again,” Magic says.

Veteran assault charge
Magic on his Harley

Murphy appeared in court as a support witness to the officer who issued all the defect notices on the day.

“So anyone who had bar height infringements, especially if close to the allowed range, are probably inaccurate and wrong and they should fight them.

“However, most people can’t afford the time off work to go to court and just pay the fine and move on.

Police Harassment charity ride charges charge
The ride was roadblocked

“The whole purpose of Strikeforce Chapel on the day was to stop the ride by whatever means.

“I believe the (measurement) error was deliberate.”

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

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