Pirelli Angel GT II Sport-Touring Tire First Look

Pirelli announced the next generation of its sport-touring line of motorcycle tires with the new Angel GT II. A refined compound, new tread pattern, and revised carcass promise unparalleled performance for a wide range of riders. Considering how good the original Angel GT performed (it’s been a part of Pirelli’s motorcycle tire lineup for more than six years), its successor has some serious shoes to fill.

Sport-touring is a demanding segment for tires. A set needs to be capable of handling sporty rides, so be nimble with reliable grip throughout. But they also need to have longevity, and the ability to perform when the weather turns. Pirelli promises it all with the Angel GT II.

That’s owing to a variable cord end count carcass and high-silica compound. Combined with a new tread pattern which owes its roots to the intermediate race tires used in World Superbike, the Angel GT II aims to deliver confidence and competence in spades.

Pirelli highlights the new Angel GT II’s strength in straight-line stability and durability along with smooth transitions from side to side. That goes for both dry and wet conditions too. The Angel GT II is also touted as being ideal for riders on machines with sophisticated electronics, things like traction control or cornering ABS, where grip can be affected by changes beyond throttle control or road conditions.

The Angel GT II is recommended for a diverse range of segments as a result, in Pirelli’s estimation. That includes large, luxury touring and adventure riders as well as urban-focused or more casual, weekend riders.

The size range backs up that assertion, with a large selection of sizes for an expansive array of machines. Below is the complete run as of the announcement.

120/60ZR-17 M/C TL (55W)
120/70ZR-17 M/C TL (58W)
120/70ZR-17 M/C TL (58W) (A)
110/70R-17 M/C TL 54H
120/70R-19 M/C TL 60V

140/70R-17 M/C TL 66H
150/70ZR-17 M/C TL (69W)
160/60ZR-17 M/C TL (69W)
170/60R-17 M/C TL 72V
170/60ZR-17 M/C TL (72W)
180/55ZR-17 M/C TL (73W)
180/55ZR-17 M/C TL (73W) (A)
190/50ZR-17 M/C TL (73W)
190/50ZR-17 M/C TL (73W) (A)
190/55ZR-17 M/C TL (75W)
190/55ZR-17 M/C TL (75W) (A)

Source: MotorCyclistOnline.com

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