New Gear: Arai RAM-X Open-Face Helmet

Arai RAM-X open face helmet
Arai RAM-X in Aluminum Silver. Image courtesy Arai.

The RAM-X is a new premium open-face touring helmet from Arai, which means no corners were cut and protection is number one. Under the composite shell is a one-piece, multi-density EPS liner that is designed to best absorb and distribute the force of an impact. Arai’s testing has shown that the smaller the impact area, the firmer the liner needs to be in order to absorb that impact. Therefore it used firm foam around the smallest impact areas of the forehead and the base of the head, the softest foam at the large crown area and medium density in between.

Inside is a removable/washable/sizeable liner and the RAM-X features the same free-flowing ventilation as the top-of-the-line Corsair-X race helmet. With all three top vents open, plus the two forehead vents, the RAM-X flows tons of air, thanks partly to the seven exhaust vents. The included Pinlock-ready face shield gives excellent coverage, with improved, easier-to-use shutter forehead vents, and the Pro Shade sun visor system is a clever alternative to an integrated drop-down sun shield. Put the Pro Shade in its fully upright position and it functions like the peak of an ADV helmet, partly closed it’s perfect for late afternoon sun and fully closed it covers almost as much of the clear shield as a regular full-face helmet visor. The RAM-X is available in several colors in sizes XS-2XL spread over three shell sizes, starting at $679.95.

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Arai RAM-X open face helmet
We got a chance to test out the new RAM-X on a day ride with the Arai team. Photo by Simon Cudby.


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