New Dream Motorcycles We Wish Existed

The Varese, Italy, marque is best known for its three- and four-cylinder machines, with which it won 37 constructor’s championships. In the late 1950s, chasing higher revs, MV briefly campaigned a six-cylinder 350 and a 500 to little success. Today, as MV moves toward financial stability and is developing a new four-cylinder platform, the failed six-cylinder experiment is probably the furthest thing from its mind. But for those of us with peripatetic imaginations, a Varese-built open-class bike with a rev limit as high as the nearby sacred mounts is enough to inspire a daydream we’d be happy to get lost in for a while. But to be honest, a new four-cylinder motor is enough to titillate, so when that comes along, no doubt it will satiate our silver and red dreams.


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