Mentorship program for Spyder women

Forget about Spiderman, watch out for Spyder women as the roadster company introduces a mentorship program to get more women riding.

Although there are slightly more women in the world than men, they represent only 10-20% of riders, depending on country.

For the motorcycle industry to thrive, they need to reach out to this under-represented group.

Mentorship program

That is exactly what the Can-Am Women’s Mentorship Program is doing.

Company spokeswoman Amelie Forcier tells us the inclusivity and education program is designed and led by women to inspire more women to overcome the barriers that prevent them from riding.

“Our mentors are an incredible group of inspiring women with diverse backgrounds and levels of riding experience,” she says.

“The Women’s Mentorship Program is for female riders around the world. We have had members from Australia and New Zealand join our Facebook group.”

In the US, women can also go through their Can-Am Rider Education Program for as little as $US50 (more details on the promo here).

Ryker attracts

Meanwhile, the entry level three-wheeled Can-Am Ryker is proving a “hit” with women, says Can-Am On-Road Australian PR Brian Manning.

While women riders are about 10-12% of the Australian riding population, 25% of Ryker owners are women.

The Ryker comes in three versions: a LAMS 600cc version for $A14,899 (standard colour); a 900cc version at $A17,299 (standard colour); and a 900cc off-road Rally Edition at $A18,999 (ride away prices).Can-Am Ryker

Brian says Australia’s Learner-Approved Motorcycle Scheme has provided the company with an opportunity for new riders, especially women, to own a Ryker.

“That is why 60% of sales are the 600cc model,” he says.

Females love the ease of use and the customisation.”

Training focus

Brian says they have had a focus on rider training in North America and have plans to extend to other countries.

So far more than 20,000 people have gone through Can-Am Rider Education at 193 riding schools in North America.

Brian says about half are female.

“We are implementing a training program in NZ similar to what has been done in North America,” he says.


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