Longhaulpaul Raises $18,500 for MS Charity on Yamaha Star Venture

Longhaulpaul Paul Pelland Yamaha Star Venture
Longhaulpaul (Paul Pelland) ran his 2018 Yamaha Star Venture on a dyno for 24 hours to raise funds for an MS charity and set his third world record.

Paul Pelland,
also known as Longhaulpaul, set his third world record by riding a 2018 Yamaha
Star Venture for 24 straight hours on a dynamometer, while raising $18,500 for the
multiple sclerosis charity MS Views and News, Inc.

“Nonstop to Nowhere” event was broadcast live on Facebook in a telethon-style
fundraiser as Pelland rode his Yamaha Star Venture at freeway speeds on a
dynamometer for 24 straight hours with no rest breaks or stops, traveling an
estimated 1,674 miles.

The event
offered a variety of entertainment including Pelland playing guitar, eating
bugs and raffling off $3,600 worth of prizes, all while seated on the Star
Venture. Thousands of viewers from around the world tuned in throughout the
broadcast, with hundreds of donors contributing $18,500 to MS Views and News,
funding educational programs for people living with multiple sclerosis.

Longhaulpaul Paul Pelland Yamaha Star Venture
Longhaulpaul with his Yamaha Star Venture somewhere on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

After being
diagnosed with MS himself, Paul began a million-mile journey raising awareness
and funds as he toured the United States on two motorcycles Yamaha donated to
the cause—first a Super Ténéré adventure bike, followed by a Star Venture
touring bike. After 6 years, he has ridden 350,000 miles, raised $150,000 for
charity and has shared his inspirational story with over 250 audiences across
the country.

Donations for this event are still being collected at https://www.longhaulpaul.com/nonstop-to-nowhere/donate-live.

For more about Longhaulpaul, his fundraisers, or this event, visit longhaulpaul.com. Follow his journey on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram @longhaulpaul.

Source: RiderMagazine.com

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