Honda Africa Twin CRF1100 photos leaked

Leaked photos of the upcoming Africa Twin CRF1100 show the two variants to be unveiled on Monday at the AIMExpo motorcycle show in Ohio, USA.

Honda has also released a second teaser video which only shows the model’s new LED headlights and extra LED riding lights.

Meanwhile, black-and-white photos of the standard and Adventure models have been leaked which provide a lot more details.

However, they don’t provide any clues about the expected engine from 998cc to a longer-stroke 1084cc.

The bigger engine capacity will make it more competitive with the BMW, Ducati, KTM and Triumph adventurers.

Performance is expected to increase slightly from 70kW to 75kW, but weight may also be up from 243kg to about 250kg.

It is not expected to have direct injection as Honda has only recently applied for that patent, albeit with a drawing of an Africa Twin.

The bigger engine will meet the coming tough Euro5 emissions regulations and be 3dB quieter.

Leaked photos

2020 Honda Africa Twin standard and Adventure leaked

What the leaked photos do show, apart from some subtle styling changes, is that the standard model has been stripped down a little.

It now has a smaller bash plate, flatter seat, less rear bodywork, a shorter windscreen and spoked wheels with tubed tyres.

The standard also doesn’t feature any pannier mounts, so this is obviously a lighter and more adventurous model.

2020 Honda Africa Twin standard and Adventure leaked

Meanwhile, the Adventure model looks set for more adventure touring.

2020 Honda Africa Twin standard leaked

It has a taller windscreen, the extra LEDs, bigger fuel tank, bigger bash plate, pannier mounts, possibly a lower seat and cross-spoked wheels with tubeless tyres.

They are also expected to get a new horizontal TFT display with Bluetooth connectivity and a bolt-on subframe.


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