Theres a New Arai in Town

We can’t help it, we get excited about new gear even after all these years – and a new Arai helmet, handmade in the land of the rising sun, is always big news. Same intermediate oval shape, says Arai, same attention to detail and quality – in a new shell that’s more comfortable and easier to get on and off the old cabeza.


Arai Press Release:


Arai Americas: The true measure of a helmet on a day-to-day basis is comfort. No distractions from noise, buffeting, or pressure points. When a helmet provides the ultimate in comfort, you are free to focus on everything around you, and the pure joy of riding.

The all-new Arai Regent-X is designed to isolate you from distractions with the kind of comfort only Arai can deliver. Built with the same protection as our flagship Corsair-X model, the Regent-X features a new interior for both comfort and ease of taking it on and off.
By subtly reshaping the shell—specifically the hyper-ridge in the jawline area—Arai made the helmet even easier to take on and off.
The Regent-X features our latest Facial Contour System (FCS) cheek pad design—articulating pads that move up and down when you put on and take off the helmet, then wrap around your face to provide a comfortable and snug fit that also reduces noise. These pads also feature recessed pockets for easy speaker installation, and provide the room needed to prevent the speakers from putting pressure on your ears for maximum comfort.
The Regent-X uses Arai’s newly developed Peripherally Belted Complex Laminate Construction shell. For the Regent-X, a new resin was developed that’s more cost effective, but does not add weight or compromise protection.
Born from Arai’s exclusive Formula One helmet technology, the Peripherally Belted Complex Laminate Construction shell is developed to be both light and strong. The upper edge of the eye port is reinforced with Arai’s Peripheral Belt, custom woven in-house with proprietary super fibers to increase shell strength without adding thickness or weight.
A one-piece multi-density liner, tuned with varying densities according to the position and volume of each given area within each shell size, provides protection where it’s needed most, and allows Arai to make a compact helmet that puts protection first, and is as aerodynamic and light as possible.

The Regent-X also features:

– Expanded Hyper-Ridge in the chin and cheek area by 5mm for greater protection
– New neckroll design to reduce weight
– Removable perimeter liner and cheek pads
– Custom fitting with optional cheek pad sizes
– Soft brushed nylon fabric interior for incredible comfort

The Regent-X, along with all Arai models available in North America, meets or exceeds the SNELL M2020 standard, but only after they all first satisfy Arai’s stringent in-house criteria.

A word about Glancing Off

When it comes to impact absorption ability, there is a limit to how much any helmet can absorb, regardless of any manufacturing technique employed, due to the limited space between the shell and the rider’s head available to manage impact energy. In a motorcycle impact, the forces can often far exceed our imagination, so it is important to maximize all aspects of the helmet design. Arai’s strong, round and smooth shell helps to reduce how much impact energy gets into the helmet. All Arai helmets have glancing off technology, including the new Regent-X. Arai makes continual efforts to improve our helmets’ glancing off ability in the pursuit of gains in head protection.

The Regent-X has an Intermediate Oval interior shape and will be available in early to mid-December in a variety of graphics.

Colors: White, Black Frost, Gun Metallic Frost, Modern Gray, Code Red and Code Yellow

Graphic: Sensation Blue, Red and Yellow
MSRP: Solids $559.95, Sensation $689.95

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