HJC Announces The New i10 Street Helmet

HJC has introduced a new street helmet to replace the popular CL-17.

Begin press release:

Calling all street helmet fans! Built to replace the CL-17, one of HJC’s best sellers, the i10 is here to take the streets by storm. This brand-new helmet enhances all of your favorite features for the ultimate ride, no matter the occasion.

Whether you’re enjoying a relaxing sunset ride or getting ready for a new work-week on your morning commute, the i10 is your new go-to helmet. This helmet brings a new level of performance to the HJC line up including an advanced polycarbonate shell for a compact, modern design. Riders will enjoy an extended overall view each time they take the i10 for a spin so you’re always ready for what’s waiting behind each turn.

HJC’s i10 was designed for the everyday bad-ass, for the riders who turn even ordinary tasks into extraordinary adventures. Because convenience is key, we’ve made maintenance easy by replaceable vent covers with simple, snap on top vents. A maximized ventilation system circulates air 3 times more efficiently while the mouth vent has been designed to boost defogging performance.

The i10 is Bluetooth compatible with SmartHJC. Available in sizes XS-3XL, SNELL and standard DOT approved.

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