Free software upgrade and app for Indian

Indian Motorcycle has one of the best audio and infotainment systems on a motorcycle and it has just got better with a free software upgrade and phone app.

The new software will allow riders to plan their trip on their desktop computer with up to 100 waypoints then send it remotely to their bike’s infotainment system.

It will also allow riders to share their planned or completed rides on Facebook.

The app can be downloaded for free in the Apple Store and Google Play.

Ride Command is available on the current and 2019 Chieftain and Roadmaster models. It will also be available on the FTR 1200 S when it is released next year.

Indian FTR 1200 base and S model
S model with Ride Command

New models will come with the software upgrade already installed.

Software upgrade

Owners can update their current system at their local dealership or by downloading the software to a USB drive at the Ride Command Page then plugging into their bike’s system.Indian ride command software upgrade

The page also acts as a platform for riders to plan and share rides. Currently it is an American page, but Indian Motorcycle Australia spokesman Chris Gale says they are working on developing the app and website for Aussie riders.

“The new app has been developed in North America and some of the website/app information and functionality is only available in that region,” web says.

“We are working to localise the app for the Australian market.” 

Meanwhile, Australian riders can still use the app to download software updates, plan and track rides then download them onto their Indian Motorcycle.

Owners can also upgrade their Ride Command system by downloading the free 2018 map updates on the Ride Command Page or at their dealer.

Ride Command system

Indian’s Ride Command system has a 7-inch touchscreen that is glove sensitive. We’ve tested it with thick winter gloves and it works perfectly, including the pinch-and-pull motion to zoom in and out like on a smartphone.

2017 Indian Roadmaster Ride Command infotainment system
2017 Indian Roadmaster Ride Command infotainment system

The system has a split screen so you can display a host of different information art the same time, or you can toggle through screens that show navigation, vehicle data, audio entertainment and phone call information.

Vehicle data includes fuel, oil, tyre pressure, battery charge and service reminders. American riders using the app can also now log their maintenance. The app has not yet been adapted for Australian use.


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