Forcite Helmets seek test pilots

Australian motorcycle helmet startup Forcite is looking for riders to act as test pilots for their ultralight but ultra-hi-tech smart helmet.

The smart helmet revolution is coming with several hi-tech helmets or add-on units hitting the market in the next few years, changing riding forever. 

Not to be outdone by Silicon Valley and Asian tech wizards Michael Drysdale of Forcite Helmets in Sydney is working on a helmet that will include a lot of technology.

If you would like to be a test pilot, simply click here and request to join up.

Forcite helmetForcite smart helmet

The carbon helmet will have an integrated camera system, navigation, intercom and active noise-cancelling.

Their custom camera system is based on body-worn video used by the defence force.

They also claim Forcite has developed “a totally new way to navigate, get alerts and locate Police and speed camera’s through a combination of software and hardware technology”.Forcite smart helmet

Forcite helmets will include an electronically tinted visor that changes tint within a few milliseconds.

It sounds similar to the AGVisor system that changes tint in less than a second at the touch of a button.

Valentino Rossi with his special Pista GP helmet with AGVisor tinted visor forcite
Valentino Rossi with his special Pista GP helmet with AGVisor

The helmet is made of ultralightweight carbon fibre composite “unique to the Forcite range”.

They claim it will be lighter than most standard helmets even though it is equipped with a huge amount of technology.

“It has taken us three years of work to learn how to make this possible with the entire electronics package less than the size of a credit card,” he says.Forcite smart helmet


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