Daytona Bike Week, Dakar Rally And Tampa Ramp Up Motorcycle Safety

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Over the past five years in Australia, there has been an average of 208 motorcycle deaths per year, according to the Transport Accident Commission. As such, it was imperative to have new regulations in place to promote motorcycle safety, and the sentiment to ramp up motorcycle-rider safety is clearly shared across the world. Motorcycle events in America and Saudi Arabia are increasing their efforts to prevent motorcycle-related incidents.

Daytona Beach’s Bike Week

Daytona Beach, Florida’s 79th Annual Bike Week which is now on until 15 March 2020. With an estimated half a million attendees expected, the Daytona Beach Police Department has ramped up its efforts to educate would-be attendees and locals about detours, parking and heavy congestion areas. These reminders are all aimed at reducing the level of personal injury and accidents during the 10-day event, which may otherwise require legal representation and medical care. The authorities firmly remind local and foreign attendees that they may consider public parking areas restricted to focus on pedestrian safety assistance.

Dakar Rally Safety Measures

This year’s Dakar Rally in Saudi Arabia saw fatalities when dirt biker Paulo Goncalves and Edwin Straver met with accidents at the event. In response to this, the governing body of the event, FIM, is aiming to enact new safety measures to reduce accidents and fatalities. Some of these measures include reducing the horsepower on allowed bikes, better course design, stronger road map provisions, and several others. There are also plans to introduce airbags into the event as an extra measure of safety in the event of crashes or collisions. FIM plans to test these new safety measures in the coming weeks and months to prepare for next year’s Dakar Rally.

Tampa Police Safety Courses

The Tampa Police Department in Florida has started a civilian motorcycle course called Tampa SMART. The SMART stands for Safe Motorcycle And Rider Techniques, according to Officer Roy Paz of the Tampa Police Department. This course is the culmination of efforts between the police, the Florida Department of Transportation, and the Motorcycle Coalition. The course aims to utilise the hands-on knowledge of motor officers and pass that knowledge and experience onto the public. The course includes street survival skills and practical application events. The course is open to everyone from new riders to experienced riders who need refresher training.
Given that the number of motorcycle enthusiasts around the world is constantly growing, safety is crucial. Having local authorities and major event organisers take an active role in promoting motorcycle safety carries a good message all-around. It will take some time to determine the effect of these efforts on lessening fatalities and accidents, but it is a step in the right direction.


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