Blacktrack Motors BT-03 Limited Edition Café Racer First Look

Luxembourg-based Blacktrack Motors has released a stunning special-edition café racer in the Blacktrack BT-03. It’s the third limited-run production model from the brand, and it makes use of a new Harley-Davidson Fat Bob 114 as its base and a late-’70s XLCR as its inspiration.

“The inception of the BT-03 style study came from a bike that marked my childhood,” Blacktrack founder and lead designer Sacha Lakic says. “The Harley-Davidson XLCR. Produced between 1977 and 1979, it was the only café racer in the history of Harley-Davidson, with only 3,133 units made. I was spellbound every time I saw one on the streets of Paris.”

This follows a similar pattern for the company, as it got its start creating the custom BT-01 from an ’80s era Honda CX500. The BT-02 took the Triumph Thruxton R and developed into a Norton Manx-styled machine dripping in nostalgia.

The previous two café customs were delicate compared to the BT-03. The massive 1,868cc V-twin blocks just about any view through the machine, hugged tight by an unchanged Fat Bob frame. The rear subframe, however, is a new aluminum piece designed by Blacktrack to seamlessly integrate the original frame to the custom seat and tailsection. The long fuel tank is also bespoke, as are the front fairing, front fender, triple clamps, foot controls, and cover plate for the shock out back.

There’s also premium leather used to construct the seat and an extremely low-profile red bubble windshield protecting the OEM speedometer.

Blacktrack fit Öhlins suspension front and back and uses Dymag forged aluminum wheels. Braking is handled by Beringer kit front and rear as well as Beringer levers and master cylinders. With all the changes, Blacktrack claims riders will get 36 degrees of lean on both left and right sides.

“The moment I saw the Fat Bob, I realized this was the ideal platform,” Lakic continues. “The Fat Bob is the most exciting Harley series to ride. The wheelbase is certainly a bit long, but the geometry is well thought out, and allows you to roll turns faster than any other Harley so far.”

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The new bike is quite a bit lighter than the stock Fat Boy thanks to all the new bits and pieces. The BT-03 tips the scales at 547 pounds, compared to 653 pounds in stock trim.

The custom stainless-steel exhaust, updated fuel mapping, and a new performance air filter bring out the best the engine has to offer. Blacktrack cites 105 hp and 120 pound-feet of torque from the tuned mill.

The BT-03 can be special ordered today, but purchasers will have to wait one year to get their hands on the bike. And you’ll need to move fast too, as Blacktrack indicates that only four units are planned for production.


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