Basic Motorcycle Safety Tips For Beginners

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Getting out on the blacktop and feeling the wind rushing all around your body is a dream come true for drivers of all ages. For beginners, riding a motorcycle is a thrill but also a challenge. Riding a motorcycle is very different from driving a car or even a bicycle, and requires much more attention and caution than you might expect.

Having heightened traffic awareness and sufficient riding skill can help you stay safer on the road. It’s not always the fault of a rider when an accident occurs, it can often be an issue of visibility when another driver on the road just doesn’t see you.

Besides avoiding dangerous daredevil behavior on the road, there are a few things that you need to know before getting on your new bike. Serious accidents can happen at any time, so if you want to avoid injuries and having to hire a team of motorcycle lawyers you need to know what you are doing before you hit the blacktop.


There are still some states that do not require you to wear a helmet when you are on a motorcycle. Even though it’s not a legal requirement, it is still the best way to protect yourself from devastating head injuries. You are five times more likely to end up with head injuries after a motorcycle crash when you choose not to wear a helmet. Find a helmet that fits well and is certified to be crash safe.

Motorcycle Gear

When you are driving a motorcycle there is nothing between you and the elements. In a car, you have plenty of safety features including air bags and a solid metal frame to help guard your body in the case of an accident. So, you need to protect yourself as well as you can on your own. Wearing leather gear including jackets, gloves and chaps can help save your skin, literally. When you crash, leather can help absorb some of the friction that can happen when your body hits the ground and prevent horrible road rash that can leave scars for years.

Obey All Laws

The rules of the road are designed to protect all drivers including cyclist. Keep your speed under the limit and respect all other drivers on the road. Following all traffic laws may not ultimately prevent all accidents but it can help you to stay visible and aware of everything going on around you. Driving a motorcycle is a privilege so don’t take advantage of that right by driving erratically or dangerously.

Defensive Driving

Motorcycles are not as easy to see on the road as larger vehicles, so it’s up to you to make sure that you are seen by other drivers on the road. Never assume that other vehicles have seen you and don’t take any chances. Use your proper signals and avoid randomly weaving in between lanes. Keep your headlights on at all times and stay out of the blind spots of other vehicles. You should always be aware of all the vehicles around you


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