A Woman’s Take: 2019 Indian FTR 1200 S First Ride Review

I was relieved to make it through the dirt and sand without any incidents, except a couple of low-speed tip-overs during U-turns for photo passes, but dropping a bike in dirt is far more common than on pavement, and the bike I dropped hardly showed any signs of it. Slow maneuvers in the dirt and sand were where the weight and height of the FTR felt the most obvious and challenging for my size and strength. By the end of the two days of riding, I had gotten used to the bike, and simply made small adjustments to my mental preparation when coming to a stop or taking off, to decide which foot I would place more weight on to balance the bike. If you are a fellow female rider, unless you’re taller or really used to taller, heavier bikes, I wouldn’t recommend this one. Regardless of gender, it will be a challenge for any rider with a 30-inch inseam or less, especially if they don’t already have years of riding experience under their belt. But, hey, if you’ve been itching for a flat-tracker made for the street and you have the coin, don’t let me be the one to deter you. It’s a fun bike worth looking into, and if you get the chance to test ride one, do it.

Source: MotorCyclistOnline.com

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