A few ringgit for a ride?

AND his manager gave him the fright of his life before telling him he’ll be a MotoGP™ rider in 2018: “I was preparing for 2018 to be more competitive in Moto2™. But I got a call from Razlan, the CEO of Sepang Circuit while I was cycling up a mountain, I took my phone but I wasn’t focussing on that, was just in case of emergency. So the phone was ringing many times so eventually I told my trainer Alex to stop, I thought there was a problem! I took the call and Razlan said ‘we have two news for you, which do you want to hear first?’ I said ‘bad news first….’ and he told me I wouldn’t race in Moto2™ in 2018. So I said, ‘WHAT?! Where will I go? Asian championship??’ He tried to play with me a while… I was already starting to feel down, so I asked him what the good news was. That’s when he told me I would ride in MotoGP™ for Tech3 Yamaha. I couldn’t believe it!”

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