Yamaha docked points for technical infringement

Overnight the FIM MotoGP Stewards Panel handed out penalties to Yamaha and their MotoGP Teams.

Yamaha have had 50-points removed from their tally in the World Championship Constructors standings.

Monster Energy Yamaha have had 20-points docked in World Championship Teams standings while Petronas SRT Yamaha have had 37-points removed.

The penalties have been imposed after Yamaha failed to respect the protocol which requires them to obtain uananimous approval for technical changes.

Yamaha had been on track for an easy victory in the Constructors Championship but the penalties have seen them demoted to third place and Ducati move into the lead.

The points for the riders are not affected in any way. That news prompted plenty of people to react but Marc Marquez summed it up perhaps the most succinctly via this tweet, although the google translate of ‘Tela marinera’ is not accurate in this instance, we understand that in English this indicates something along the lines of ‘consistency’ but can also be translated to indicate ‘tricky’, or ‘too much’, but it is a phrase that does not translate all that well into our language.

The points removed tally with those scored at Jerez. With Yamaha’s penalty double that of what they scored at the round, while the Teams were penalised the exact amount of points they scored.  Rumours abound that Yamaha changed the valves at that round in response to the failures their riders had recorded in the previous rounds but nothing official has been revealed thus far on that score.

As for the riders getting to keep their points, that could potentially bring on some protests by other teams or riders, as they were effectively, even if not knowingly, riding non-eligible motorcycles. This tale could still have some more twists and turns to take…

Amended World Championship Constructors standings

  1. Ducati – 171
  2. Suzuki – 163
  3. Yamaha – 158
  4. KTM – 143
  5. Honda – 117
  6. Aprilia – 36

Amended World Championship Teams standings

  1. Team Suzuki Ecstar – 242
  2. Petronas Yamaha SRT – 198
  3. Ducati Team – 180
  4. Red Bull KTM Factory Racing – 157
  5. Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP – 156
  6. Pramac Racing – 128

FIM Statement

Due to an internal oversight, Yamaha Motor Company failed to respect the protocol which requires them to obtain unanimous approval from MSMA for technical changes.

For this reason, Yamaha Motor Company have had 50 World Championship Constructor points withdrawn. This is double the points earned whilst not respecting the protocol required for technical changes.

Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP have had 20 World Championship Team points withdrawn. This is the points earned whilst not respecting the protocol.

Petronas Yamaha SRT have had 37 World Championship Team points withdrawn. This is also the points earned whilst not respecting the protocol.

Official Penalty Document Yamaha (click below to read)


Official Penalty Document Monster Energy Yamaha (click below to read)


Official Penalty Document Petronas SRT Yamaha (click below to read)


Source: MCNews.com.au

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