What I would like to see from KTM in 2021…

Trev’s Wish List for 2021

I am generally not one to muse about what may or may not happen in regards to future motorcycle models, instead I try to keep MCNews.com.au the place for Aussie motorcyclists to secure the facts, rather than clickbait conjecture or CGI mock-ups. 

But…..recently I found myself mulling about what I would like to see come forth from the loins of the motorcycle manufacturers in 2021 that might get me really excited. 

First cab off the rank in this series is KTM. 

KTM still persist with two-strokes long after the Japanese brands have discarded them as dirty and inefficient.

2019 KTM 300 EXC Six Days - TPI

2019 KTM 300 EXC Six Days - TPI

KTM completely reinvented their two-stroke engines in 2017 with counter-balanced cranks and fuel-injection. These engines have been further developed in the model years since with another generational change made for model year 2020

One glance at the enduro motorcycle sales charts in Australia (Link) suggests that KTM and their Husqvarna sibling brand are reaping great rewards from their decision to stick with two-strokes. 

The Austrians have now got their two-stroke enduro range to a point where they are remarkably efficient on both fuel and oil usage. 

The latest bikes even spin counter-balanced cranks that have done away with the old two-stroke curse of vibration.

Even in extreme lightweight enduro guise they have an oil tank that will last for more than six tanks of fuel. Sure the oil pump needs replacing every 100 hours or so but I am sure they could make an oil pump that lasts forever if they want to.

Enduro KTM EXC Engine Right

Enduro KTM EXC Engine Right

KTM 300 EXC engine

Likewise, I am sure the engineering smarts to avoid the piston and ring changes that are recommended around the same time are there to extend the service intervals to something much more palatable.

Where am I going with this…?

Two-stroke road bikes is where I am going with this…

Let’s have one last hurrah before the emissions legislation makes this possibility completely untenable.

Give us a sporting mid-capacity two-banger in a sexy set of plastics. Something svelte like the headline image, which actually features KTM’s four-stroke 250 cc road race machine, but could easily hide a ring-dinger behind those plastics instead…

Sure, trying to do this exact same thing 20 years ago sent Bimota to the wall, but there is no question that the knowledge and engineering skill in Mr Pierer’s Mattighofen manufacturing base is there right now to make this a viable reality.

If any CEO would be game to do it in this day and age then it would be KTM boss Pierer. Over to you Stefan…

Source: MCNews.com.au

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