WESTx1000 Releases Perpetual Motion Tejas

Our friends at Westx1000 have released the latest episode of their new travel show, Perpetual Motion Tejas. Take a load off, kick back and check it out. 

Begin Press Release: 

WESTx1000 Releases Second Episode of New Moto-Travel Show

Stetson, Steers and Lone Stars… Welcome to Tejas!

In the last four years, Justin and Kyra have ridden more than 60k miles, explored 15 countries and been lucky enough to see the world from behind the handlebar of a motorbike.

With the help of friend, filmmaker and fellow motorcyclist, Nathan Slabaugh, they’ve decided to create a new moto-travel series called #Perpetual_Motion. First, they toured Baja California. Now the duo finds themselves in the Lone Star State asking anyone who’ll listen why they’re so proud of being from Texas.

This episode is packed with insight and excitement as they shake hands with rodeo royalty, smoke cigars with a mystery man, dine on tacos, ribs and giant turkey legs, and seek guidance from Yoda.

Grab a seat and push play to see what a half-million-dollar steer looks like, if the pair can withstand a Texas-sized hail storm, whether Kyra can rope a dope, and to learn about the most iconic cowboy hat company in the world!

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