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Third Eye Design inView 2 Review
Third Eye Design inView2

Third Eye Design’s inView wireless helmet brake and turnsignal display device, which I’ve been using since 2019, has been significantly updated for 2024. As before, it offers riders enhanced conspicuity by mimicking the motorcycle’s brake and turnsignal lights on a remote wireless ultra-bright LED cluster, which attaches to the rear of the rider’s helmet. 

For 2024, the new InView2 design has been enhanced to include a Fresnal lens with 4x brighter LEDs, DOT-C2 reflective tape behind the lens that illuminates from a following vehicle’s headlights, and longer-life AA batteries. In addition, several other notable features are planned via an app refresh, due in Q4 of this year. 

Third Eye Design inView 2 Review

The system consists of three main components: the Transceiver Module, an LED Accessory Brake Light, and the aforementioned Helmet Receiver Unit (wireless LED cluster). Installation is relatively straightforward. We begin with the Transceiver Module, which has been fortified with better water protection, improved power conditioning, and more advanced electronics to accurately determine rider position. This module should be mounted in a relatively protected area, away from direct exposure to the elements. For reference as shown in Figure 1, there was plenty of room under the passenger seat on my 2019 BMW R 1250 RT test mule. Posi-Tap connectors are included to allow for wiring up 12 VDC power, as well as the power wires for brake lights, left turnsignal, and right turnsignal. Final mounting of the Transceiver Module is via included double-sided 3M foam tape, which has the added benefit of cushioning the device.  

The 2.25×0.25-inch LED Accessory Brake Light connects to the Transceiver Module’s 12VDC power out wires and is designed to mount using included double-stick tape facing straight back toward the rear of the motorcycle as shown in Figure 2. 

Third Eye Design inView 2 Review

The 4-ounce, 5×2.5-inch Helmet Receiver Unit mounts to the rear of the helmet using the included 3M Dual-Lock mounting tape as shown in Figure 3. It’s powered by two AA lithium batteries, which (depending on use) can last approximately three months in regular usage. The lens is available in either clear (shown) or red. 

From a user-friendliness perspective, once installed, the inView2 requires minimal attention. The Helmet Receiver Unit issues two short beeps, vibrations, and flashes when it “wakes up” and one short beep, vibration, and a flash when it goes to sleep, alerting the user that it is functioning normally. The module automatically performs diagnostics on itself, checking functionality, LEDs, orientation, and battery life, making this truly a “set it and forget it” type of installation. The InView2’s smartphone app allows for functionality testing, single button firmware upgrade, and tech support features. As of press time, the inView should work with any modern motorcycle, including those with CAN-bus. 

Third Eye Design inView 2 Review

Out on the road, I received many positive comments from other riders (and even car drivers), especially during night riding. The high, centered position of this unit made the brilliant LEDs really pop in the darkness. As a safety feature, I especially appreciated the integrated accelerometer, which automatically triggers the InView2’s brake lights during medium to aggressive downshifts, even without actuating the brakes. 

The inView2 is an intelligent device, and Third Eye Design is continually working on firmware updates and additional capabilities. The company is currently planning on a Q4 2024 rollout of a crash detection and emergency dialing feature, as well as a helmet-only mode that will allow the Helmet Receiver Unit to operate in the absence of the Transceiver Module. Third Eye Design is also currently working on a means of allowing the rider to measure acceleration, cornering, and braking metrics via the InView2 device, though there is no planned date for this yet as of press time. 

Overall, given its superb functionality and ease of use, I strongly recommend the InView2 to safety-minded motorcyclists who are looking for ways to enhance conspicuity – especially for night riders!  

It retails for $299.95. 

For more information, visit Third Eye Design’s website.

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