The 2019 Metzeler Calendar Is Now Available

Alongside the Metzeler Classic Calendar, now in its 25th Edition and celebrating with black and white shots of two wheel competition between the 60’s and 70’s, there is the thematic one titled “Ways of Cruising.”

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The METZELER brand is pleased to present the 2019 METZELER CALENDAR that, as per tradition, presents two versions. The Classic one, now in its 25th year, is celebrating two-wheeled competition between the 60’s and 70’s with black and white shots. The thematic one is entitled “WAYS OF CRUISING” and is dedicated to the custom cruiser world;a world which the German tire brand has always had a strong presence. 2019 will also see the debut of the new CRUISETEC™, a Custom Touring tire that optimizes the performance of V-Twins.

When it comes to tires, cruiser owners are historically very demanding and, although with different riding styles, these riders travel great distances enjoying the road. Their expectation for their tires is clear: they must offer reliability and confidence, regardless of road conditions, usage and weather.

The METZELER brand, known for being at the forefront of technology, offers the right choice for every rider with its custom tire range. Whether you ride the latest generation powerful cruiser and you want to perfect the performance of your machine, or you’re looking for a mileage-orientated tire with a wide variety of fitments, the new 2019 METZELER custom tire range delivers a product to meet every rider’s needs.

Whichever style a rider chooses, it’s important to enjoy the ride and the evocative imagery on the pages of “WAYS OF CRUISING”, which showcases innovative approaches and new styles within this segment alongside elements of classic cruising. The search for performance builds the bridge to the timeless charm of the CLASSIC calendar that brings to life the heroes of the past. From Barry Sheene, Angel Nieto and Börje Jansson (January-February) to Phil Read and Jarno Saarinen (May-June) and Giacomo Agostini (November-December), to name just a few, the calendar portrays them as they fight for those decisive fractions of seconds with bold decisions and tight curved lines to achieve victory.

METZELER is a brand of German origins producing motorcycle tires focused on quality and performance. Established in Munich more than 100 years ago, METZELER has always had the goal to continuously develop products on the cutting edge of technology to meet the needs and expectations of motorcyclists’ needs.The history of METZELER goes hand in hand with the history of the motorcycle. From the use of new materials and the development of innovative tread designs, to the introduction of advanced rubber compounds, the German brand is always at the forefront of technical development.

Created in 1994 as a special edition of the cult calendar Classic Moments, the METZELER Calendar quickly became popular, winning over a faithful following of enthusiasts thanks to its precious snapshots from the street and off road two-wheel world, in which METZELER has raced and been successful throughout the years.

The 2019 edition of the METZELER CALENDAR, realized in Italy on a creative project by HH Global of Bergamo, features 14 subjects, in the case of the Classic also accompanied by descriptions in English and German. The photos of the thematic calendar are by Ben Ott, Goetz Goeppert, Volker Rost and Tom O’Connor while those of the Classic version are part of the photo archive of Text & Technik Verlag in Weissach, Germany. The calendar has been printed front and rear in a limited edition of 6000 copies by Grafiche Antiga SpA on high quality paper and both covers are printed on glossy paper.

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