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I stumbled across this whilst Christmas shopping, and was about to AD TO CART when I decided to get an electric chainsaw and leaf blower instead. I’ve always kind of wanted a 576cc V-four two-stroke that makes 195 horsepower and weighs 280 pounds to ride casually around on MO’s semi-annual track days and whatnot, but I generally shy away from things that require you to inquire about pricing. Sounds expensive. Supposedly they’re only building 99 of them.

But this one’s USED, a crusty old 2017 model with 490 km on the clock! It’s time to drive a hard bargain. According to Roadracing World last year, the going rate was 128,000 Swiss Francs, which is just under $129,806.21 today. Will you take a custom 2000 R1 streetfighter in trade?

Built by the company founded by ex-GP star Eskil Suter, which was and is a supplier of the finest racing components, the Suter MMX500 is of course the real-deal version of the 500cc factory racers we loved and were terrified by as youths – but modernized with fuel injection and the latest in suspension, brakes, etc. What it does not have are the things I’ve grown to depend upon: traction control, lean-sensitive ABS, cruise control. Suter says its extra 76cc of displacement is part of the tuning it’s done to make things a bit less peaky, and therefore slightly more forgiving than the real deal. Good to know.

For more info, shoot a line to in Barcelona, Kaming, and tell them MO sent you. Maybe we get a kickback?

If you refuse to buy used, your North American contact for a new Suter is here.

(By the way, if you’re looking for work, speak German and wouldn’t mind relocating to Switzerland, Suter is hiring.)

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