Staring wins amazing ASBK Superbike R1 at The Bend

2019 ASBK
Round Three – The Bend
Race One Reports

ASBK Superbike Race One

Mike Jones had shown incredible pace during qualifying to take pole position but it was another rider on the grid readying for the opening ASBK Superbike race perhaps even more full of confidence.

Bryan Staring had earlier captured victory in the Asia Superbike 1000 Championship race. Staring had been filling on for Kawasaki Thailand’s injured Thitipong Warokorn in the Asia Superbike category and had to best the likes of Broc Parkes and Yuki Ito in order to claim that victory.

ASBK TBG ASBK Round The Bend Bryan Staring TBG
Bryan Staring won the Asia Superbike race for Team Kawasaki Thailand earlier in the afternoon – TBG Image

Staring had only qualified sixth in the ASBK ranks, and thus would start the 10-lap Australian Superbike race from the outside of the second row, but, as normal, he was the leading Dunlop rider. The Asia Superbike race had been 12-laps, and it was in the latter third of that race where Staring had managed to break away from Parkes.

While the more fancied Pirelli runners in ASBK always seem to have the one-lap and early race pace, generally Staring suffers less from tyre wear on his Dunlops as the races wear on, would that make the difference today..? Who would be the ones to go hard from the start and who would be the ones to play themselves in a little slower to make sure they have tyres left at the end of the race…

The lights went out at 1550 and it was ex-speedway star Arthur Sissis that pulled one of his familiar holeshots to lead the field through turn one as Falzon and Jones gave chase. Alex Phillis and Glenn Allerton then went down together which brought the red flag out. Phillis looked to have had some small touch with another rider which then sent him off onto a collision course with Allerton. Phillis had gone over to Allerton and saw that the three-time champ was in a lot of pain and looking to be suffering some sort of leg injury and put his hand up to signal that Allerton was in need of some assistance, and that saw the official produce the red flag.

While cruel to then talk tactics.. The minds of riders and teams immediately started pondering as to whether the re-start would be over the full ten-lap race distance, or whether it would be shortened a lap, as with tyre wear critical that could play a big part in deciding the results…

Reigning Champion Troy Herfoss complained of a slipping clutch when he returned to the grid, but his Penrite Honda Team could only perhaps make some tweaks to the cable adjuster to try and prevent the inevitable, and tell their rider to take it easy at the re-start in the hope that it might last race distance.

Officials eventually announced that the re-start would be run under a reduced nine-lap distance and that due to the lengthy delay riders would also run another warm-up lap.

Daniel Falzon got the holeshot at the re-start and tipped into turn one ahead of Mike Jones while Mark Chiodo had also made a blinder and actually moved through to the race lead a couple of turns into the race! He not only took the lead, he started to actually gap Jones and Falzon!

Bryan Staring was working his way forward and was ahead of Wayne Maxwell and Cru Halliday halfway through lap one.

Mark Chiodo though still held the race lead as they started lap two and led by eight-tenths of a second! Mike Jones was in second place, Falzon third and Staring fourth. Troy Herfoss had got past Cru Halliday to move up to sixth place as they got stuck into lap two.

Falzon was tussling with Staring as Maxwell, Herfoss, Halliday and Waters which was allowing Jones and Chiodo to break away. Maxwell though then came together at turn one with Falzon and went down. Falzon had pulled out of the slipstream to take the inside line and when Maxwell tipped in he found his flank full of a YRT machine wearing the #25, and it was Maxwell the one left sliding along the tarmac…

Mark Chiodo continued to lead but was steadily being reeled in by Mike Jones as the race wore on. It looked like a matter of time before Jones would pounce but Chiodo was not making it easy for him, doing an absolutely sensational job up front, continually lapping faster than everyone else on circuit, apart from Jones.

Chiodo and Jones were the only ones to have dipped into the 1m52s and by half race distance they held a 2.3-second advantage over third placed Bryan Staring but not for long… As the race wore on Staring reeled the leading duo in, Chiodo looked to have burned his tyre up now and was starting to slow up Jones.

Mike Jones took the lead with four laps to run but then ran wide, perhaps suffering some tyre woes of his own.. Their to pounce now though was Bryan Staring and it was the Western Australian who moved up to second place and took station on the rear cowl of Chiodo’s Penrite Honda.

Staring then took the lead and immediately started to pull away. Jones relegated Chiodo to third place and the #30 Honda then started to fall into the clutches of championship leader Cru Halliday. With three laps to go Chiodo had five-seconds on his team-mate, defending ASBK Superbike Champion Troy Herfoss. Lapped traffic was now also starting to come into play.

Cru Halliday was looking stronger than second place Jones. The rear of the Ducati was really starting to move around, while Halliday was looking smooth in contrast. That situation started to change somewhat though as Halliday pushed harder and harder in his quest to try and get past Jones, and the rear of the YZF-R1 also started to get a case of the Mr Squiggles…

Bryan Staring had gone though. As they started the last lap he had a five-second buffer over Jones and Halliday, that duo now had put plenty of distance between them and Chiodo, but in turn Chiodo’s fourth place looked safe.

Bryan Staring celebrated his victory with a fine stand-up wheelie across the finish line. Halliday hounded Jones through the final turns but did not enough left to mount a real challenge and Jones takes second place, Halliday third.

Mark Chiodo an absolutely sensational fourth place. Such a shame that the young Victorian did not get on the podium to celebrate but wow, what a performance, and one that nobody expected.

Something must have happened to Herfoss on the final lap as he lost that fifth place and eventually crossed the line in 12th place, a disaster for the defending champion, but still better than a DNF…

Thus Daniel Falzon took fifth placed ahead of Josh Waters and Glenn Scott.

ASBK Superbike Race One Results

  1. Bryan Staring – Kawasaki
  2. Mike Jones – Ducati +4.651
  3. Cru Halliday – Yamaha +4.845
  4. Mark Chiodo – Honda +8.322
  5. Daniel Falzon – Yamaha +15.203
  6. Josh Waters – Suzuki +15.319
  7. Glenn Scott – Kawsaki +17.965
  8. Matt Walters – Kawasaki +17.822
  9. Damon Rees – Honda +22.600
  10. Lachlan Epis – Kawasaki +22.977
  11. Arthur Sissis – Suzuki +23.432
  12. Troy Herfoss – Honda +28.753
  13. Ted Collins – BMW +29.536
  14. Sloan Frost – Suzuki +32.950
  15. Brendan McIntyre – Suzuki +36.011
  16. David Barker – Kawasaki +53.427
  17. Phil Czaj – Aprilia +57.622
  18. Evan Byles – Kawasaki +60.628
  19. Adam Senior – Yamaha +71.766
  20. Paul Van der Heiden – BMW +71.968

ASBK Superbike Championship Standings

  1. Cru Halliday 114
  2. Mike Jones 104
  3. Bryan Staring 100
  4. Troy Herfoss 100
  5. Josh Waters 95
  6. Daniel Falzon 81
  7. Wayne Maxwell 75
  8. Aiden Wagner 71
  9. Matt Walters 69
  10. Glenn Scott 65
  11. Mark Chiodo 57
  12. Glenn Allerton 56
  13. Ted Collins 49
  14. Alex Phillis 43
  15. Damon Rees 42

ASBK Supersport

ASBK Supersport 600 competitors did not turn a wheel at all on Saturday until their Q2 session at 1435. Tom Toparis had been on provisional pole thanks to his stunning lap yesterday afternoon in QP1, a 1m55.964, almost a full-second quicker than second placed Broc Pearson.

The rider that really needed to have a problem free run in Q2 was Nic Liminton, the local lad was quickest during the Thursday practice session but some rim-tyre problems during the opening qualifying session prevented him from making a competitive time in Q1. Liminton though quickly made amends with a 1m57.030 early in Q2 saw him on the front of the grid but then went out again later in the session to drop in a 1m56.140 to go P2 on combined times.

ASBK Rnd The Bend RbMotoLens SS Q Nic LIMINTON Leaving Pits
Nic Liminton exits pit-lane – Image by Rob Mott

In fact Liminton was actually more than two-tenths quicker than Toparis’ record lap at the second split but could not maintain that level of rage all the way to the flag.

ASBK TBG ASBK Round The Bend Nic Liminton TBG
Nic Liminton – TBG Image

Next time around though Liminton did go better again! Half-a-second quicker at the second and third splits… Could he keep it going all the way to the flag… No, he was baulked by a slower rider but he was on course for pole position, perhaps even a mid 1m55s, but we will never know…

Tom Toparis though had been putting in a string of fast laps as he worked on a set-up that would look after his tyres, and at the end of a reasonable length stint Toparis narrowly bettered his record lap from yesterday, down to 1m55.923, but then to underline his long-run pace he then bettered it again with a 1m55.798 as the session wound up. Despite the bursts of speed from Liminton it seemed clear that Toparis enjoys a clear edge over his competition here today.

ASBK Rnd The Bend RbMotoLens SS Q Tom TOPARIS
Tom Toparis – Image by Rob Mott

ASBK SSP600 Qualifying Combined Times

  1. Tom Toparis – Yamaha 1m55.798 Q2
  2. Nic Liminton – Yamaha 1m56.140 Q2
  3. Broc Pearson – Yamaha 1m56.867
  4. Reid Battye – Suzuki 1m57.403 Q2
  5. Luke Mitchell – Yamaha 1m57.729 Q2
  6. Aidan Hayes – Yamaha 1m58.184
  7. Oli Bayliss – Yamaha 1m58.382 Q2
  8. Avalon Biddle – Yamaha 1m58.929 Q2
  9. Dallas Skeer – Suzuki 1m59.120 Q2
  10. Zac Johnson – Yamaha 1m59.335 Q2
  11. Chris Quinn – Yamaha 1m59.371 Q2
  12. Rhys Belling – Yamaha 1m59.376 Q2
  13. Timothy Donnon – Suzuki 2m00.243 Q2
  14. Andrew Edser – Kawasaki 2m01.482
  15. Ben Liebig – Triumph 2m01.566 Q2
  16. Jack Passfield – Yamaha 2m01.977 Q2
  17. John Quinn – Triumph 2m03.384
  18. Bronson Pickett – Yamaha 2m05.247 Q2

ASBK SSP600 Race One

Tom Toparis led the field away late on Saturday afternoon as Nic Liminton gave chase, that pair immediately started to pull away from their pursuers.

That chasing pack was being led by Luke Mitchell from Reid Battye and Broc Pearson. Oli Bayliss was there also early on but a couple of small mistakes on the opening lap saw him run off the circuit a few times which proved a costly mistake.

As the race wore on Reid Battye was

ASBK SSP600 Race One Results

  1. TBC

ASBK SSP600 Championship Standings

ASBK SSP300 Race One

Local favourite Olly Simpson started the seven-lap Supersport 300 race from pole and duly led the 35-rider field through turn one as Seth Crump, Hunter Ford and Brandon Demmery giving chase.

Hunter Ford though then came down while Seth Crump also ran momentarily off track. The pair had been tussing for position but taking slightly different lines and Hunter Ford collected the rear of Crump, pushing Crump sideways but while the son of three-time World Speedway Champion Jason managed to recover, there was no saving the front end for Hunter Ford. These were the two riders that looked most likely to be able to take the battle up to Simpson but with Ford out, and Crump losing a dozen positions, the local lad now had it all to himself up front.

The battle for the final positions on the rostrum though was far from over as Zac Levy, Locky Taylor, Senna Agius and Harry Khouri brushed elbows and traded paint at almost every turn. As the race wore on that quartet turned into a nine-rider affair as Max Stauffer, Brandon Demmery, Ben Baker, Travis Hall and Kyle O’Connell joined the party as the race hit half-distance.

Early on the penultimate lap Max Stauffer pushed his way forward to second but ran wide into the dirt and lost a couple of those positions again. At the last lap board Simpson led by 10-seconds while Demmery was trying to hold on to second position from a charging horde.

Ben Baker led onto the main straight but a small loss of traction at lean cost him on the run to the line and allowed Harry Khouri to get him on the run to the line.

Brandon Demmery took fourth ahead of Locky Taylor, Senna Agius, Zac Levy, Max Stauffer while Travis Hall rounded out that group in ninth.

ASBK SSP300 Race One Results

  1. Olly Simpson – Yamaha
  2. Harry Khouri – Yamaha +10.412
  3. Ben Baker – Yamaha +10.589
  4. Brandon Demmery – Yamaha +10.669
  5. Locky Taylor – Yamaha +10.942
  6. Senna Agius – Kawasaki +11.012
  7. Zac Levy – Yamaha +11.022
  8. Max Stauffer – Yamaha +11.043
  9. Travis Hall – Yamaha +11.241
  10. Yanni Shaw – Kawasaki +14.189
  11. John Lytras – Yamaha +15.816
  12. Seth Crump – KTM

ASBK SSP300 Championship Standings

Schedule Below

08:00 – 08:10 ARRC AP250 WARM UP 10 mins
08:20 – 08:35 ARRC ASB1000 WARM UP 15 mins
08:45 – 09:00 ARRC SS600 WARM UP 15 mins
09:10 – 09:30 YMI SUPERSPORT 300 RACE 2 7 LAPS
11:00 – 11:30 LUNCH 30 mins
11:30 – 12:10 ARRC AP250 RACE 2 9 LAPS
12:20 – 13:20 ARRC ASB1000 RACE 2 12 LAPS
13:30 – 14:20 ARRC SS600 RACE 2 10 LAPS
14:35 – 14:55 YMI SUPERSPORT 300 RACE 3 7 LAPS


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