Stan Dibbens New Book: Enterprise on the Edge of Industry

Isle of Man legend Stanley Dibben has written another book. MO‘s own IoM semi-legend Andrew Capone has written the foreword, and tells us all about it:

I was honored to write the foreword to Enterprise on the Edge of Industry, the next book you are going to buy and read!

It covers two world wars, two world motorcycle championships, two world land speed records, and scores of business successes and lessons along the way. All threaded through the life and times of the true ‘most interesting man in the world’, the still- sprightly at 93 years of age Motorcycle Grand Prix Champion, my friend, Stan Dibben, and his son, the brilliant academic Mark Dibben.

Photo by Andrew Capone

Incorporating the bulk of Stan’s now out- of- print autobiography Hold On, Enterprise is a unique motorcycle racing potboiler, history lesson, entrepreneurial how-to, and business academic tome. All in one. Don’t let the description dissuade you… this is a meaty, dense book, but with a lot of soul.

Whether you are a motorcycle racing fan, history buff, business exec, or just my friend, this is what you want for Christmas. Purchase at the link below, it’s in Aussie $, translates to $32 USD or so, and the US shipping fees will be lower as it will be printed in the US. Not on Amazon, so Stan might actually get a few bucks from this!

Purchase comes with a link to additional online- only photo essays, some really cool stuff. Buy it before 11/30, and I’ll send you a Stan-autographed bookmark if you PM me after purchase. Stay tuned for an in-depth interview with Stan and Mark, to follow. Sorry for the tag-o-rama, but we really want to see Stan’s book succeed. Please forward this around, and many thanks, friends!…/enterprise-on-the-edge-of-industry/

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