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Schuberth S3 Motorcycle Helmet Review

Over the past couple years, German helmet maker Schuberth has completely redesigned its lineup of motorcycle helmets. In the past, we’ve reviewed Schuberth’s modular helmets: the C5 and ADV-style E2. The S3 is a full-face helmet based on the same architecture, its shell manufactured using directly processed fiberglass combined with a special resin that’s compressed in a vacuum at high pressure. Like the C5 and E2, the S3’s shell also has a basalt layer for added strength and impact absorption.

Schuberth S3 Motorcycle Helmet Review
Photo by Kevin Wing

Designed to meet Europe’s latest ECE 22.06 helmet safety standard, the S3 reaches high benchmarks for protection and has a large eyeport for better visibility (the S3 is also DOT approved). Inside the shell is a dual-density EPS liner, an intermediate-oval head shape, and a new comfort liner with customizable pads. Optional “sport” and “comfort” cheek pads and replaceable rear pads can make the interior more round or more oval. The S3 also has the Schuberth Rescue System, which allows first responders to extract the cheek pads to facilitate removal of the helmet.

Schuberth S3 Motorcycle Helmet Review

Other features include an optically correct faceshield with a Pinlock anti-fog insert, a repositioned chinstrap to reduce pressure near the throat, an anti-roll-off system, a double chin air intake with an exchangeable filter, a new rear spoiler with an air extractor, and a new V-lock sunshield mechanism.

Schuberth S3 Motorcycle Helmet Review

The S3 is also prewired for the optional SC2 Bluetooth 5.0 communicator (sold separately), which is made by Sena and based on the 50S with voice activation and mesh networking. HD speakers and an antenna are built into the helmet. A remote-control unit clicks into the left side of the helmet, and the SC2 main unit with a rechargeable battery plugs into the back of the helmet.

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Fit and comfort are excellent, and weight is reasonable: The size Medium we tested is 3 lb, 14 ounces. While testing naked bikes for a comparison test, the S3’s slippery shape moved through the air with no buffeting, and during head checks to the side there was no unpleasant noise or wind pressure. Thanks to the aerodynamic shell and well-padded neck roll, the inside of the helmet remains reasonably quiet. The only issue I had with the S3, as well as the C5 and E2, is that it’s easy to inadvertently knock the vent on the chinbar closed when putting on the helmet or opening/closing the faceshield.

Schuberth S3 Motorcycle Helmet Review

The Schuberth S3 comes in Concrete Gray (shown), Matte Black, or Glossy White for $599, as well as the Storm graphic in three colorways (blue, silver, or orange) for $699. Available sizes are XS-3XL.

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