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Schuberth C5 Modular Helmet and SC2 Communicator | Gear Review

Schuberth C5 Modular Helmet and SC2 Communicator

The Schuberth C5 modular helmet is a clean-sheet design that shares no parts with the company’s C4/Pro. Informed by a spatial study, the new architecture has an intermediate-oval head shape that’s less round than the C4/Pro with more interior space. The chinstrap was moved forward, and the new chinbar locking mechanism doesn’t use pins, which avoids the helmet getting tighter when the chinbar is closed.

Having worn several generations of Schuberth’s modular helmets, the changes were immediately noticeable. Sliding the helmet on and off my head is easier, and comfort while riding is greatly improved. Airflow through the helmet has been increased with larger vents and better interior channeling.

Schuberth C5 Modular Helmet and SC2 Communicator

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The C5 was designed to meet Europe’s new ECE 22.06 helmet safety standard, which sets higher benchmarks for impact protection and requires a larger eyeport for better visibility. The C5 meets the P/J homologation standard. “P” stands for “protective” and refers to full-face helmets; “J” stands for “jet” and refers to open-face helmets. P/J-homologated helmets can be used in both the open and closed positions, and the C5 has a tab to lock the chinbar in the open position.

The shell is made using Schuberth’s proprietary Direct Fiber Processing. Glass fibers are blown into a mold with a precise amount of resin and compressed in a high-pressure vacuum, creating an exceptionally strong shell. The C5 is not dual homologated to meet ECE and DOT standards. A DOT-specific version of the C5 has a shell reinforced with a basalt layer for added strength.

Inside the shell is a dual-density EPS liner and a new comfort liner with customizable pads. There are optional “sport” and “comfort” cheek pads and replaceable rear pads that can make the interior more round or more oval. The faceshield includes a Pinlock anti-fog insert, and a new patented memory function keeps the faceshield open at a desired level after opening and closing the chinbar.

Schuberth C5 Modular Helmet and SC2 Communicator

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The C5 is prewired for the optional SC2 Bluetooth 5.0 communicator ($349), which is made by Sena and based on the 50S with voice activation and mesh networking. HD speakers and an antenna are built into the helmet. A remote-control unit clicks into the left side of the helmet, and the SC2 main unit with rechargeable battery plugs into the back of the helmet.

Our C5 in size medium with the SC2 installed weighs 4 lb, 2 ounces. Fit, finish, comfort, ventilation, and functionality are excellent. It’s available in sizes XS-3XL in solid colors for $749 and graphics for $849.

For more information, visit Schuberth.com.

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Schuberth R2 Carbon Helmet and SC1 Communicator | Gear Review

Schuberth R2 Carbon helmet review
The Schuberth R2 Carbon in Stroke Gold

According to Schuberth, its R2 Carbon helmet is the first full-face carbon helmet with an integrated communication system. Thanks to a pre-installed, invisible speaker, microphone, and antenna, this helmet comes factory-ready for easy installation of a branded Schuberth comm setup created in partnership with Sena.   

The R2 Carbon is exceptionally light. Schuberth uses two shell sizes for the R2 line, which spans from sizes S to 2XL. With the SC1 intercom and battery installed, my XL R2 Carbon weighs 3 pounds, 2.1 ounces, about half a pound lighter than my Arai Corsair-X without a comm system – a significant weight reduction well appreciated during a long day’s ride.

Once you understand the insertion procedure for the separate battery and comm module, it’s easy to slide them into their little pockets on the bottom rim of the helmet. It took a little fiddling to get two SC1 sets – one for me and another for my wife, Katie – working and linked. Once the SC1s are paired, small and easy-to-reach rubber-sealed buttons on the comm module adjust volume levels. Simple and effective. We tried the helmet/comms setup with and without earplugs, and we both preferred plugs. The SC1 offers plenty of volume without distortion, and wind noise becomes less tiring with this method.

The R2 exudes quality and it’s well sealed to prevent wind noise from interfering with comms. So much so that behind a well-faired bike like our Honda Gold Wing, I was wishing for a couple more helmet vents beyond the two-position forehead vent and small chin vent. As a passenger, Katie felt airflow through the R2 was fine, comparable to other helmets. On non-faired bikes the R2 works better for me, so just be aware of the limited ventilation if you’re doing a lot of warm-weather riding on touring rigs.

The R2 Carbon has a fast-drying, antibacterial, removable, and washable comfort liner, as well as emergency-release cheekpads. The faceshield is easy to remove and reinstall, and an anti-fog insert comes standard. A tried-and-true double D-ring secures the chinstrap.

Overall, Katie and I are happy with the fit and comfort of the helmets, and we appreciated the ease of use of the communicators. We opted for the Stroke Gold graphic (shown), but the R2 Carbon also comes in Stroke Red, Bold Chrome, Cubature White, and Cubature Yellow. The R2 Carbon retails for $649, and the SC1 is $229.

For more information: See your dealer or visit schuberth.com

The post Schuberth R2 Carbon Helmet and SC1 Communicator | Gear Review first appeared on Rider Magazine.
Source: RiderMagazine.com