SBS Brakes Announces New DS-2 Brake Pad Compound

With the DS-2, SBS introduces a different technique for adjusting braking to the rider’s liking: mounting two different compounds for track use.

Begin press release:

After more than two years testing, the well-known racing brake pad compound DS-1 is now followed by DS-2 to match different braking performances. From the testing not only a new compound, but a whole new unique concept emerged: The combination of mounting two different compounds for track use.

SBS has been actively involved in road racing at the highest level since the 1990s. Over the last 2 seasons, selected teams in the World Superbike, Moto2 and Moto3 GP, British Superbike and World Endurance Championships have therefore actively participated in fine-tuning of the latest compound from SBS Friction A/S now launched as DS-2 Dual Sinter.

The DS-2 has been developed based on requests from riders wanting a compound with a little more human initial bite and more powerful braking power in the end of long brakings compared to DS-1.

During the development SBS received various feedback. SBS race manager Allan Østli: “Many riders were very satisfied with the new DS-2, but some still felt that the initial bite was reduced too much compared to DS-1. On the other hand some riders who preferred DS-1, occasionally missed a little more braking power at the end of braking with DS-2. Therefore a completely new braking concept emerged: The Dynamic Racing Concept combining the strong initial bite and linear in-stop performance from DS-1 and the smooth initial bite and progressive in-stop performance from DS-2”.

The Dynamic Racing Concept makes it possible to fit the DS-1 on the left hand side brake disc and DS-2 on the right hand side brake disc, thus achieving a combination of the different performance characteristics of the two compounds. In short, a fine tuning of braking performance for the individual rider’s brake preferences.

SBS riders still have different preferences and Kervin Bos, Technical Team Manager Red Bull Honda World Superbike Team and his team prefer the new DS-2 “Our partnership with SBS is a great asset for our team in the WorldSBK championship – the support we receive and quality of the product are second to none.

Our technical partnership with SBS allows us to develop the optimum brake performance to suit each rider. For us, the standout performer is SBS DS-2 brake pad”.

The cooperation between SBS and a large number of winning teams has made high demands on SBS Research and Development and has led to many titles in the World Superbike, Supersport and Superstock classes and even more titles in National Championships worldwide. All SBS DS brake pads are made using NRS technology. NRS Safe products exclusively use the NUCAP Retention System (NRS), the most advanced mechanical attachment technology with a zero failure rate in over 1 Billion units Worldwide.

Visit the SBS website for more details.

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