SBS Brakes Aiming Toward Mechanical Bonding Of All Its Brake Pads

SBS is going to stop using glue and other chemical bonding agents for its brake pads, becoming the first company to do so.

Begin press release:

SBS Friction A/S on the way to complete implementation of mechanical bonding for both ceramic and sintered brake pads.

The leader in power sport brakes, SBS Friction is committed to work towards implementation of 100% NRS Safe usage throughout its brake pad product line. NRS Safe products eliminate glue and other ways of bonding the friction material to the backing plate. Instead, SBS will exclusively use the NUCAP Retention System (NRS), the most advanced mechanical attachment technology with a zero failure rate in over 1 Billion units Worldwide.

SBS last year released the SP sinter compound with NRS Safe technology for street riding, a first in the motorcycle industry. The SP line was well received by customers and garnered great reviews by industry media worldwide. NRS Safe was previously used only on organic brake pads, but through extensive Research and Development, SBS is now able to expand this technology into sinter compounds.

“The braking environment demands components that are capable of standing up to its violent vibration as well as incredible heating and cooling fluctuations. NRS Safe attachment is a mechanism that does not fail” NUCAP CEO Montu Khokhar comments.

A new range of industry leading road racing brake pads with NRS Safe technology was developed over the past few years and launched as the new Dynamic Racing Concept at EICMA in Milan, Italy in early November 2018. This underscores SBS’ position as the high standard in braking through design, quality, performance and durability.

“There is no room for error in motorcycle braking. By going 100% NRS Safe, SBS is using the absolute best in mechanical attachment enabling its riders to feel confident that they are using the safest performing brakes available” SBS Friction A/S CSO Christel Munk Pedersen says.

SBS Friction A/S is a Danish based company that develops, manufactures and markets brake pads and friction solutions for motorcycles, scooters, special cars, ATVs and industrial applications such as wind turbines. The product range includes other important brake components such as brake discs, brake shoes, brake pins and accessory parts for the motorcycle enthusiast. The history goes back to 1964, now being number one 1 in the European aftermarket for motorcycle brake pads SBS is known for braking excellence.

NUCAP is the global leader in brake system component innovation and manufacturing. With locations in Canada, China, Spain and the United States, NUCAP co-develops and supplies next generation brake safety technologies to the world’s leading manufacturers and distributors of brake pads and shoes. The NUCAP Retention System (NRS) is a process for the surface modi­fication of disc brake backing plates, adding a consistent matrix of raised steel hooks that facilitate a mechanical bond between disc brake plate and friction materials.

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