RiderBuds smallest earphones for riders

RiderBuds earphones claim to be the smallest, softest, toughest, quietest and most secure earphones for riders that won’t come out when you put your helmet on or take it off.

Founder Maurice Dziubinski says he has spent hundreds of hours testing the earphones and has even had 1000 Beta testers around the world including Australia and New Zealand.

The company launched an Indiegogo campaign this week to raise funds to go into production and it was fully subscribed in less than three hours.Riderbuds earphones

Delivery is now expected in May 2019 and they will cost $US199 (about $A275, €175, £150).

Maurice says supporters can still contribute to the crowd-funding campaign and get an earlybird discount of $US129.

“We achieved 100% of our funding goal in less than three hours, and 200% of our funding goal in 12 hours,” he says

“All because of the prep work we’ve put into this and basically nailing our product.

“Our real internal goal is raising over $US100,000.”


Maurice says riders have been “putting up with sub-quality audio” for years.

He says the problems are inferior wind-noise cancelling, dislodging when putting on your helmet, discomfort around the ears, or breaking cables.Riderbuds earphones

We agree. It is difficult finding earphones that work well with helmets.

However, he claims RiderBuds will fit under any helmet, never get dislodged, stay comfortable, deliver crisp audio at any speed, protect your hearing and be tough enough to avoid cable breakages.

The earphones look good and come with both silicone and foam tips in various sizes to fit most ears.Riderbuds earphones

We would like to see a lightning connection option for iPhones and a Bluetooth version like SlimBuds.

However, Maurice says although their earphones are all wired, they feature a “very unique modular cable system”.Riderbuds earphones

“We’ve also been pointing our supporters to certain Bluetooth dongles we’ve been testing out and have been very happy with,” he says.

While the testimonials say they are comfortable, we’ve found wires that come straight out of earphones break and hurt your ears. We would expect a 90-degree bend at exit might be better.

However, we will reserve judgement for when a pair of the production earphones arrive here for testing early next year.

Stay tuned.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

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