Product: 2019 Motorex Adventure chain lube

Chain lube designed specifically for dual-sport and adventure motorcycles.

A1 Accessory Imports, the Australian distributor of Motorex Oils, has announced the release of its Adventure chain lube, which hits dealerships this month.

The white chain lube with added PTFE has been designed specifically to meet the requirements of modern dual-sport and adventure motorcycles. Throughout Australia, we’re seeing more and more dual-sport and adventure style riding that frequently takes riders through urban areas, on motorways and to country areas far from any paved roads.

For this unique style of riding, your drive chain requires a lubricant that won’t hold onto dirt and dust – creating a grinding paste on your chain and sprocket- however, holds enough adhesion that it won’t flick out of the chain over long and fast stretches of road.

motorex adventure chain lube

Image: Supplied.

Motorex has developed a special formula, with its white high-performance PTFE formula being proven to reduce wear and creates a lubricating film that withstands spin pressure whilst repelling dirt, dust and water. The Adventure chain lube meets all requirements of any modern dual-sport motorcycle and provides reliable lubrication for an extremely long period of time.

2019 Motorex Adventure chain lube key features:
– All-terrain use.
– Ring and X-ring tested.
– Repels dirt and dust.
– Water resistant, extremely adhesive lubricating film.
– Spin resistant with low flick.
– Fights corrosion.
– Wear-reducing effect.

Priced at RRP $29.95, the Motorex Adventure chain lube is available in a 500ml offering. For more information, visit


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