Pilot Motosport Announces Full-Service Leather Care Division

Pilot Motosport is known for its high-quality leathers, and several MO staffers own sets. We’d expect the same attention to detail that Pilot lavishes on its products to be included as part of the newly announced Pilot Leather Works in leather repair and maintenance.

Begin Press Release:

Pilot Motosport Launches Full Services Leather Care Division

Murrieta, CA – Pilot Motosport is excited to announce the launch of Pilot Leather Works, a complete leather repair and care solution for professionals and amateurs alike. All brands welcome.Pilot Leather Works is fully equipped to repair any leather suit, jacket or pants. With over 20 years of experience designing and manufacturing leather motorcycle garments makes us uniquely suited to preform the highly technical repairs required on race specific apparel and street goods.

In addition to Pilot’s years of experience, a complete array of the highest quality materials is available for each repair. Pilot uses only the highest quality US made nylon thread, Japanese YKK zippers, Swiss made Scholler Keprotec and high-strength milled cowhide in all colors for leather repairs. Whenever possible, Pilot’s goal is to restore the leather garment to better than original strength.

Also available is adding/replacing names, logos and patches that we make or you submit to us. We can also do minor adjustments to suits, jackets, and pants. Circumference increase/decrease, length increase/decrease, etc.

Pilot knows that the world of professional racing can be unpredictable and even the greatest amount of planning can often be undone by an untimely crash. Knowing this, lead times for suit repairs are generally 1 week. Pilot can help keep you on the track or street with an absolute minimum of downtime.

To help moves things along faster, we offer a no hassle flat fee return shipping service via emailed ship label. You simply print, tape up, box and drop off at any UPS Store with no waiting in line.

For a free quote, visit: pilotleatherworks.com

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