Perpetual Motion: Southern Comfort S1 E3

Our friends at Westx1000 are constantly on the go. From covering Dakar to cruising the states, their series Perpetual Motion offers a glimpse into what it’s like to never slow down. 

Begin Press Release: 

Perpetual Motion | Southern Comfort | S1 E3

In the last four years, the two of us have ridden more than 60k miles, explored 15 countries and been lucky enough to see the world from behind the handlebar of a motorbike.
With the help of friend, filmmaker and fellow motorcyclist, Nathan Slabaugh, we’ve created a new moto-travel series called Perpetual Motion.

First, we toured Baja California, then a 2,600 mile trip around the Lone Star State, and now a wild ride through The South!

Grab a seat and push play to see a sunken Civil War fortress in the bayou, meet the man behind Silver Piston, say your prayers at the Church of Motorsports and find out whether Kyra really is as slow as Justin says she is… With a little help from legendary drag racer Rickey Gadson.

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