Patent reveals Aprilia RS 660 details

Details of the Aprilia RS 660 production bike have been revealed in patent drawings that show the Italian company’s intention to go turn the concept into reality.

The concept twin was revealed at the EICMA motorcycle show in Milan last November.

It is powered by two cylinders from a Tuono/RSV4 1100 engine as a 660c parallel twin.Aprilia RS 660 patent drawing

Now, patent images have shown a planned production bike with much of the concept’s features, including MotoGP style winglets, twin LED headlights, asymmetrically mounted rear monoshock and upside-down telescopic front forks.

The concept’s suspension was supplied by Ohlins.

The Italian company said the RS 660 supersport project was aimed at younger riders.

They also said it would be the “development base for a wider range that intends to make Aprilia a key player in an extremely strategic market segment in Europe, but also in Asia and the American market”.

So the patent drawings may not necessarily be the only version to hit the market. We expect there could also be a naked version and maybe even a tourer or adventure bike.

RS 660 aeroAprilia RS 660 concept is half a Tuono

Most notable is the aero, which is now a prominent feature of most MotoGP bikes.

Aprilia said the Concept RS 660 was developed out of a “series of aerodynamic studies” in a wind tunnel.

The aero components appear to be coming to the production model, based on the patent drawings.Aprilia RS 660 patent drawing

With fuel economy top of mind and emissions regulations tightening, motorcycle manufacturers are looking for ways to compete and aero remains one of the biggest hurdles to motorcycles, even more so than big, bulky cars.

Click there to find out how aero affects motorcycles.

Aprilia’s Concept RS 660 features a unique “variable front section” which can adjust air flow direction to vary downforce.

The RS 600 has a large saddle and a comfortable riding position to suit most rider sizes. However, there is no pillion seat on the concept or the patent drawings.Aprilia RS 660 concept is half a Tuono

It is supported by a lightweight aluminium frame and swingarm with the engine as a stressed element.

The right arm of the swingarm has a curved shape to accomodate the exhaust, while the shock absorber mount is mounted directly to the swingarm with no linkage to reduce weight.


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