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MX Boot Repair and Resole
Right: One of my boots before being resoled (as shown on left).

Riding gear doesn’t last forever, not even your favorite riding boots. Or can they? When I sidelined my Sidi On Roads due to slippery, worn out soles, I hoped to one day have them re-soled and ride in them again. But local cobblers wouldn’t touch them. Motorcycle boots are specialty items, and my Sidis have molded soles that take special tools, techniques and supplies to refresh, as opposed to the welted, sewn-on soles common in street shoes and work boots. MX Boot Resole & Repair came to the rescue with its $107 resole service (for Sidi boots, prices for other brands vary), and that includes return shipping. From cutting-edge Alpinestars road-racing boots to my humble On Roads, MX Boot resoles, rebuilds and refurbishes a host of boot types and brands.

I started the process by calling Greg at MX Boot to discuss my On Roads. Besides the slick soles they were in great shape, save for a distressed look that gave them character, or so I told myself. Greg assured me he could resole them within his usual turnaround time of 2-3 days. He did, and they look great. The soles are the same Vibram tread as the old originals and just as grippy. Plus, the boots received a major overhaul in the looks department, sporting an all-over badass black that once again takes a shine. MX Boot Repair & Resole doesn’t require–though it strongly recommends–that you do both boots at once. An online ordering form on the website simplifies the process, but the company is happy to answer any questions about your particular boots over the phone. If your footwear needs repair in addition to new soles, Greg and his experienced staff can do that too.

I’m back in the saddle with my On Roads, enjoying their new traction and old comfort, and will not hesitate to use MX Boot again for resoling and repair. The company knows what it’s doing, does it well and is quick about it. A sister company, Anthony’s Leatherworks, offers similar services for leather garments. 

For more information, call (949) 791-8009 or visit Also (800) 823-1236.


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