Motorcyclist To Ride 24 Hours Nonstop On A Dyno For MS Charity

Riding for 24 hours is tough, but riding literally nowhere for a whole day seems rougher. At least it’s for charity. 

Begin press release:

Longhaulpaul plans to establish a world record by riding a motorcycle 24 hours non-stop on a dynamometer. Streamed live on social media with hourly prizes and non-stop entertainment. 100% of proceeds go to MS Views and News, Inc. to provide educational programs and support for people living with Multiple Sclerosis.

Want to watch Longhaulpaul get a straight razor shave at 90MPH? How about eating a scorpion at 3,000 RPM? Bird Box Challenge? Eat a Tide pod? Pepsi challenge? Karaoke? How about getting a tattoo at full throttle? Would you donate to NOT see him get a pedicure at highway speeds? Anything is possible, so be prepared to tune in and egg him on by donating. Tell your friends, family, and coworkers, because this will be his most entertaining fundraiser yet, and another World Record ride attempt to raise funds for MS!

Long distance motorcyclist Paul Pelland is at it again! Two world records under his belt are not enough for the man in the middle of an incredible million-mile journey for Multiple Sclerosis. Here is your opportunity to become part of his inspiring story by supporting his latest endurance challenge to raise awareness and funds for people living with MS. MARK YOUR CALENDAR NOW for MARCH 29th.Paul’s attempt will be streamed live on social media with a variety of planned entertainment and interactions from his supporters; telethon style. The event will raise awareness and funds to help those who struggle daily with the symptoms and progression of MS. Taking place during MS awareness month, Paul will ride his 2018 Yamaha Star Venture motorcycle without stopping or getting off while interacting and taking calls and donations live across multiple social media platforms. Despite living with MS himself, Paul has ridden over 350K miles in the last six years inspiring others while sharing his story to audiences across the country.

This live event will take place at Rob’s Dyno Service facility in Gardner, MA on March 29th, 2019 beginning at noon. The intent of this event will be to raise funds to bring MS education inspiration and hope to patients and their families living in rural and remote areas of the country where it is desperately needed. Paul has raised over $150K for charity and all his fundraising efforts and events continue to support the MS community. All proceeds received from this event go directly to the 501c3 charity, MS Views and News Inc. and their Ride to Reach Rural America initiative.

Mark your calendar for March 29th and be prepared to witness some great entertainment while donating a few dollars to a great cause!

For more information about the Nonstop to Nowhere fundraiser or to donate a prize or sponsor a block of time; please contact Paul or visit Nonstop to Nowhere

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