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Moto-Skiveez Adventure Tights.
Moto-Skiveez Adventure Tights.

Jacket, check. Boots, check. Tights, che…. Wait just a gol-durn minute – tights for a motorcycle trip? Yep, tights. Moto-Skiveez, makers of Adventure Shorts (read our review here), added legs to the shorts to create high-tech riding tights for adventure riders, and the results are comforting. I wore their Adventure Tights on an attempt at the Utah Backcountry Discovery Route and was more comfortable over the long haul to Utah from my home in SoCal than ever before. Even with an aftermarket seat on my BMW F 800 GS, by butt eventually burns as the miles roll up, but not with the Adventure Tights. The compression fabric that extends to below the calf is designed to reduce leg fatigue while standing, and after slogging through miles of relentless sand on the pegs, my legs still had some strength, while the rest of my body was toast.

The term “saddle sore” comes from the horse world, and for good reason – the un-accustomed derriere soon complains – loudly. I know it well from the horseback vacations my wife and I like to take. With only a couple of hour-long tune-up rides before our last equine adventure, I spent five days in the saddle in the canyons near Capitol Reef National Park. But I had packed along my Adventure Tights, and my rear has never felt so good in the saddle.

For an undergarment that promises real comfort where it counts, Moto-Skiveez Adventure Tights deliver the goods. They also provide a low-friction interface between my legs and riding pants on hot days. I’ve always worn something between my legs and knee armor, usually silk long johns – now that something will be Adventure Tights.

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