Mini Massive 2019 Celebrates Minibikes On A Massive Scale

Readers of know we’re fan of minibikes in all their shapes and forms. Turns out, we’re not alone. Our friends at Steady Garage are taking this love of minis to another level with Mini Massive 2019. Read more about it below.

Begin press release:

The main objective for Mini Massive is to further expand the community of mini-moto and scooter enthusiasts. In the United States, bigger motorcycles definitely blazed their way through popularity, while smaller displacement motorcycles not so much. In recent years, smaller bikes have made some considerable changes in the way we look at motorcycles today. The Honda Grom 125, Kawasaki Z125 Pro, and just recently the new Honda Monkey 125 are examples of this new trend of smaller refined motorcycles. At Mini Massive, the different exhibitions will definitely help new eyes realize the true power of what these little bikes are capable of. Soon people will acknowledge that these little bikes can do pretty much anything! Picture Mini Massive as an open door into the amazing world of the Mini Moto lifestyle.

Through the years, we had the opportunity to attend and help with many events around the country. As the new year approaches, we would like to make an announcement of a new event taking place in Southern California! We would like to introduce to you Mini Massive! Mini Massive is all out event that is dedicated to Mini Motos, scooters, and small displacement motorcycles under 399cc! We worked hard to put this event together, which is very difficult in California as everything is strict and requires a lot of paperwork, permits, and of course money. We managed to work through the shuffle and was able to secure a venue that would allow all of us to share our passion. Mini Massive will include a few attractions, such as Moto Exhibition, Drag Racing, Stunt Box, and Time Attack! General admission is free, there’s no excuse for anyone to not go!

There is also a huge charity raffle that would take place. 100% of the raffle proceeds would go to charity.

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