Mike Jones wins 2019 ASBK Title with R2 victory at SMP

2019 Australian Superbike Championship

Round 7 – SMP

The ASBK Finale – Part Two

ASBK Superbike Race Two

Race one was an exciting battle that ended up going down to the wire between Mike Jones and Troy Herfoss. 

It was the Ducati man that had the power to take the victory but the Penrite Honda looked incredibly strong around the corners, even when the tyres were shot, Herfoss looked to have supreme confidence as the Fireblade SP slithered around underneath him. 

Daniel Falzon was very strong early on before losing the front at turn nine and going out of contention. Maxwell was also strong in the first half of the race but ultimately lost pace as the race progressed and his tyres were cooked.

Bryan Staring and Cru Halliday never really figured in the fight but were never far off, so close, but yet so far. The gap at the flag was five-seconds but it was only in the last two laps that gap had been that large and if they managed to improve their set-up between races were likely to be a larger factor in this final battle that would decide the war.

Only half-a-point between Herfoss as they lined up on the line. The forecast thunderstorms were still yet to appear and it looked like we would have a fully dry race to decide the championship.

Wayne Maxwell led the field through turn one from Herfoss while Jones had a brilliant start from the third row to be up to third place by turn two and tussling with Herfoss on exit, the Penrite Honda man making the Ducati pilot stand the bike up a little on exit to avoid contact.  Falzon fourth, Halliday fifth, Waters sixth, Staring seventh.

Mike Jones overtook Herfoss down the main straight and held on to that position through turn one and then stood Maxwell up at turn two in an aggressive pass.  Herfoss then got Jones on the change of direction between turns four and five, holds on around the back of the circuit, Jones looks up the inside at turn nine but no need to take any risk, he can just wait for the main straight and pull the trigger on that big 1299 Ducati and blow past him on the straight, which is exactly what happened.

Jones held on to that lead for the entire next lap but closely shadowed by Herfoss throughout. Maxwell was right behind them in third, Halliday and Falzon still in close touch also.

By half-race distance Maxwell had started to lose touch with that leading duo and was starting to come under attack from Cru Halliday.

Herfoss was continuing to shadow Jones for the next couple of laps before going up the inside at turn one with five laps to go.

Jones came back at him a lap later but ran wide and Herfoss took the lead right back. Again on the next lap the move happened at turn two, this time Herfoss in a little deep and Jones allowed through to the lead with just under three laps to run.

Wayne Maxwell had drifted back to fifth but Staring then went down, promoting Maxwell back up fourth. Cru Halliday was a somewhat lonely third place.

Jones and Herfoss side by side at turn two with just under two laps to run, Herfoss through at turn three and into the lead, Jones looks up the inside at turn four but can’t do it.

Last lap board and Herfoss led past it but Jones powered up the inside to take the lead into turn one, the Ducati man holds sway at turn two, maintains the lead at turn three and four. Herfoss takes him on change of direction and leads down to turn seven, Jones up the inside at turn eight, Herfoss up the inside at nine but can’t stop it, he runs wide, Jones now left with an easy run to the line and with it the 2019 Motul Pirelli Australian Superbike Championship.

What a finale, what a championship. Roll on season 2020!

ASBK Superbike Race Two Results / Standings

  1. Mike Jones 
  2. Troy Herfoss +1.050s
  3. Cru Halliday +8.119s

Final 2019 ASBK Superbike Points

  1. Mike Jones 286.5
  2. Troy Herfoss 281
  3. Wayne Maxwell 273
  4. Cru Halliday 256

Source: MCNews.com.au

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