Mat Mladin jailed then bailed on child sex charges

Mat Mladin arrested

Seven-time American Superbike Champion Mat Mladin was recently charged with four child sex offences in NSW.

According to Sydney tabloid newspaper The Daily Telegraph, 48-year-old Mladin had already been jailed for almost two weeks before appearing before a Campbelltown Local Court Magistrate via video link on March 25th.

Mladin was released on bail after surrendering his passport and is to be chaperoned when in the company of a child under 16.

ASBK TBG Rnd Morgan Park Max Croker TBG

ASBK TBG Rnd Morgan Park Max Croker TBG

Mat Mladin with ASBK racer Max Croker – TBG Image

Mladin retired from competition at the end of 2009 and after moving completely away from the racing scene, has in recent years got back involved with motorcycle competition by backing riders that compete in the Australian Superbike and Motocross Championships. Mladin also had a motorcycle dealership and import business for a few years before shutting them down. 

Mat Mladin pictured here late in 2017 at an ASBK function – TBG Image

Mladin’s relationship with his wife Janine broke down after their return to Australia.  However in recent years Mat has been helping to care for both her and his daughters.

His ex-wife has recently been going through extensive cancer treatment over a number of years, including multiple surgeries to treat an aggressive brain tumour, which has stubbornly returned each time. 

Mat himself has struggled with depression and had some relationship troubles in recent years along with some ongoing issues from injuries sustained in his racing career.

The offences Mladin has been charged with do not involve his daughters, but stem from a complaint made six months after an alleged incident with another minor. 

The Daily Telegraph reported that Mladin had been arrested by the Child Abuse Squad on March 13th and was subsequently charged with two counts of intentionally carry out a sex act on a child under 10; one count of intentionally incite a child to do a sexual act on him; and sexual intercourse with a child under the age of 10. 

Mladin’s legal representation indicated that he will fight the charges and questioned the strength of the police case against him. 

mladin leads

mladin leads

Mat Mladin pictured here in his glory days of AMA Superbike competition

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