LDM introduces ExoFlex waterproof jacket

UK brand LDM is a relative newcomer to the market with a range of affordable riding gear including this LDM ExoFlex all-weather jacket with a trendy hood.

Lorenzo, founder of LDM, says he set up the company three years ago as an online retailer of well-known motorcycle clothing brands including helmets, gloves, and accessories.

“After a couple of years, I was finding people including myself were getting fed up with the lack of innovation that’s going on among the budget-mid level motorcycle clothing brands,” he says.

“As a slightly younger biker I could see the potential to make exciting new motorbike gear using newer materials in more casual clothing items. Which is how LDM was born.

LDM ExoFlex jacket
LDM ExoFlex jacket

“The whole mission is to provide good value motorcycle clothing that is more than just your normal textile or leather jacket or gloves. Everything we do is designed to be different but also practical.”

The LDM range is still quite small, but is experiencing a lot of growth in the UK and is planning to expand into European distribution next year.

You can also buy their gear through their online presence at LDMotorcycles.co.uk.

Their gear has not been tested by the new Australian MotoCAP system.

LDM ExoFlex jacket

Lorenzo sent us their new ExoFlex all-weather jacket which has been inspired by the success of their softshell and leather gloves.

It’s a smart-looking and comfortable jacket that sells for £114.99 (about $A200 plus postage), but is currently on discount at just £89.99 (about $A157).

This is not a jacket for touring or racing, but a comfortable and fashionable urban jacket.

It features CE-approved impact armour in the back, shoulders and elbows with abrasion-resistant DuPont 220GSM Kevlar aramid lining.

(The back protector is level 2 EN1621 while the elbow and shoulders are level 1, but they are upgrading to level 2.)LDM ExoFlex jacket

When LDM claim it is an “all-weather” jacket, they are probably referring to UK summers. With its windproof shell and no venting, it’s too hot over about 30C on a non-faired bike.

There is no zip-out liner for winter riding, but you could easily fit a thermal underneath for cold conditions.

With some recent milder weather as well as some torrential rain courtesy of Cyclone Owen, we have been able to put the jacket to the test.LDM ExoFlex jacket

ExoFlex is a bomber-style jacket with elasticised cuffs and waistband like I used to wear when I started riding too many years ago.

It’s extremely comfortable, but I’m a bit concerned about the elasticised sleeves and bottom of the jacket riding up if I slide along the ground.

Waterproof claims

The soft-shell outer and main YKK zip are waterproof, although the elasticised sections can slowly suck in some water.

LDM ExoFlex jacket
YKK zips

But you can make it properly waterproof if you overlap waterproof gloves with the cuffs and wear waterproof pants under the waistband.

Three deep, outside pockets also have waterproof zips to keep moisture off your wallet and other contents.

I proved it by carrying a tissue in each pocket to see if they became wet while riding in heavy rain. When I pulled them out later, they were still dry.LDM ExoFlex jacket

There is only one internal pocket, but it is conveniently the same shape and size as most modern plus-size phones. It also has a hole for an earphone cord.

Many modern urban motorcycle jackets now come with a drawstring hoodie section which is not only trendy but practical as it keeps the rain off your head when you take off your helmet.LDM ExoFlex jacket

It would be nice if it was detachable as the drawstrings and hoodie section flap around annoyingly at highway speeds.

Unlike many motorcycle jackets, it doesn’t feature a lot of ugly shapes, panels and labelling. That makes it suitable casual wear off the bike.LDM ExoFlex jacket

It doesn’t have any reflective material, so you might think about wearing some when riding at night.

If you need an affordable comfortable and protective jacket for urban riding and commuting, check out this LDM ExoFlex.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

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