Kawasaki Plans Noslisu Three-Wheelers

Kawasaki has filed a trademark for “Noslisu” for a range of three-wheeler bicycles, e-bikes and motorised leaning trikes.

The filing with the European Union on August 31, 2020, suggests Kawasaki is following Yamaha and Honda in developing leaning three-wheelers.

It also follows their latest patent application in the US in December 2019 for a complex leaning trike design with horizontal links instead of conventional vertical forks and a mono-shock like a BMW telelever arrangement.

Yamaha already has the Tricity leaning three-wheeler scooter and Niken motorcycle as well as patent plans for more leaning trikes with two front wheels including a VMax!

Honda has also applied for patents for leaning three-wheelers as has AKO who want to make an electric version.

Each model has a different idea of how leaning three-wheelers with two front wheels should lean and steer.

Now, the Kawasaki Noslisu trademark has introduced the idea of leaning three-wheeler bicycles as well as e-bikes with electric motors as well as conventional engines.

We’re not are what Noslisu means in Japanese. We used Google translator and it says “No siss”!

While several motorcycle manufacturers are looking at a future that includes e-bikes, Kawasaki is the first to develop a three-wheeler bicycle, let alone one that leans!

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Pros and cons of leaning

The advantage of leaning three-wheelers is that they feel very much like a normal bike to ride, but they double the contact patch on the front which improves cornering grip.

Some also have the ability to stay upright without having to put a foot down at slow speeds or when stationary.

This makes them ideal for novices or those who can no longer support a motorcycle because of leg injuries or age.

However, the disadvantages of leaning three-wheelers are that they are ugly, heavy, and more expensive.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

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