Indian and Jack Daniels Open Lynchburg Garage

It still chokes me up a little when I remember the excellent time I had touring the Jack Daniels Distillery in Lynchburg last year, a truly iconic slice of Americana not far from Nashville. If you’re in the area, you need to take the tour and while you’re at it, you can swing by the Lynchburg Garage downtown, where Indian says it will be renting bikes beginning in September. (That’s Mr. Daniels’ original office in the lead photo, just down the street from beautiful downtown, ironically dry Lynchburg.)

LYNCHBURG, TN (July 23, 2019) Indian Motorcycle, America’s first motorcycle company, today announced the grand opening of Lynchburg Garage, a new motorcycle and merchandise store that celebrates the history of two iconic American brands, Indian Motorcycle and Jack Daniel’s. Located in downtown Lynchburg, Tennessee, just down the street from Jack Daniel’s Distillery, Lynchburg Garage is a must-stop destination for tourists and motorcyclists alike. 

Inspired by the storied history of Indian Motorcycle and Jack Daniel’s, Lynchburg Garage represents a new chapter for Indian Motorcycle as the brand expands its reach into apparel and merchandise outlets. Inside, guests can grab a refreshment and relax in the hospitality area featuring branded artifacts, a hometown pin board for guests to mark where they’re from, and a large-scale map showcasing the best motorcycle rides in Tennessee. Additionally, motorcycle rentals will be available starting in September for rides to experience Indian Motorcycle’s latest model year lineup. Indian Motorcycle lifestyle apparel and co-branded Jack Daniel’s gear is also available for purchase. 

“Jack Daniel’s has been an incredible partner over the past several years, and we’re extremely excited to bring a taste of Indian Motorcycle to Lynchburg,” said Reid Wilson, Senior Director for Indian Motorcycle. “Although a small town, Lynchburg is a critical piece of American history and a popular destination for tourists traveling to Nashville, and now with Lynchburg Garage, visitors will also have an opportunity to engage with the Indian Motorcycle brand and its history.”

As America’s first motorcycle company and America’s first registered distillery, Indian Motorcycle and Jack Daniel’s have partnered for the past four years to celebrate American craftsmanship with the release of a series of limited edition motorcycles. While always advocating the “Bottles and Throttles Don’t Mix” mantra, each of the Jack Daniel’s limited edition Indian Motorcycle models pay homage to Jack Daniel’s uniqueness as an American whiskey company. Among these themes, include its charcoal mellowing process used exclusively by Jack Daniel’s, the Jack Daniel’s Fire Brigade, and Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel whiskey. 

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