Honda Super Cub C125 coming to Australia in January

The very first Super Cub C100 was introduced in 1958, Honda’s 10th year of existence. Designed by Soichiro Honda and his long-time business partner Takeo Fujisawa, its stated aim was straightforward: ‘To provide the joy of playing a useful part in people’s lives’.

Nearly 60 years later, in 2017, the 100 millionth Super Cub was built, making it the most popular motor vehicle the world has ever seen. And along the way the Super Cub’s simple attributes of style, reliability, frugality and sheer usability have never gone out of fashion; it has quietly achieved exactly what Soichiro and Takeo wanted – to get people mobile and keep them mobile.

Honda Super Cub C
2018 Honda Super Cub C125

Up until now the latest model – the Super Cub C110 – has been available in Japan, where it’s proved popular with business users including the Japanese Post Office, and South East Asia, where it’s found a place in people’s homes as private transport.

Aware of a whole demographic of urban riders – both younger and more mature – who are looking for retro-inspired machinery with real credibility and head-turning style, Honda unveiled the Super Cub C125, an evolution of the legendary machine and the next chapter in its long history, designed for modern life in a busy city.

Honda Australia has confirmed the machine will be coming Down Under in limited numbers. Only 72 of the machines, the same number of years since Mr Honda first founded the ‘Honda Technical Research Institute’, which was destined to became the world’s largest engine manufacturer and known today as Honda Motor Co. will make it to Australia where they will sell for $6099 Ride Away. 

Mr Tadamasa Maeda – Large Project Leader

“We know our customers, male or female, take their personal style seriously and we want our new #supercub C125 to enrich their lifestyle. Its timeless design expresses value and universality, and we have added a new level of performance to the engine and handling ability to the chassis. Just like it was for our founder, our biggest joy is to play a positive part in daily life – and also put a big smile on the face of every #supercub owner whenever and wherever they ride it.”

Super Cub C125 Overview

The Super Cub C125 marks a new page in the unique story of a vehicle with such universal appeal that it has been sold in over 160 countries, and with such an instantly-recognisable look that it was the first vehicle in Japan to be granted a 3 dimensional trademark.

Honda Super Cub C
2018 Honda Super Cub C125

While the look does not deviate from the classic template, an increase in power and torque thanks to its 125cc engine helps keep the Super Cub ahead of city traffic; its automatic centrifugal clutch has also been upgraded to match the output boost and give ultra-smooth, quiet gear changes.

The steel frame too, has been optimised with a tuned rigidity balance that maintains the Super Cub’s famously welcoming usability. Longer travel front and rear suspension, 17-inch cast aluminium wheels and disc front brake deliver a supple, confident ride with strong stopping power. Full LED lighting brings a modern touch, the Smart Key day-to-day convenience.

Honda Super Cub C
2018 Honda Super Cub C125

Pearlescent paint highlights the evocative design of the Super Cub C125, which will be available in the following options: Pearl Niltava Blue, Pearl Nebula Red.

Super Cub C125 Styling & Chassis

  • A subtle evolution of the classic clean and timeless Super Cub style,
  • Full LED lighting
  • Easy to use, with comfortable riding position and smooth, stable handling
  • Longer travel suspension
  • 17-inch front/rear wheels and front disc brake
  • Single channel ABS
  • Honda Smart Key with ‘answer-back’ function for day-to-day convenience

The Super Cub 125 is designed with one word in mind; universality, it has to be easy for a wide range of people to use. There is a clean look and feel to all the detail parts, with balance between the smooth, gently-curved body parts and the hard edge of the leg guards and front and rear mudguard tips. The rear guard is ultra-thin – and made of pressed steel rather than plastic – to help emphasize the classic ‘S-shape’ silhouette.

Honda Super Cub C
2018 Honda Super Cub C125

A key element is the ‘unit’ steering, which unifies the separate elements – forks, handlebars and leg shields – into one cohesive whole. On the original machine the handlebars, shaped to be like the wings of a bird, were a tactile and welcoming sales point and the new forged, tapered handlebar wrapped in moulded resin incorporating the switchgear and instruments – mirrors this motif.

The grips are in a natural, easy to hold position and complement the straight-backed riding position, which gives excellent forward and all-round visibility. Aiding comfort, the seat uses thicker, high-density urethane foam than the C110 for enhanced comfort and is also cut back on both sides up front, helping ground reach.

Honda Super Cub C
2018 Honda Super Cub C125

All lighting is contemporary and LED, while the instruments highlight the depth of the overall design with two lenses separated by dual chrome rings; the outer ring houses the sweep of the analogue speedometer’s needle plus warning lights, the inner an understated, digital display.

A modern finishing touch is the Honda Smart Key; put it in a pocket and forget about it, the Super Cub C125 is live and good to go. It also controls the immobiliser as an extra theft deterrent, and is equipped with an ‘answer back’ function whereby the indicators will ‘blink’ at the push of a button to make finding the vehicle easy in busy parking areas. And, with a nod to its forebears (and underlining its #honda history) a historical 3D ‘Old Wing’ logo crowns the Smart Key fob.

Honda Super Cub C
2018 Honda Super Cub C125

Easy handling has always been another Super Cub strength. To maintain its reassuring nature, but upgrade it for the 125cc specification, the C125 started with the C110 tubular steel ‘backbone’ frame as a base. The rigidity balance has been tuned around the headstock and engine hangers, to optimise performance for the larger capacity engine while handlebars and seat are now rubber mounted. The footpegs also feature rubber inserts.

Rake and trail are set at 26.5°/71mm with wheelbase of 1245mm. Wet weight is 109kg. Front telescopic forks feature 100mm travel, the twin rear shocks 84mm to soak up bumps (10/19mm more than the C110).

Elegant 17-inch cast aluminium wheels add stability and steering precision. Tubeless tyres are fitted, sized 70/90-17 front and 80/90-17 rear. A 220mm front disc brake and single-piston caliper is matched by a 130mm rear drum.

Super Cub C125 Engine

Simple, robust, reliable, economical; the Super Cub C125 engine in a nutshell. The air-cooled two-valve fuel-injected SOHC 125cc unit has been enhanced cosmetically with a matt metallic-look paint finish and chrome detailing to give it a premium look, and also updated internally to improve the riding experience.

2018 Honda Super Cup 125 concept art
2018 Honda Super Cub C125

Engine noise is kept to a minimum by the use of helical primary gears and higher precision crank journal bearings. Bearings have been added to the shift drum for a slicker gear change; rubber is employed on the shift arm (also to reduce noise) and optimised clutch damper rubber reduces shift shock.

Bore and stroke are set at 52.4 x 57.9 mm, with compression ratio of 9.3:1. Peak power of 7.1 kW is delivered at 7500rpm, with torque of 10.4 Nm at 5000rpm. Both power and torque curves are linear, with Honda claimed a healthy bulge from mid-range to peak. The gearbox is a 4 speed unit and – in classic Super Cub tradition – gear changes are operated via an automatic centrifugal clutch, without the need for a clutch lever.

The Super Cub C125 engine returns 66.7km/l (WMTC mode), giving a range of approx. 245km from the 3.7L fuel tank.

Honda Super Cub C125 technical specification

  • Engine – Air-cooled SOHC 4-stroke 2-valve, 125 cc
  • Bore x Stroke – 52.4 x 57. 9mm
  • Compression Ratio – 9.3:1
  • Max. Power Output – 7.1 kW @ 7,500rpm
  • Max. Torque – 10.4 Nm @ 5,000rpm
  • Fueling – PGM-FI electronic fuel injection
  • Fuel Tank Capacity – 3.7 litres
  • Starter – Electric
  • Battery – 12V-3.5AH
  • Clutch Type – Wet multi plate clutch and automatic centrifugal clutch
  • Transmission Type – Four speed
  • Frame – Mono-backbone steel frame
  • Dimensions (LxWxH) – 1915 x 720 x 1000 mm
  • Wheelbase – 1245 mm
  • Caster Angle – 26.5°
  • Trail – 71 mm
  • Seat Height – 780 mm
  • Ground Clearance – 125 mm
  • Turning radius – 2.0m
  • Kerb Weight – 109 kg
  • Front suspension – 26 mm telescopic fork
  • Rear suspension – Twin shock
  • Wheels – 10-spoke cast aluminium
  • Tyres – 70/90-17M/C 48P, 80/90-17M/C 50P
  • Front Brakes – Single 220 mm hydraulic disc
  • Rear Brakes – 130 mm drum brake
  • Lighting – LED headlight & taillight
Honda Super Cub C
2018 Honda Super Cub C125


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