Eric Bostrom Has Launched The Backmate – And He Needs Your Help

Eric Bostrom’s latest endeavor is to create natural, long-lasting relief from pain. Like all top-level racers, E-Boz was involved in a big crash. In his case, a pile-up left a 450-lb motorcycle on top of him, leaving lasting pain that spread throughout his body. Traditional medicines would treat the symptoms – Eric wanted to get to the source. The Backmate is his solution. Check out his Kickstarter, and if his story resonates with you, help if you can. The (shortened) press release is below. Click the full Kickstarter page for all the details, including a chance to buy one for the lowest price it will ever be offered at. 

Begin press release:

So, I’ve been working on a product for the past year called Backmate. It’s an at-home massage device that sets up in any doorway and gives instant and long lasting back and neck pain relief. It’s been designed and tested to help people recover, strengthen, and improve their overall quality of life.

The Backmate allows people who are stuck with chronic pain, or who are just too busy for professional massages, to turn any doorway into their very own 24/7 massage therapist.

We’ve put in a ton of work testing and perfecting and I am really excited to announce that we just launched on Kickstarter! 

I have an important favor to ask you:

Because Kickstarter success relies heavily on the traction we get in the first 24 hours, we need to get as much activity as possible on Day 1. This increases visibility and can be the difference between us hitting or missing our goal.

If you can, please share and back the Backmate (even if only with $1).

Check out the Backmate on Kickstarter now

I would be forever grateful if you could help me with this!

Can you let me know if you can do that?

Thank you so much!


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