Energica Adds New Dealers In Maryland And The Mid-Atlantic

East coast riders looking for an Energica now have another option.

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Energica Motor Company S.p.A. continues to expand in the United States: a new commercial agreement with CYCLEMAX in the significant mid-Atlantic region, encompassing the nation’s capital, has just been signed. This new Energica motorcycle dealer in Gaithersburg, Maryland will delight riders in the area who have been asking that Energica open a retail presence within easy distance.

The Metro DC area where CYCLEMAX is situated is one of the strongest for EV in the U.S. According to Plug-In America, Maryland has 11,144 EV vehicles and Virginia another 9,669 with a growth rate last year of 48.5% and 36.1% respectively. Both states have ambitions plans to grow EV use and the EV charging infrastructure, benefiting not only electric car owners, but also Energica owners.

Maryland is committed to increasing the number of charging stations from 1,500 to over 5,000 in the next three years to accommodate 300,000 EV in the state by 2025. Maryland is also a “Section 177” state adhering to the CARB standards set by California for ZEV to become at least 8% of all passenger vehicles by 2025. Virginia likewise plans to reach 15% EV penetration of all vehicles in operation by 2027 – with the charging network to match.

“We know that riders have exactly the same concern that drivers do about range and the placement of charging stations. In fact, this is the #1 barrier to EV purchase by consumers. Since our bikes will travel for more than 100 miles on a single charge, the challenge is the number of places to charge: especially DC Fast Chargers that Energica alone of all electric motorcycles is currently able to use.” stated Stefano Benatti, CEO, Energica Motor Company Inc. “The massive build-out of charging stations planned for the mid-Atlantic region is a very encouraging development for our future sales.”

CYCLEMAX is ideally suited to take advantage of this imminent expansion of electric into the two-wheeled segment. The dealer has sold EV2 since 2015 and is already perhaps the biggest seller of electric motorcycles on the East Coast. In addition, CYCLEMAX is bounded on all sides by four of the top 10 counties in the U.S., including Howard County in Maryland and Loudoun, Fairfax and Arlington Counties in Virginia. These two states and DC together have over 320,172 registered motorcycle owners, about 3.7% of all riders in the U.S. Ten of the 25 top counties in the U.S. for household income, plus the whole southern tier of Pennsylvania including Philadelphia, are also in easy reach of the dealership.

“What I love about electric isn’t just the ecological benefit of zero emissions.
It’s the amazing acceleration and absolutely linear torque,” says Donald Figliozzi, Owner of CYCLEMAX. “And with Energica I’m now able to introduce a high performance electric motorcycle that every motorcycle enthusiast needs to experience.”

Donald adds: “Ever since I convinced my parents to get me a Yamaha MX80 motorcycle when I was just six years old, I’ve loved the excitement of going fast on two wheels. Many years later, after riding all types of gas motorcycles I now have a new level of excitement riding electric motorcycles.  Most people don’t realize that riding electric is a completely different riding experience all together, the first ride always exceeds expectations. It enhances your senses where it matters most, the ride itself.”


CYCLEMAX has been serving Washington Metro area riders since 2010 and is currently a leading electric motorcycle dealer in the Mid Atlantic area.   Starting with motorcycle service in 2010, CYCLEMAX has experienced exponential growth, becoming a motorcycle dealer in 2013.

Founder Donald Figliozzi fell in love with the idea of riding motorcycles at the tender age of six when he noticed a small dirt bike through the windows of a local motorcycle dealership near his home town of Potomac, Maryland. Fascinated and determined to ride he talked his parents into buying him a Yamaha MX80 dirt bike.  At the same time, he influenced his father to buy a Yamaha 750.  Ever since, Donald has followed his passion for riding motorcycles both off road and street.  Over the last few years his interest in popularizing no-emission electric motorcycles has helped to make CYCLEMAX a destination motorcycle dealer in Maryland.

CYCLEMAX may be found at the following location:

7913 Cessna Avenue, Suite B
Gaithersburg, MD 20879
Phone: 301-869-6629


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