Dainese Gets You On Track With Vale

If you’ve got the cash and the passion, consider bidding on this once in a lifetime experience with Valentino and Dainese to benefit the Marco Simoncelli Foundation.

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The Cause

Fondazione Marco Simoncelli is a nonprofit organization for social purposes: its goals are exclusively humanistic and moral. It was established in Marco’s honor by his family to keep alive the devotion to solidarity and the attention towards the weakest members of society that the SuperSic always supported during his career.

The foundation supports and sponsors cooperation and solidarity projects that aid the less fortunate, even directly intervening, when necessary, in situations of need and difficulty.

The foundation’s fundamental values leading their work on both the national and international front are the moral qualities that Marco Simoncelli was always an example of: moral integrity in all aspects of public and private life; loyalty and correctness in sporting competitions; ideals of brotherhood and help towards the less fortunate; family as the cornerstone of culture; and respect towards all cultures and identities.

The Prize

Meet Valentino Rossi and get on the racetrack together at the Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli on Wednesday, April 17, 2019.

The nine-time world MotoGP champion will be at your disposal to reveal all the secrets about track racing and help you improve your performance.

This experience includes an introductory theory session and two practical sessions as well as study into motorbike riding techniques – all led by Valentino Rossi himself.

The schedule for the day will run as follows:

Opening 15-minute theory session
Two 20-minute on-track sessions, plus study into the main riding techniques with time for commenting on videos with Valentino Rossi
Final 20-minute theory session
Presentation of certificates of attendance
This is your chance to learn how to ride like a champion – improving the feel of the ride and your lap speed. Perfect your riding position, study the most effective trajectories, learn how to best control acceleration, improve your braking and use the rear brake. Push your motorbike to the limit in a safe and suitable environment.

This incredible day includes:

-Lunch at a restaurant
-Photos and video from the day
-Use of the Yamaha R1, helmet and Dainese and AGV technical racewear

This experience will take place as part of the Dainese VR46 Class, an exclusive course for those who want to realize their dream of racing on track alongside the legendary Valentino Rossi. It is reserved to riders who already have track experience and are aiming to perfect their performance.

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Please note:

1) You must be in possession of a full driving license (without power limit) otherwise it will not be possible to participate in any part of this experience. You are required to have a lap speed of under 1.55 min meaning that only those with a good amount of track experience will be able to take part

2) If the Misano racetrack is affected by bad weather on April 17 and the event cannot take place, Dainese and CharityStars will guarantee an alternative solution that is agreeble for the auction winner

3) The auction winner will enjoy this experience with three other participants

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