Cyclist video shows ‘safety in numbers’

This cyclist video from a Tasmanian rider shows how cyclists use numbers to defy the road rules, prompting more calls for an identification system for bicycles.

Suzuki rider Estelle Rose posted the video on her Facebook page.

Cyclist video

“I’m riding to work this morning, obeying the road rules and such, but then I get to the roundabout to go into the industrial estate near Legana,” she says.

“I have the right of way so I can exit the roundabout, correct? No, not according to the mass group of cyclists that force me to stop in the middle of the roundabout to give way to them.
Angry react only, please and thank you.”Cyclist video shows ‘safety in numbers’ bicycle

She then adds this later as an edit:

“Been advised that the lead rider yells “stopping” and they all start to slow down. Me, in my situation, saw ahead that not everyone was slowing down so I made the call to come to a complete stop. Saved myself from crashing into the ones that didn’t slow to stop and from causing unnecessary injuries.”

Call for cyclist IDIdentification bicycle cyclist video

Her video follows calls by the Tasmanian Motorcycle Council for free identification numbers, not registration, for cyclists over 18 so their traffic offences can be reported and riders fined.

The article points out a number of offences by cyclists, which is supported by the above Launceston video.

Their call was backed by Emeritus Professor of Transport Marcus Wigan who says electric bicycles and scooters blur the lines between bicycles and registered motorcycles and scooters.

He says bicycles are legal transport and as such should be bound by the same features of ID as other vehicles using the roads.

The issue has been around for a while and divided motorcyclists and cyclists and those who ride both.

We would suggest readers take another look at the TMC’s suggestion which does not include children under 18 and is not a paid registration system.

No stopping cyclistsIdentification bicycle cyclist

We have no beef with cyclists. Today’s young cyclists could be tomorrow’s motorcyclists!

In fact, we believe young people should be encouraged to ride bicycles. But “helicopter parents” would need to stop driving their kids to school!

We also believe we can learn a lot from cyclist lobby groups. They seem to be more unified and therefore stronger than motorcycle representative groups.

Perhaps we should form a united “two-wheels” lobby group!

But we also believe cyclists should be accountable as road users.

On a personal observation, it seems cyclists are reticent to stop for stop signs, roundabouts (as above) and traffic lights because their shoes are clipped into the pedals.

Perhaps a ban on those clips would be more likely to make cyclists obey signs and lights!


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