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MC Holdings buying Fraser MC dealerships?

Fraser Motorcycles is believed to be negotiating to sell its retail concerns to MC Holdings who run TeamMoto, several other motorcycle dealerships, a riding school, repair business and Cassons Accessories.

We contacted both companies and received a “no comment”.

However, several motorcycle industry insiders have told us they have heard the two companies are in negotiations.

MC Holdings is already the biggest motorcycle dealership group in the country.

They currently have 31 dealerships in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and the Australian Capital Territory.

Fraser dealerships

Taking over the eight Fraser dealerships in NSW, Melbourne and Perth would give the company enormous buying power which could mean better prices and more influence over importers.

Some critics say MC Holdings is squeezing our “mum and dad dealerships” and heading toward a monopoly where they could charge whatever they want.

However, the motorcycle industry is in a slump and most dealerships are only too keen to do deals.

Motorcycle Holdings went public in May 2016 with a share price of $2.80. It hit a high of almost $5 in late 2017 but dropped to a low of $1.08 in May.

MC Holdings share price history
MC Holdings share price history

They have kicked up a little to $1.66 this month and could go higher on the speculation of a Fraser buyout.

Fraser Motorcycles is part of the Fraser Group of companies including NF Importers which imports rider gear, bike accessories and Ducati motorcycles.

There is no suggestion that NF Importers is being considered by MC Holdings.


Speed Strengths 2020 Collection is Here

Speed & Strength’s mission statement describes MO to a T! We too are the epitome of the anti-establishment street rider led by Culture, Style, and Performance, developed for riders of all levels, color and creed that consider themselves a rebel to the status quo of the common rider, with a primary emphasis on sportbikes and V-Twins. We too exude the edgy culture of urban and canyon street riding through bold, aggressive  designs, and our soul mission is to enhance your ride while minimizing bodily damage, and maybe getting some ice cream. Anywho, S&S’ new 2020 catalog is out.

Speed & Strength Press Release:

Irvine, CA (August 19, 2019)- Some dare to dream. We dare to live. Speed and Strength product puts high performance within reach so you can let your riding define your status. Our new 2020 collection is hyper-focused on protection and mobility so you can ride comfortably regardless of what unforeseen perils the open road has to throw at you. Be bold, be ready. Be fast and be strong. Do you dream of the #FASTLIFE?
“We are excited to launch our new 2020 Speed and Strength collection. The product range consists of a full range of all-new men’s and women’s apparel, four helmet models, gloves and footwear that elevates the brand product line. Our 2020 line has been completely redesigned from the ground up and gives Speed and Strength an updated look that injects a breath of fresh air into the marketplace.” Stated Rob Ramlose, VP of Brands for the MAG Apparel Group.
“Today culminates two years of hard work that everyone working on the brand has accomplished. I’m really excited to finally be able to share the 2020 product launch of our new and exciting products to our Tucker Powersports and Tucker VTwin dealer network. We have some great brand and product stories that will be released throughout the year that’s going to surprise the industry.” Stated Kobi Iseri, Marketing Manager for Speed and Strength.
Sold exclusively through Tucker Powersports and Tucker VTwin dealers, learn more about the all new Speed and Strength Fall 2020 collection by visiting and your local authorized dealer.

To see the whole 132-page catalog full of helmets, jackets, pants, gloves and footwear for men and women, click here.

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Harley-Davidson adds traction control

Harley-Davidson is introducing traction control and other electronic rider aids such as hill-start assist and tyre pressure monitors to its 2020 Touring and CVO models.

Last year Harley added traction control to its Trikes and we speculated back in September 2018 that it would soon be arriving in more models.

Now it is also being added to its CVO models as well as the Touring line-up, except for the Road King and Electra Glide Standard. (Click here for more details and pricing on the CVOs.)

We expect it will also be added to the Softail line-up next year.


More than traction control

They call it Reflex Defensive Rider Systems (RDRS) with chassis control, electronic brake control and powertrain technology.

It’s also included in the electric LiveWire which will not be available in Australia until late next year.

Harley-Davidson LiveWire electric motorcycle soundtrack
Harley-Davidson LiveWire

Not only does RDRS feature traction control, but also cornering ABS, linked braking, clutch assist to limit rear wheel lock-up, tyre pressure monitors and even assistance to prevent you rolling backward on hill starts!

It sounds more like a BMW than a Harley!

Interestingly, Harley has included this disclaimer for those dumb enough to believe RDRS increases traction or improve rider abilities:

Available traction is determined by the road/tyre interface. The systems bundled into the RDRS are only able to adjust brake pressure or powertrain torque in an attempt to keep the forces at the tyre from exceeding available grip. These technologies do not have the ability to increase grip, or to intervene when the rider has not made a brake or throttle application (e.g. coasting through a corner with the clutch disengaged). RDRS is not a system to directly influence vehicle direction. This is a key difference between motorcycle RDRS and Automotive Stability Control. The rider is ultimately responsible for steering and path corrections.

Features of RDRS include (from the press release):

Cornering Enhanced Electronic Linked Braking (C-ELB)

This feature applies braking effort to both wheels when the rider uses either the hand lever (front) or foot pedal (rear) brake control, which can help many riders achieve better braking performance. The Electronically Linked Braking (ELB) system provides more responsiveness and allows for more balanced front and rear braking under a wide variety of brake applications. The system provides more linking when the rider is applying heavier braking and reduces or eliminates linking for light braking and low speeds. When linked, applying the front brake lever alone will cause the system to also dynamically apply an amount of braking to the rear. Applying the rear brake pedal alone will cause the system to also apply an amount of braking to the left front calliper. Cornering Enhanced Electronic Linked Braking (C-ELB) takes into account the motorcycle lean angle or Trike lateral acceleration. C-ELB will alter the proportioning of brake pressure between the front and rear brakes when braking while cornering in an attempt to improve the ability of the bike to maintain the rider’s intended path.

Cornering Enhanced Antilock Braking System (C-ABS)

ABS is designed to prevent the wheels from locking under braking and helps the rider maintain control when braking in a straight-line, urgent situation. ABS operates independently on front and rear brakes to keep the wheels rolling and prevent uncontrolled wheel lock. Cornering Enhanced Antilock Braking System (CABS) is a variant of ABS that takes into consideration the lean angle of a two-wheel motorcycle, or the lateral acceleration of a Trike model. The brake pressure required to limit wheel slip when cornering is typically lower than the pressure required under straight line operation.

• Cornering Enhanced Traction Control System (C-TCS)

The Cornering Enhanced Traction Control System (C-TCS) is designed to prevent the rear wheel from excessive spinning under acceleration when going straight or cornering. C-TCS can improve rider confidence when available traction is compromised by wet weather, a sudden unanticipated change in the surface, or when riding on an unpaved road. The rider may select one of two traction control modes: Standard Mode is optimised for dry surfaces; Rain Mode is optimised for wet surfaces. The system can also be turned off. The action of C-TCS is also tailored when cornering based on lean angle.

2020 Limited traction control
2020 Limited

• Drag-Torque Slip Control System (DSCS) and Cornering Enhanced Drag-Torque Slip Control System (C-DSCS)

Drag-Torque Slip Control (DSCS) is designed to reduce excessive rear-wheel slip under deceleration, which typically occurs when the rider makes an abrupt downshift gear change or decelerates on wet or slippery road surfaces. When DSCS detects excessive rear wheel slip under deceleration it will adjust engine torque delivery to better match rear-wheel speed to road speed. On models equipped with C-DSCS the action of DSCS may be tailored when cornering, based on detected lean angle (two-wheel motorcycles) or lateral acceleration (Trike models).

• Vehicle Hold Control (VHC)

Vehicle Hold Control (VHC) applies and holds brake pressure when activated and prevents the motorcycle from rolling after the rider has released the brake controls. The primary function of VHC is to prevent the motorcycle from rolling when it is stopped – for example at a stop sign on a hill, in stop-and-go traffic on a slope, or on a steep decline out of a parking structure. VHC is designed to make it easier to ride away with confidence by minimizing the number of controls needed to pull away smoothly. The system applies brake pressure until the rider actuates the throttle and clutch to pull away. VHC may also be engaged when the motorcycle is stopped on a flat surface if the rider wants to maintain position without applying pressure to a brake control.

The rider activates VHC by momentarily applying extra pressure to either the front brake hand lever or the rear-brake foot control after the motorcycle has come to a complete stop. If rider brakes very hard to a stop, and holds the brake pressure after stopping, VHC may also set without any added squeeze. A VHC indicator light will illuminate to confirm that the rider has activated VHC, and the ABS system will hold brake pressure after the rider releases the brake control. VHC is disengaged automatically as the rider begins to pull away from a stop, or if the rider applies and releases either brake control.

VHC is not to be used as a parking brake, so it will also disengage if the rider lowers the side stand (on models with a side-stand sensor, not a feature in all markets) or shifts into neutral on models without a side-stand sensor, or if the engine is turned off. In most situations after five minutes the indicator light will flash and the VHC will release if there is no rider action.

• Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

TPMS alerts the rider to low tire air pressure. Maintaining proper tire air pressure is important both for vehicle performance and tire life. The TPMS displays current front and rear tire pressure on the Boom! Box GTS screen (or on the odometer on Road King models) and displays an indicator to alert the rider when tire pressure is low, and the pressure should be checked.

RDRS for Trike Models: Harley-Davidson Freewheeler and Tri Glide Ultra models are equipped with Trike-specific Reflex Defensive Rider Systems with Cornering Enhanced Electronic Linked Braking (C-ELB), Cornering Enhanced ABS (C-ABS), Cornering Enhanced Traction Control System (C-TCS) and Cornering Enhanced Drag-Torque Slip Control System (C-DSCS). The CVO Tri Glide model will add TPMS to the Trike-specific Reflex Defensive Rider Systems.


Low Rider S returns to Harley stable

The Low Rider S returns to the Harley-Davidson stable with its biggest engine yet, along with three new CVO models for 2020. They will be in stores from early October.

Back in 2016, the Low Rider S was a twin-shock Dyna fitted with a 110-cube Screamin’ Eagle engine. Now it arrives as a single-shock Softail with a Milwaukee-Eight 114 engine.

The previous model was a big seller for Harley-Davidson Australia, so they will be hoping this is the same.

They certainly need the boost after a 19.4% drop in sales in the first half of 2019.

Still, the company is the top-selling road bike company in Australia after Honda sales crashed 11.8% as Australia Post seems to have stopped buying their Postie scooter.

Low Rider S2020 Harley-Davidson ow Rider S

The menacing-looking Low Rider S is marked by blacked-out finishes, raised handlebars, solo seat and a Sons of Anarchy mini fairing.

It’s knuckles to the wind with a 2.5cm (one-inch) diameter motocross-style handlebar mounted on 10cm (four-inch) straight risers.

The Low Rider S powertrain, primary cover and tank console are finished in Wrinkle Black, the derby cover, intake, and lower rocker covers are Gloss Black, the mufflers and exhaust shields are Jet Black and the forks, triple-clamp, riser and handlebar, and rear fender supports are Matte


The LED layback tail lamp has a smoked lens.

It sits on bronze cast-aluminium wheels will be available in Vivid Black and Barracuda Silver.

Price is now $A27,995 ($NZ29,995), up from $25,995 in 2016 when it was a 110 engine.

2020 Harley-Davidson Low Rider S
Low Rider S in Barracuda Silver

2020 CVO range

The new limited-production Custom Vehicle Operations (CVO) models are CVO Tri Glide, CVO Limited and CVO Street Glide.

All are powered by the Milwaukee Eight 117-cube (1923cc) V-twin with 169Nm of torque (125 lb ft).

They now come with new technologies and electronic Reflex Defensive Rider Systems (RDRS) with chassis control, electronic brake control and powertrain technology.

Not only does RDRS feature traction control, but also cornering ABS, linked braking, clutch assist to limit rear wheel lock-up, tyre pressure monitors and even assistance to prevent you rolling backward on hill starts!

Click here for full technical details.

Base prices

CVO Tri-Glide: $A73,250 ($NZ78,995)

CVO Limited: $A57,495 ($NX59,750)

CVO Street Glide: $54,995 ($NZ56,495)

CVO Tri-Glide features:

2020 Harley-Davidson CVO Tri-glide
2020 CVO Tri-glide
  • Tomahawk Contrast Cut cast aluminium wheels (front 19-inch and rear 18-inch diameter)
  • Kahuna Collection accessories: heated rider grips, pegs, rider and passenger floorboards, and muffler tips
  • All LED Lighting: Daymaker® headlamp, fog lamps, tail/brake lamps and signals
  • Colour-matched painted fairing duct
  • Low-Profile windshield
  • Clean front fender is trimmed to expose more of the custom front wheel
  • Power locking trunk with interior light
  • Heated rider and passenger seat covers
  • Ventilator air cleaner and air cleaner insert
  • Lighted hand controls
  • Tour-Pak carrier dome light and carrier rack
  • CVO motorcycle custom-fit luggage and a trunk organiser
  • CB radio

Colours: Blizzard White with a three-stripe graphic pattern and Gray Contrast Cut wheels and bright chrome finishes; Black Stardust with a three-stripe graphic pattern and Gloss Black Contrast Cut wheels and bright chrome finishes.

CVO Street Glide features:

2020 CVO Street Glide
2020 CVO Street Glide
  • Fugitive cast aluminium wheels
  • Low-profile two-piece fuel tank console
  • Updated rider and passenger seat/backrest cover and stitching
  • Heavy Breather air cleaner with two paint treatments
  • Larger colour-matched oil cooler cover is a larger size
  • Smoked mid-frame air deflectors
  • Billet fairing-mount mirrors


  • Black Stardust Fade to Stormcloud with subtle graphic treatment highlighted by Satin Chrome and Bright Chrome finishes. Fugitive wheels finished in Gloss Black/Satin. Ventilator air cleaner.
  • Smokey Gray and Black Hole with new 1970s/race-inspired graphics highlighted by Gloss Black, Satin Black and Black Onyx finishes. Fugitive wheels finished in Denim Black/Gloss Black. Gloss Black Heavy Breather air cleaner.
  • Premium Sand Dune monotone finish with pearl topcoat and subtle graphics highlighted by Smoked Satin Chrome, Gloss Black and Black Onyx finishes. Fugitive wheels finished in Gloss Black/Smoked Satin. Gloss Black Heavy Breather air cleaner.

CVO Limited colours

2020 CVO Limited
2020 CVO Limited
  • Moonlight Blue with Deep Sea Blue Accents done with modern twist of two-tone and panel style paint highlighted by Satin Chrome and Bright Chrome finishes and new graphics and medallions; Tomahawk wheels finished in Contrast Gloss Black/Satin.
  • Smokey Gray with Stormcloud Accents done with modern twist of two-tone and panel style paint highlighted by Gloss Black, Satin Black and Black Onyx finishes and new graphics and medallions; Tomahawk wheels finished in Contrast Denim Black/Gloss Black.
  • Premium Sand Dune monotone finish with pearl topcoat and subtle graphics highlighted by Smoked Satin Chrome, Gloss Black and Black Onyx finishes; Tomahawk wheels finished in Gloss Black/Smoked Satin.


Two riders die in overnight crashes

Police in NSW and Queensland are investigating two crashes in which riders died early last night (20 August 2019).

In one incident, police say a motorcycle was travelling eastbound along the Warrego Highway three kilometres from Minden about 6.30pm when the rider “has attempted to overtake two trucks and has lost control”.

“As a result, the motorcyclist has collided with one of the trucks and was pronounced deceased at the scene,” police say.

If you have information for police, contact Policelink on 131 444 or provide information using the online form 24hrs per day.

You can report information about crime anonymously to Crime Stoppers, a registered charity and community volunteer organisation, by calling 1800 333 000 or via 24hrs per day.

Rider dies in Tweed Heads crash

Just across the border, an 18-year-old male rider died when his moped collided wth a Holden Colorado about 6pm in the southbound lanes on Ducat Street.

The teenager was knocked off the moped and was struck by a northbound Toyota Prado.

He died at the scene.

Officers from Tweed/Byron Police District attended and established a crime scene.

The 42-year-old male driver of the Holden, and the 46-year-old female driver of the Toyota were uninjured.

They were taken to Tweed Heads Hospital for mandatory blood and urine tests.

The road was closed for about five hours while the scene was examined.

Inquiries continue and a report will be prepared for the Coroner.

Anyone with information about this incident is urged to contact Crime Stoppers: 1800 333 000 or Information is treated in strict confidence. The public is reminded not to report crime via NSW Police social media pages.

  • Our sincere condolences to the riders’ friends and families.


American Motorcyclist Association Adds Motorcycle Shippers As Member Benefit Partner

Motorcycle Shippers to offer AMA members discounts on motorcycle transport.

Begin press release:

The American Motorcyclist Association welcomes Motorcycle Shippers as a member benefit partner, providing AMA members with savings of $25 per bike or $100 round trip on shipping, door-to-door transport, with online tracking and booking.

Motorcycle Shippers, based in Fountain Valley, Calif., specializes in transporting motorcycles in enclosed trucks. The company uses custom-designed straps to secure motorcycles to pallets and provides $7,000 of valuation coverage at no additional cost.

“We are pleased to announce that Motorcycle Shippers has joined the AMA’s growing portfolio of membership benefit partners,” said AMA Chief Operations Officer Jeff Massey. “The AMA is proud to be able to offer our members a discount on Motorcycle Shippers’ services.”

The Motorcycle Shippers AMA Partner page is at

For more information on all AMA member benefit partners, please visit the AMA’s member discount codes website at

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Yoshimura Introduces Ohvale RS-9T Titanium Race Series Exhaust System

Leave it to Yoshimura to develop an exhaust for one of the hottest minibikes on the market.

Begin press release:

The Italian made Ohvale GP-0 190 is a race machine that is race track ready and for us at Yoshimura that is right up our alley!

Even though the Ohvale comes stock with another brand’s exhaust, Yoshimura R&D team knew our RS-9T would not only improve the performance but also add the ability to tune sound as these bikes can be raced in a small controlled area where excessive sound is an issue.

We started by crafting this system with ultra light titanium alloy imported from Japan for the ultimate racing foundation. Then we added our RS-9T muffler that is renown for its Championship proven performance and the end result was big!

The Yoshimura RS-9T system fills in a big bottom bog that the stock system has allowing the racer to reduce downshifting. Our system also adds a big over-rev that allows the racer to pull a gear longer. Listen to these incredible gains – Max HP gain 33.3%, max torque gain 24.3%. Its safe to say with the performance added by our RS-9T system for the Ohvale 190 GP-0, you will have an unfair advantage on the racetrack!

5 different RS-9 inserts are available for this system, allowing the racer to custom tune the sound and power delivery.

Benefits for the Yoshimura RS-9T titanium Signature Series system include:

  • Incredibly light at 4.4 lbs. for entire system.
  • Massive power gains on bottom and top as well across the spectrum
  • RS-9T muffler allows the use of 5 sound insert options to customize power delivery and sound reduction.
  • Also fits Ohvale 110. Ohvale 160 has not been confirmed at this time.

APPROXIMATE AVAILABILITY mid-September. Taking orders now!

Ohvale RS-9T Titanium Signature Series pricing and info
Ohvale GP-0 RS-9T Signature FS Ti/Ti/Ti 
Part #181901R700
MSRP: $699.99
Stock Full system weight: 3.9Lbs.
Yoshimura RS-9T full system weight: 4.4Lbs.

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Four front, rear slick tyre options selected for Silverstone

Piero Taramasso, Michelin Motorsport Two-Wheel Manager: “It was a huge disappointment for all involved with what happened last year at Silverstone, but the circuit has done a good job and had it totally resurfaced, but this means we are heading there with no knowledge of how the surface will actually perform. The range of tyres that we have selected is based on data supplied to us from the company that laid the asphalt, so we have some information of what types of stones and other materials have been used to make up the surface. It is always a challenge to go somewhere we haven’t tested at; this is why we had it placed in the rules that we could take four tyres to give the riders every opportunity to find the best compound for them and their bike. We are confident with our allocation and are looking forward to see how the new surface behaves, we have initial good reports, but want to experience it for ourselves, and of course we are certainly hoping for good weather, but we are going to England so who knows what will happen!”

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Inaugural MotoGP™ KymiRing Test comes to a close

In the end, Bradley Smith ended as fastest thanks to a 1:47.540, over twelve seconds quicker than he managed in yesterday’s wet conditions, meaning the Aprilia test rider leaves Finland as the unofficial track record holder. The Brit, now preparing to ride at his home Grand Prix with the Petronas Sprinta Racing Moto2™ squad, was the only rider out on track when the rain began to fall, which was so heavy and sudden the Aprilia rider was stranded halfway around the track on slick tyres.

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Paranoid about the weather – surely not

I’d had some close shaves before and have missed complete days of practice and qualifying. Race days have been postponed, race programmes and race distances cut short but always racing won albeit such as Qatar in 2009, a day late. Riders actually refusing to race on safety grounds have also produced severely depleted grids but the races have gone ahead. I remember being summoned to Barry Sheene’s motorhome at Nogaro in France in 1982 to draft a letter from all the top riders led by Kenny Roberts telling the organisers they refused to race on safety grounds. Who will forget the sight of Eddie Lawson raising one finger, not to celebrate a victory, while sitting on the pit lane wall in Misano every single lap to Pier Francesco Chili who won a re-started 1989 Nations Grand Prix when the leading riders refused to race after safety issue in the first race.

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